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Gary L. Krapu, Ph.D.

Research Wildlife Biologist (Emeritus)
USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
8711 37th Street Southeast
Jamestown, North Dakota 58401

Phone: (701) 253-5536
Fax: (701) 253-5553
Email NPWRC Staff
Research (Principal Investigator),
Jamestown Headquarters

Photo of Gary Krapu.


  • Ecological, physiological, and nutritional requirements of migratory waterbirds with a primary emphasis on waterfowl, sandhill cranes, and arctic-nesting shorebirds
  • Factors determining clutch sizes of temperate-nesting dabbling ducks
  • Factors influencing survival of young in prairie-nesting dabbling ducks
  • Effects of agriculture and water development on migratory bird populations
  • Population ecology of midcontinental sandhill cranes and factors limiting use of the Central Platte Valley in Nebraska

Current Projects:

  • Spring staging ecology of sandhill cranes in the Central Platte Valley, Nebraska, and its relation to reproduction (Platte River Program)
  • Effects of agriculture on nutrition of migratory birds


  • Ph.D., Animal Ecology, Iowa State University, Ames, IA (1972)
  • M.S., Zoology, Iowa State University, Ames, IA (1968)
  • B.S., Zoology, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND (1966)

Professional Experience:

  • 1970-present:  Research Wildlife Biologist, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, USGS, Jamestown, ND

Professional Affiliations/Achievements:

  • American Ornithologists' Union Fellow, 2011
  • U.S. Department of Interior Meritorious Service Award, 2009
  • Ducks Unlimited Wetland Conservation Achievement Award, 2010
  • USGS Central Region Biology Science Excellence Award, 2004
  • American Ornithologist's Union
  • North American Crane Working Group (Vice-President)
  • The Wildlife Society
  • North Dakota Chapter of The Wildlife Society (past Treasurer)
    • The North Dakota Award winner, presented for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession of Wildlife Management
  • The North Dakota Natural Science Society (past President)
  • The Wilson Society

Selected Publications:

Krapu, G. L., D. A. Brandt, K. L. Jones, and D. H. Johnson. 2011. Geographic distribution of the Mid-continent Population of sandhill cranes, and related management applications. Wildlife Monographs 175. 38pp.

Krapu, G. L., Eldridge, J. L., Gratto-Trevor, C. L., and Buhl, D. A. 2006. Fat dynamics of arctic-nesting sandpipers during spring in mid-continent North America. Auk 123(2):323-334.

Krapu, G. L., D. A. Brandt, and R. R. Cox, Jr. 2004. Less waste corn, more land in soybeans, and the switch to GM crops: trends with important implications to wildlife management. Wildlife Society Bulletin 32(2):127-136.

Krapu, G. L., P. J. Pietz, D. A. Brandt, and R. R. Cox, Jr. 2004. Does presence of permanent fresh water affect recruitment in prairie-nesting dabbling ducks? Journal of Wildlife Management 68(2):332-341.

Krapu, G. L., R. E. Reynolds, G. A. Sargeant, and R. W. Renner. 2004. Patterns of variation in clutch sizes among a guild of temperate-nesting dabbling ducks. Auk 121(3):695-706.

Krapu, G. L., G. A. Sargeant, and A. E. H. Perkins. 2002. Does increasing daylength control seasonal changes in clutch sizes of Northern Pintails. Auk 119:498-506.

Krapu, G. L., P. J. Pietz, D. A. Brandt, and R. R. Cox, Jr. 2000. Factors limiting mallard brood survival in prairie pothole landscapes. Journal of Wildlife Management 64:553-561.

Krapu, G. L. 2000. Temporal flexibility of reproduction in temperate-breeding ducks. Auk 117:640-650.

Krapu, G. L., R. J. Greenwood, C. P. Dwyer, K. M. Kraft, and L. M. Cowardin. 1997. Wetland use, settling patterns, and recruitment in mallards. Journal of Wildlife Management 61:736-746.

Krapu, G. L., K. J. Reinecke, D. G. Jorde, and S. G. Simpson. 1995. Spring staging ecology of midcontinent greater white-fronted geese. Journal of Wildlife Management 59:736-746.

Krapu, G. L., and K. J. Reinecke. 1992. Foraging ecology and nutrition. Pages 1-29 in B. D. J. Batt, A. D. Afton, M. G. Anderson, C. D. Ankney, D. H. Johnson, J, A. Kadlec, and G. L. Krapu, eds. Ecology and Management of breeding waterfowl. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis.

Krapu, G. L., G. C. Iverson, K. J. Reinecke, and C. M. Boise. 1985. Fat deposition and usage by arctic-nesting sandhill cranes during spring. Auk 102:362-368.

Krapu, G. L., A. T. Klett, and D. G. Jorde. 1983. The effect of variable spring water conditions on mallard reproduction. Auk 100:689-698.

Krapu, G. L. 1981. The Platte River Ecology Study. Special Scientific Report. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 187pp.

Krapu, G. L. 1981. The role of nutrient reserves in mallard reproduction. Auk 98:29-38.

Krapu, G. L. 1974. Feeding ecology of pintail hens during reproduction. Auk 91:278-290.

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