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Wyoming Rare Plant Field Guide

US Forest Service Rare Plant List

Rare Plants of Shoshone National Forest (USFS R-2)

Scientific Names Ranger Districts
Common Names C G Wp Ws Wi
Agoseris lackschewitzii S        
Pink Agoseris
Amerorchis rotundifolia S        
Round-leaved Orchid [Orchis r.]
Androsace chamaejasme ssp. carinata X       X
Sweet-flowered Rock Jasmine [A. Iehmanniana]
Arctostaphylos rubra S        
Red Manzanita [Arctous r.]
Botrychium ascendens         S
Upward-lobe Moonwort
Carex incurviformis   X X   X
Seaside Sedge
Carex livida S        
Livid Sedge
Carex luzulina var. atropurpurea       X  
Black and Purple Sedge
Descurainia torulosa     S   S
Wyoming Tansymustard
Draba borealis     X    
Boreal Draba
Draba densifolia var. apiculata X X      
Rockcress Draba
[D. apiculata; D. globosa]
Draba pectinipila X        
Comb-Hair Whitlow-Grass
[D. oligosperma var. p.]
Festuca hallii S   S    
Hall's Fescue
Haplopappus macronema var. linearis     X   X
Narrowleaf Goldenweed
[H. m. var. canescens]
Ipomopsis spicata ssp. robruthii S S S    
Kirkpatrick's Ipomopsis
Lesquerella fremontii       S  
Fremont Bladderpod
Muhlenbergia glomerata S        
Marsh Muhly
Parrya nudicaulis S     S  
Naked-Stemmed Parrya
Primula egaliksensis S        
Greenland Primrose
Pyrrocoma carthamoides var. subsquarrosus S   S    
Absaroka Goldenweed
[Haplopappus c. var. s.]
Salix myrtillifolia var. myrtillifolia S        
Myrtleleaf Willow
Saussurea weberi       X  
Weber's Saw-Wort
Scirpus rollandii S        
Rolland's Bulrush
[S. pumilus]
Shoshonea pulvinata S   S    
Townsendia condensata var. anomala S S S    
North Fork Easter Daisy


C = Clarks Fork: G = Greybull: Wp = Wapiti: Ws = Washakie (Lander RD): Wi = Wind River. S = Sensitive and present on District; S? = Sensitive and may occur on District; X = present on District, but not listed as sensitive: X? = may be present on District, but not listed as sensitive.
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