Designing optimal conservation strategies for multiple Federal trust bird species at the tallgrass prairie ecoregional and Wetland Management District scales

Abundance-based population objectives have been developed by the major bird conservation initiatives as part of a landscape approach to conservation planning and to help communicate the magnitude of the conservation challenge presented by declining populations of Federal trust bird species to policy-makers, conservation partners, and the public. Abundance-based population objectives are a foundational component of Strategic Habitat Conservation (SHC). Such targets are represented by a total number of individuals in a population or a proportional increase for that population. Conservation plans based on these targets utilize a step-down process to partition abundance-based population objectives set at a continental, national, or regional scale to specific joint ventures or Bird Conservation Regions (BCR). However, we do not currently have well established methods for communicating broad s [see Narratives for more information.]

Principal Investigator(s):

Max Post van der Burg

Project Status:

In Progress

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