Assessment of greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon sequestration from wetland catchments in the Prairie Pothole Region

Our research focuses on the abiotic and biotic factors that regulate greenhouse gas fluxes of PPR wetlands and uplands to reduce the uncertainties associated with temporal and spatial variability that characterizes these wetland systems. Our studies range from plot-level experiments in wetland catchments situated in grasslands and agricultural fields, to regional- and national-scale modeling to predict changes in soil processes associated with climate and land use. We use a combination of commercial and custom-made sampling devices to facilitate the collection of temporally-intensive data. The ability to extrapolate plot-level fluxes and to assess potential effects of climate and land-use change on wetland ecosystems is dependent on the capability to model the overall water balance of PPR wetlands. Thus, a secondary objective is to develop and refine wetland catchment water-balance models for simulating abiotic factors relevant to greenhouse gas fluxes, as well as to the suite of ecosystem services provided by PPR wetlands.

Principal Investigator(s):

Sheel Bansal


Brian Tangen

Christopher Mills

Project Status:

In Progress



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