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Wyoming Rare Plant Field Guide

Bureau of Land Management Rare Plant List

Scientific Name Distribution by District
Common Name C Rw Rs W
Androsace chamaejasme ssp. carinata       X
Sweet-flowered Rock Jasmine [A. lehmanniana]
Antennaria arcuata   X X  
Meadow Pussytoes
Arabis pusilla     X  
Small Rock Cress
Arnica lonchophylla X?     X?
Northern Arnica
Artemisia biennis var. diffusa     X  
Mystery Wormwood
Artemisia porteri   X    
Porter's Sagebrush
Asclepias uncialis     X?  
Dwarf Milkweed
Aster mollis X     X?
Soft Aster
Astragalus drabelliformis     X  
Bastard Draba Milkvetch
Astragalus gilviflorus var. purpureus   X    
Dubois Milkvetch
Astragalus jejunus var. articulatus       X
Hyattville Milkvetch
Astragulus jejunus var. jejunus   X X  
Starveling Milkvetch
Astrugalus proimanthus     X  
Precocious Milkvetch
Cirsium aridum   X X  
Cedar Rim Thistle [C. sp. nov.]
Cirsium ownbeyi     X  
Ownbey's Thistle
Cleome multicaulis X      
Many-Stemmed Spider-Flower
Cryptantha subcapitata   X    
Owl Creek Miner's Candle
Cymopterus williamsii X     X
Williams' Waferparsnip
Descurainia torulosa     X X?
Wyoming Tansymustard
Eriogonum brevicaule var. canum       X
Rabbit Buckwheat
[E. Lagopus]
Festuca hallii       X
Hall's Fescue
Lesquerella arenosa var. argillosa X      
Sidesaddle Bladderpod
Lesquerella fremontii   X    
Fremont Bladderpod
Lesquerella macrocarpa     X  
Large-Friuted Bladderpod
Lesquerella paysonii     X  
Payson's Bladderpod
Muhlenbergia glomerata     X?  
Marsh Muhly
Oryzopsis contracta X X X X
Contracted Indian Ricegrass
[O. hymenoides var. c.]
Parthenium alpinum X      
Alpine Feverfew
[Bolophyta alpina]
Penstemon acaulis var. acaulis     X  
Stemless Beardtongue
Penstemon caryi       X
Cary's Beardtongue
Penstemon gibbensi   X    
Gibben's Beardtongue
Phlox opalensis     X  
Opal Phlox
[P. sp. nov.]
Phlox pungens   X    
Beaver Rim Phlox
Physaria condensata     X  
Tufted Twinpod
Physaria dornii     X  
Dorn's Twinpod
Physaria eburniflora X X    
Devil's Gate Twinpod
Physaria integrifolia var. monticola     X  
Creeping Twinpod
Physaria saximontana var. saximontana   X   X
Rocky Mountain Twinpod
Pyrrocoma carthamoides var. subsquarrosus       X
Absaroka Goldenweed
[Haplopappus c. var. s.]
Porippa calycina   X   X
Persistent Sepal Yellowcress
Shoshonea pulvinata       X
Sphaeromeria simplex X? X    
Laramie False Sagebrush
Sullivantia hapemanii var. hapemanii X      
Hapeman's Sullivantia
Thelesperma caespitosum     X  
Green River Greenthread
[T. subnudum var. c.]
Thelesperma pubescens     X  
Uinta Greenthread
Townsendia microcephala     X  
Cedar Mountain Easter Daisy
[T. sp. nov.]
Trifolium barnebyi   X    
Barneby's Clover
[T. haydenii var. b.]
Yermo xanthocephalus   X    
Desert Yellowhead


C = Casper District: Rw = Rawlins District; RS = Rock Springs District: W = Worland District. X = Present on District; X? = may occur on District.
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