Prediction of forest vegetation structural metrics and breeding bird species occurrences using LIDAR in northern forests (Northwoods)

Private and public holders of forest lands make daily decisions concerning management of their respective tracts with little understanding about the consequences to wildlife both on and adjacent to surrounding tracts of land. ECOSEARCH Version 1 (Short et al. 2001) is a computer program containing species-habitat models that provide a scientific basis for predicting the outcome of alternative management actions on wildlife within forested landscapes. Hence, ECOSEARCH is a tool that allows managers of forests to better balance the often-conflicting demands of economics and conservation. ECOSEARCH also provides a means by which small and large land holders can link their management goals and objectives with those of larger umbrella initiatives such as Partners-In-Flight (Carter et al. 2000). ECOSEARCH is a pixel-based modeling procedure that predicts species occurrences for 332 New Eng [see Narratives for more information.]

Principal Investigator(s):

Wesley E Newton

Project Status:

In Progress

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