Chase Lake Wetland Management District habitat management plan development - legacy data synthesis pilot project

The Woodworth Study Area was established by the Fish and Wildlife Service in the early 1960's as a waterfowl production area, with its primary purpose as a research area to develop information for better management of upland and wetland habitats.  Scientists and staff at Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center conducted extensive research on wetlands, upland plants, and wildlife the Woodworth Study Area during 1966–1989.  While many publications have been produced from that research, the full extent of legacy data and historical information for the WSA had never been assessed.  This project compiled and synthesized several core data sets on land history, vegetation surveys, and climate.  Documentation of data, metadata, and a synthesis document were produced that serve as a foundation for future work on WSA legacy data as well as also to help direct future research and monitoring.  The final report, data sets, and metadata will aid the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in their development of Habitat Management Plans, as well as providing valuable information to scientists for future research.

Principal Investigator(s):

Jane Austin

Project Status:

In Progress


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