Epicauta sp. - Blister Beetle

  • Adults are commonly found foraging on the leaves & flowers of plants within Asteraceae, Fabaceae and Solanaceae, while the parasitoid larvae use grasshopper eggs as their host.
  • Within the genus Epicauta there are ~173 species found in North & Central America, and ~400 species worldwide.
  • The family Meloidae, to which Epicauta belongs, earns the common name of “Blister Beetles” due to the presence of cantharadin found in their bodily fluids. This substance is exuded as a defense mechanism when the beetle feels threatened and can cause blisters when applied to the skin.


Epicauta, Blister Beetle, Epicauta sp., Meloidae, Cantharadin
Taxonomic Name: 
Epicauta sp.
Common Name: 
Blister Beetle