A Wind Turbine in North Dakota

Alternative Energy

Automated gas sampling devise.

Carbon and Greenhouse Gases

Flooded Road

Climate Change

A captured whooping crane.


Wetlands provide multiple services to society.

Ecosystem Services

A western meadowlark

Grassland Birds

Bumblebee on a native flower

Honey Bees and Native Pollinators

Canada Thistle Photo

Invasive Species

A Changing Landscape

Land-use / Land-cover Change

Yellow Lady Slipper

Native Plants and Restoration Ecology

Native Prairie

Prairie and Wetlands Management

Oil and gas development in western North Dakota

Oil and Natural Gas Development

American White Pelicans

Pelicans and Other Colonial Nesting Birds

Piping Plover

Terns and Plovers

Subsurface tile drains in an agricultural field.

Agricultural Land Drainage

Bighorn Sheep

Ungulate Ecology


Waterfowl and Other Waterbirds

Working in a wetland ecosystem

Wetland Ecosystems

Wolf Photo