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Recovery Program: Endangered and Threatened Species, 1994


For an explanation of the symbols used in this table see the Appendix section of this resource.

Listed Species Listed As Lead Region Pop. Status Rec. Plan Plan Stage Recovery Achieved Rec. Prior
Akepa, Hawaii (honeycreeper)E1SYF29
Akepa, Maui (honeycreeper)E1DYF16
Akepa, Maui (honeycreeper)E1UYF15
Akiapola'au (honeycreeper)E1SYF22
Blackbird, yellow-shoulderedE,CH4SYF12C
Bobwhite, masked (quail)E2IYRD(2)26
Broadbill, GuamE1EYF15
Caracara, Audubon's crestedT4SYF112
Condor, CaliforniaE,CH1SYRD24C
Coot, Hawaiian (='alae-ke'oke'o)E1SYRD315
Crane, Mississippi sandhillE,CH4IYR(3)16C
Crane, whoopingE,CH2IYR(2)22C
Creeper, HawaiiE1SYF28
Creeper, Molokai (=Kakawahie)E1DYF15
Creeper, Oahu (honeycreeper)E1UNU15
Crow, Hawaiian (='alala)E1IYF12
Crow, MarianaE1DYF12
Crow, white-neckedE4UNNA117
Curlew, EskimoE7UNU15
Duck, Hawaiian (=koloa)E1DYR(1)32
Duck, LaysanE1DYF38
Eagle, bald (two separate listings)E,T3IYRD414C
Eagle, bald (southwest)E2SYF36C
Eider, spectacledT7DNU15
Falcon, American peregrine (westem)E1IYRD39
Falcon, Arctic peregrineT7IYF49
Falcon, northem aplomadoE2UYF13
Finch, Laysan (honeycreeper)E1SYF38
Finch, Nihoa (honeycreeper)E1SYF38
Gnatcatcher, coastal CalifomiaT1DNU13C
Goose, Aleutian CanadaT7IYR(2)39
Goose, Hawaiian (=nene)E1DYF22
Hawk, Hawaiian (=io)E1SYF414
Hawk, Puerto Rican broad-wingedE4DNU16
Hawk, Puerto Rican sharp-shinnedE4DNU13
Honeycreeper, crested (='akohekohe)E1SYF27
Jay, Florida scrubT4DYF13C
Kingfisher, Guam MicronesianE1SYF13
Kite, Everglade snailE,CH4SYR(4)13C
Mallard, MarianaE1ENANA15
Megapode, Micronesian (=LaPerouse's)E1UNU18
Millerbird, Nihoa(Old world warbler)E1SYF39
Monarch, Tinian(Old World flycatcher)T1SNANA414
Moorhen (=gallinule), Hawaiian commonE1SYR(1)39
Moorhen (=gallinule), Mariana commonE1SYF19
Murrelet, marbledT1DNU13
Nightjar (=whip-poor-will), Puerto RicoE4SYF25C
Nukupu'u (honeycreeper)E1DYF15
O'o, Kauai (='o'o 'a'a) (honeyeater)E1DYF14
O'u (honeycreeper)E1DYF14
Owl, Mexican spottedT2UNU19C
Owl, northern spottedT,CH1DYD19C
Palila (honeycreeper)E,CH1SYR(1)31
Parrot, Puerto RicanE4SYR(1)12
Parrotbill, Maui (honeycreeper)E1SYF11
Pelican, brownE1IYF49
Petrel, Hawaiian dark-rumpedE1SYF23
Pigeon, Puerto Rican plainE4SYF13C
Plover, piping(3 populations)E,T3DYRD15C
Plover, piping (Atlantic coast)T5IYRD(1)32C
Plover, Western snowy (Pacific coast)T1SNU13C
Po'ouli (honeycreeper)E1DYF14
Prairie-chicken, Attwater's greaterE2DYR(1)13
Rail, California clapperE1DYRD13C
Rail, GuamE1SYF12
Rail, light-footed clapperE1SYD12
Rail, Yuma clapperE2SYF36
Shearwater, Newell's Townsend's (=Manx,='a'o)T1SYF28
Shrike, San Clemente loggerheadE1DYF19
Sparrow, Cape Sable seasideE,CH4SYF212C
Sparrow, Florida grasshopperE4DYF19
Sparrow, San Clemente sageT1DYF29
Stilt, Hawaiian (=ae'o)E1SYR(1)19
Stork, woodE4IYF36C
Swiftlet, Mariana gray (=Vanikoro)E1SYF19
Tern, California leastE1IYRD23C
Tern, leastE3IYF13C
Tern, roseateE,T5SYF13
Thrush, large KauaiE1DYF15
Thrush, Molokai (=oloma'o)E1DYF16
Thrush, small KauaiE1SYF15
Towhee, Inyo California (=brown)T,CH1SNU19C
Vireo, black-cappedE2DYF12C
Vireo, least Bell'sE,CH1IYU23C
Warbler (wood), Bachman'sE4UNAExempt15
Warbler (wood), golden-checkedE2DYF12C
Warbler (wood), Kirtland'sE3IYR(1)32C
Warbler (Old World), nightingale reedE1SNU19
White-eye, bridledE1EYF16
Woodpecker, ivory-billedE4ENAExempt118
Woodpecker, red-cockadedE4DYR(1)18C

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