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Recovery Program: Endangered and Threatened Species, 1994


For an explanation of the symbols used in this table see the Appendix section of this resource.

Listed Species Listed As Lead Region Pop. Status Rec. Plan Plan Stage Recovery Achieved Rec. Prior.
Catfish, YaquiT,CH2DYD18
Cavefish, AlabamaE,CH4SYR(2)11
Cavefish, OzarkT4IYR(1)28
Chub, bonytailE,CH6DYR(1)15C
Chub, Borax LakeE,CH1SYF25
Chub, ChihuahuaT2DYF12
Chub, humphackE,CH6SYR(2)12C
Chub, Hutton tuiT1UNU29
Chub, Mohave tuiE1DYF16C
Chub, OregonE1UNU12
Chub, Owens tuiE,CH1SYRD16C
Chub, Pahranagat roundtail (=bonytail)E1SYRD13
Chub, slenderT,CH4DYF111
Chub, SonoraT,CH2SYF111
Chub, spotfin (=turquoise shiner)T,CH4UYF111
Chub, Virgin RiverE6DYD13C
Chub, YaquiE,CH2SYD18
Dace, Ash Meadows speckledE,CH1SYF29
Dace, blacksideT4SYF111
Dace, Clover Valley speckledE1UNU19C
Dace, desertT,CH1SNU17C
Dace, Foskett speckledT1UNU29
Dace, Independence Valley speckledE1UNU16C
Dace, Kendall Warm SpringsE6SYF312
Dace, MoapaE1SYRD21
Darter, amberE,CH4SYF15
Darter, bayouT4SYR(1)18C
Darter, bluemask (=jewel)E4SNU15
Darter, boulder (=Elk River)E4SYF15
Darter, duskytailE4DYF15
Darter, fountainE,CH2UYRD(1)12C
Darter, goldlineT4DND18
Darter, leopardT,CH2SYRD(1)211C
Darter, MarylandE,CH5EYR(1)15
Darter, NianguaT,CH3UYF18
Darter, OkaloosaE4DYF111
Darter, relictE4SND15
Darter, slackwaterT,CH4UYF18
Darter, snailT4UYR(1)111
Darter, watercressT4SYR(2)12
Gambusia, Big BendE2SYF22
Gambusia, Clear CreekE2SYF22
Gambusia, PecosE2SYF22
Gambusia, San MarcosE,CH2EYF12C
Goby, tidewaterE1DNU17C
Logperch, ConasaugaE,CH4SYF15
Logperch, RoanokeE5SYF15C
Madtom, NeoshoT6DYF111C
Madtom, pygmyE5UYF15
Madtom, SciotoE3UNAExempt15
Madtom, smokyE,CH4SYF15
Madtom, yellowfinT,CH4UYF111
Minnow, loachT,CH2SYF14C
Minnow, Rio Grande SilveryE2UNU12C
Poolfish (=killifish), PahrumpE1SYF48
Pupfish, Ash Meadows AmargosaE,CH1SYF29
Pupfish, Comanche SpringsE2DYF12
Pupfish, desertE,CH2SYF15
Pupfish, Devil's HoleE1SYR(1)28
Pupfish, Leon SpringsE,CH2SYF22
Pupfish, Owens E1SYRD15
Pupfish, Warm SpringsE1SYR(1)29
Sculpin, pygmyT4SYF18
Shiner, beautifulT,CH2DYD12
Shiner, blueT4DYD18
Shiner, CahabaE4DYF12
Shiner, Cape FearE,CH4SYF15
Shiner, PalezoneE4SNU15
Shiner, Pecos bluntnoseT,CH2UYF13
Silverside, WaccamawT,CH4SYF18
Smelt, deltaT1DNU12C
Spinedace, Big SpringT,CH1UYF112
Spinedace, Little ColoradoT,CH2DYD12
Spinedace, White RiverE,CH1DYF12C
Springfish, Hiko White RiverE,CH1SNU13C
Springfish, RailroadValleyT,CH1SND12C
Springfish, White RiverE,CH1SNU13C
Squawfish, ColoradoE,CH6SYR(1)12C
Stickleback, unarmored threespineE1SYR(1)13
Sturgeon, GulfT4UYD112
Sturgeon, pallidE6DYF12C
Sucker, JuneE,CH6DNU15C
Sucker, Lost RiverE1DYF11C
Sucker, ModocE,CH1DNANA15
Sucker, razorbackE,CH6DNU15C
Sucker, shortnoseE1DYF12C
Sucker, WarnerE,CH1DYD12C
Topminnow, GilaE2DYF22
Topminnow, YaquiE2DYRD(1)22
Trout, Apache (=Arizona)T2SYRD(2)28
Trout, GilaE2SYR(2)22
Trout, greenback cutthroatT6IYRD(2)315
Trout, Lahontan cutthroatT1DYD19
Trout, Little Kern goldenT,CH1SNANA29
Trout, Paiute cutthroatT1DYF19

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