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A Critique of Wildlife Radio-tracking
and its Use in National Parks

Appendix A

Radio Telemetry Equipment Suppliers

Mention of commercial manufacturers is made for convenience only. It does not constitute endorsement by the U. S. Government.

Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc.
470 1st Ave. No., P.O. Box 398
Isanti, MN 55040 USA
Phone: 1-763-444-9267 / Fax: 1-763-444-9384
wide range of VHF telemetry equipment custom made for all species including marine applications, physiologic monitoring and automated data collection; also market programmable walkie-talkie size ICOM receivers

AF Electronics, Inc.
1906 Federal Dr.
Urbana, IL 61801 USA
Phone / Fax: 217-328-0800
receiving antennas

American Wildlife Enterprises
737 Silver Lake Road
Monticello, FL 32344 USA
Phone: 1-850-997-3551 / Fax: 1-850-997-3552
custom-built small avian and other miniature transmitters (usually <10g)

Andreas Wagener Telemetrieanlagen
Herwarthstr. 22
D - 50672 Koeln
Phone: +49(0) 221 514966 / Fax: +49(0) 221 9521867
transmitters, receivers, antennaes, and other helpful equipment for the researcher with specialties in falconry and hunting supplies

Austec Electronics, Ltd. - NOT VERIFIED
#1006, 11025-82 Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada KT6G 0T1
Phone: 1-403-432-1878 / Fax: 1-415-449-3980
17310 107th Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5S 1E9
Phone: 1-403-486-0511 / Fax: 1-403-489-3697

AVM Instrument Co., Ltd.
1213 South Auburn St.
Colfax, CA 95713 USA
Phone: 1-530-346-6300 / Fax: 1-530-346-6306
wide range of VHF equipment for mammals, birds and fish, traditionally used by herpetologists

Ayama-Segutel Radio Tracking
133 Bajos, Camí Ral
Mataró 08301
Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 (93) 7905862 / Fax: +34 (93) 7964932
transmitters and receivers

Bally Ribbon Mills
23 N. 7th St.
Bally, PA 19503-1004 USA
Phone: 1-610-845-2211 / Fax: 1-610-845-8013
teflon ribbon harness material

B & R Ingenierorgesellschaft mbH - NOT VERIFIED
Johann-Schill-Strasse 22
77806 March-Buchheim, Germany
Phone: 7665-3885 / Fax: 761-123794

134 N. Cloverdale Rd.
Boise, ID 83713 USA
Phone: 1-208-378-4900 / Fax: 1-208-378-0487
distributor of Destron and AVID tags, passive tags

Biosonics, Inc.
4027 Leary Way NW
Seattle, WA 98103 USA
Phone: 1-206-782-2211 / Fax: 1-206-782-2244
acoustic detection & monitoring for aquatic environments

Biotelemetrics, Inc.
6520 Contempo Lane
Boca Raton, FL 33433 USA
Phone: 1-407-394-0315 / Fax: 1-407-394-0315
custom design of micro-miniature surgically implantable transmitters; infrared-powered transmitters

Bio Telemetry Tracking - NOT VERIFIED
18 Magill Rd.
Norwood, SA 5067
Phone: +61-8-8362-6666 / Fax: +61-8-8362-7955
distribute receivers made by Yaesu, of Japan

Biotrack Ltd.
52 Furzebrook Rd.
Wareham, Dorset BH20 5AX
United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0) 1929 552 992 / Fax: +44(0) 1929 554 948
telemetry systems and software

Bytel, Inc.
2525 South Shore Blvd.
Suite 202
League City, TX 77573 USA
Phone: 1-281-334-7171 / Fax: 1-281-521-1058
remote radio monitoring systems

Communications Specialists, Inc.
426 W. Taft Ave.
Orange, CA 92865 USA
Phone: 1-800-854-0547 / Fax: 1-800-850-0547
R-1000 telemetry receiver; handheld walkie-talkie size; 352g; stores up to 999 frequencies; 3 yr. warranty

Custom Electronics of Urbana, Inc.
2009 Silver Ct. W.
Urbana, IL 61801 USA
Phone: 1-217-344-3460 / Fax: 1-217-344-3460
receivers and antennas; custom made receivers and antennas, variety of bird transmitters with a specialty in raptors

Custom Telemetry and Consulting
1050 Industrial Drive
Watkinsville, GA 30677 USA
Phone: 1-706-769-4024 / Fax: 1-706-769-4026
specialize in custom made small animal telemetry packages to meet specific needs of both researcher and animal

Data Sciences International
4211 Lexington Avenue North
Suite 2244
St. Paul, MN 55126-6164 USA
Phone: 1-651-481-7400 (1-800-262-9687 US and Canada) / Fax: 1-651-481-7404
physiological telemetry

Detlef Burchard, Dipl.-Ing. - NOT VERIFIED
Box 14426
Riverside Dr. No. 45
Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: 442371 / Fax: 442371

F&L Electronics
P.O. Box 19
Mahomet, IL 61853 USA
Phone: 1- 217-586-2132 / Fax: 1-217-586-5733
specialize in small transmitters for birds and fish, external and implantable, and a range of receivers and antennas

GFT - Gesellschaft fur Telemetriesysteme mbH - NOT VERIFIED
Eichenweg 26 (or is this 54?)
D-25358 Horst (or is this D-24582 Bordesholm)
Phone: +49-(0)4126-38793 (or 49-4322-699669) / Fax.: +49-(0)4126-38794 (or 49-4322-699671)
specializing in producing any kind of radio telemetry devices from small (<1g) transmitters up to Argos PTTs and GPS tags; develop hard- and software according to customer specifications

Global Tracking Systems (GTS), Inc.
17 Forest Dr.
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
Canada T4S-1H4
Phone: 1-403-563-5063 / Fax: 1-403-887-8866
e-mail: or
radio transmitter custom design and manufacture for fish and wildlife

H.A.B.I.T. Research, Ltd.
1-203 Harbour Rd.
Victoria, BC V9A 3S2
Phone: 1-250-381-9425 / Fax: 1-250-381-9426
wide range of VHF, satellite, GPS transmitters; specialize in waterproof and floatable lightweight transmitters suitable for animals in size from robins to elephants

Hi-Tech Services
9 Devon Place
Camillus, NY USA 13031
Phone: 1-315-487-2484
wildlife and fish transmitters

Holohil Systems Ltd.
112 John Cavanagh Rd.
Carp, Ontario
Canada K0A 1L0
Phone: 1-613-839-0676 / Fax: 1-613-839-0675
radio transmitters; wide range of VHF equipment custom made for all species

Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc.
715 NE Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98105 USA
Phone: 1-206-633-3383 / Fax: 1-206-633-5912
manufacture a complete ultrasonic tag tracking system

ICOM America
2380-116th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 1-425-454-8155 / Fax: 1-425-454-1509
handheld programmable receivers

IMF Technology Gmbh
Groâe Müllroser Str. 46
15232 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: 49-0335-556040 / Fax: 49-0335-556049
custom design and manufacture of telemetry systems with a specialty on behavioral and physiological monitoring, also produce GPS collars and infrared sensing units

Johnson's Telemetry
Route 4, Box 313
El Dorado Springs, MO 65203
Phone: 1-417-876-5083 / Fax: 1-417-876-6844
specialize in hound recovery equipment; Tri-Tronics equipment

L.L. Electronics
P.O. Box 420
103 No. Prairieview Rd.
Mahomet, IL 61853 USA
Phone: 1-217-586-5327, 800-553-5328 fax: 217-586-5733
conventional radiotelemetry

Lotek Wireless, Inc. (For Freshwater, Terrestrial, and Avian)
115 Pony Drive
Newmarket, Ontario
Canada L3Y 7B5
Phone: 1-905-836-6680 / Fax: 1-905-836-6455
GPS telemetry systems with remote downloading capabilities for large mammals, digital coding for transmitters, small transmitters for fish and fisheries management systems

Lotek Wireless, Inc. (For Marine)
114 Cabot Street
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1C 1Z8
Phone: 1-709-726-3899 / Fax: 1-709-726-5324
products include acoustic, radio, combined acoustic radio, archival and satellite systems for marine telemetry applications

Magenta Products, Ltd.
11a Radford Park Rd.
Plymstock, Plymouth
PL9 9DG United Kingdom
Phone: (0) 1752 862731 / Fax: 44 (0) 1752 862066
customized radio telemetry and data transmission

Mariner Radar Ltd - NOT VERIFIED
Bridleway, Campsheath, Lowestoft,
Suffolk NR32 5DN
Phone: 44-1502-567-195 / Fax: 44-1502- 567-762
transmitters used with satellites

Merlin Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 190257
Boise, ID 83719 USA
Phone: 1-208-362-2254 / Fax: 1-208-362-2140
telemetry equipment with falconry emphasis

Microlog Corporation - NOT VERIFIED
18713 Mooney Dr.
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 USA
Phone: 1-301-258-8400
local user terminal for satellite telemetry

Microwave Telemetry, Inc.
8835 Columbia 100 Pkwy.
Suites K & L
Columbia, MD 21045 USA
Phone: 1-410-715-5292 or 1-410-715-5293 / Fax: 1-410-715-5295
(specializing in miniature Argos satellite transmitters for tracking birds also elephants to whales) (smallest unit weighs under 30 grams complete), and digital coding transmitters and data collection systems

Mini-mitter Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 3385
Sunriver, OR 97707 USA
Phone: 1-503-593-8639 Fax: 1-503-593-8639
specialize in small telemetry applications and physiologic and behavioral monitoring systems, automated data collection systems and software

Nature Conservation Bureau Ltd - NOT VERIFIED
36 Kingfisher Court
Hambridge Road
Newbury RG14 5SJ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1635 550380 / Fax: +44 1635 550230

North Star Science and Technology, LLC
Technology Center Bldg.
1450 S. Rolling Rd.
Rm 4.036
Baltimore, MD 21227 USA
Phone: 1-410-961-6692 / Fax: 1-603-462-5144 or 1-410-772-5985
satellite-based telemetry; battery and solar powered PTTs through Argos system; software

P.O. Box 1767
Dept. Biology - Agriculture College
Truro, Nova Scotia
Canada, B2N 5Z5
Phone: 1-902-893-6607 / Fax: 1-902-895-4547
LOCATE II, location estimate software

Polar Research Laboratory - NOT VERIFIED
6309 Carpinteria Ave.
Carpinteria, CA 93013 USA
Phone: 1-805-684-0441
local user terminal and uplink receivers for satellite telemetry

Promeon (Division of Medtronic)
6700 Shingle Creek Parkway
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
Phone: 1-612-514-1000 / Fax: 1-612-514-1002
e-mail:, OR
offering long life (7-10 year), hermetic power supplies chemistries include lithium iodine and lithium thionyl chloride

Sandpiper Technologies, Inc.
535 W. Yosemite Ave.
Manteca, CA 95337
Phone: 1-209-239-7460 / Fax: 1-209-239-1571
video and surveillance systems for nests & burrows

Service Argos, Inc.
1801 McCormick Dr., Suite 10
Largo, MD 20744 USA
Phone: 1-301-925-4411 / Fax: 1-301-925-8995
satellite system; provide required licensing and use privileges, and data transfer for Argos satellite system; do not provide any equipment or supplies

The Sexton Company
860 E St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-1223 USA
Phone: 1-503-371-6239 / Fax: 1-503-371-0994
makes waterproof boxes for Telonics receivers and will also custom make housings for other receivers and electronic gear, and underwater housings for cameras, etc.

Sirtrack Limited
Private Bag 1403
Goddard Lane
Havelock North
New Zealand
Phone: 64-6-877-7736 / Fax: 64-6-877-5422
designs, builds, and packages radio tracking and telemetry equipment for wildlife research including satellite tracking systems and a wide range of VHF transmitters for all species

Smith-Root, Inc.
14014 Northeast Salmon Cr. Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98686 USA
Phone: 1-360-573-0202 / Fax: 1-360-286-1931
aquatic radio telemetry; specialize in fish transmitters using low frequencies but will custom make transmitters for other applications, fisheries research and management equipment; sell Pelican cases for transport

3250 S. Dodge Blvd.
Suite 6
Tucson, AZ 85713 USA
Phone: 1-520-746-3322 / Fax: 1-520-294-2040
acoustic radio transmitters; sonic tracking devices

Starlink, Inc.
500 Center Ridge Dr.
Suite 600
Austin, TX 78753 USA
Phone: 1-512-454-5511 or 1-800-460-2167 / Fax: 1-512-454-5570
develops and produces satellite, Loran, and automated VHF tracking systems for terrestrial and aquatic environments

Telemetry Solutions
1130 Burnett Avenue, Suite J
Concord, CA 94520 USA
Phone: 1-925-798-2373 / Fax: 1-925-798-2375
VHF and GPS telemetry; remote downloading GPS collar under 800g

Telemetry Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 187
Mequon, WI 53092 USA
Phone: 262-241-8335 / Fax: 920-864-3411
specializes in solar-powered transmitters for mammals and birds

Telonics, Inc.
932 East Impala Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85204-6699 USA
Phone: 1-480-892-4444 / Fax: 1-480-892-9139
wide range of fixed design VHF equipment as well as GPS and ARGOS tracking systems

Titley Electronics Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 19
Ballina, NSW 2478
Phone / Fax: country code - 61, number - 2-66-866-617
transmitters, receivers, antennae, and other equipment including Anabat bat detectors

Coporate Headquarters
617 E. Golf Rd., Suite 112
Arlington Heights, IL 60005 USA
Phone: 1-847-593-8780 / Fax: 1-847-593-5678
although Toyocom manufactures Argos transmitters for satellite systems for use in biotelemetry, they are normally not interested in small projects requiring custom manufacturing

TVP Positioning AB (Televilt International AB)
Box 53
SE-711 32 Lindesberg
Phone: +46.581.17195 / Fax: +46.581.17196
wide range of VHF equipment, automated tracking and data collection systems and data analysis packages, GPS systems

Vemco Limited
100 Osprey Dr.
Shad Bay, Nova Scotia
Canada B3T 2C1
Phone: 1-902-852-3047 / Fax: 1-902-852-4000
ultrasonic tags for aquatic animals including hydrophones and depth / temperature loggers

Wildlife Computers
16150 NE 85th St. #226
Redmond, WA 98052 USA
Phone: 1-425-881-3048 / Fax: 1-425-881-3405
time-data and satellite-linked recorders with software; specialize in dive data recorders and ARGOS tracking applications for marine vertebrates; time-depth recorder, satellite link, software

Wildlife Materials Inc.
1031 Autumn Ridge Road
Carbondale, IL 62901 USA
Phone: US 1-800-842-4537 and Canada 1-800-626-2704
wide range of manufactured VHF equipment (transmitters, receivers, antennae, accessories) and automated data collection; implantable transmitters

Wildlife Tracking Systems - NOT VERIFIED
4 The Crescent
DY10 3RY
Phone/Fax: 01562-850329 Mobile: 0860-832349
suppliers of quality falconry accessories

Wood-Ivey Systems Corp. (WISCO) - NOT VERIFIED
P.O. Box 4609
Winter Park, FL 32793 USA
animal PTTs and local user terminal for satellite telemetry

Ziboni Ornitecnica, s.r.l. - NOT VERIFIED
Costa Volpino (Bergamo)
Phone: 035-970434 / Fax: 035-972488

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