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Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC) conducts integrated research to fulfill the Department of the Interior's responsibilities to the Nation's natural resources.  Located on six hundred acres along the James River Valley near Jamestown, North Dakota, the NPWRC develops and disseminates scientific information needed to understand, conserve, and manage the Nation’s biological resources.  Research emphasis is primarily on mid-continental plant and animal species and ecosystems of the United States.

Our Science

Wetlands provide multiple services to society.

Ecosystem Services

A western meadowlark

Grassland Birds

A captured whooping crane.


American White Pelicans

Pelicans and Other Colonial Nesting Birds

Working in a wetland ecosystem

Wetland Ecosystems

Native Prairie

Prairie and Wetlands Management

Your Resources

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Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Fact Sheet
NPWRC Fact Sheet
Herbarium Sheet
NPWRC Herbarium
Close-up image of a pollinator.
Pollinator Library
Aerial view of the Cottonwood Lake Study Area
Missouri Coteau Wetland Ecosystem Observatory
Sketch of a bobolink.
Effects of Management Practices on Grassland Birds

Quick Facts

Grasslands Quick Facts

Over the past century, the growing season in North Dakota has lengthened by an average of 1.2 days per decade.

Waterfowl Quick Fact

The Prairie Pothole Region is also known as the “duck factory” of North America.

Wetlands Quick Fact

The average size of a prairie pothole wetland is 3.2 acres.