Estimation of forest stand metrics and occurrence of forest breeding birds with LiDAR at Camp Ripley, Minnesota

Camp Ripley, in north-central Minnesota, is a large state-owned National Guard training facility that supports military and civilian training. Training consists of maneuvering troops and equipment as well as weapons familiarization and qualification, including aviation and armor gunnery. The civilian training mission focuses primarily on law enforcement and emergency management activities as well as natural resource education. Much of the training can cause disturbances to the natural resources within and around the Camp. The central mission of the natural resources management program at Camp Ripley is to ensure that the multiple demands for land use can be met without sacrificing the integrity of the resources and training mission. Resource managers at Camp Ripley have a need to better understand, assess, and plan for the impact of various land management activities (e.g., forest [see Narratives for more information.]

Principal Investigator(s):

Wesley E Newton

Project Status:

In Progress

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