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Aquatic and Wetland Vascular Plants of the Northern Great Plains

51. Alismataceae, the Water Plantain Family

3. Sagittaria L. -- Arrowhead, duck potato

2. Sagittaria calycina Engelm.

Dwarf to large emergent annual 1-10 dm tall, lacking rhizomes and tubers. Leaves with terete, spongy-thickened petioles, erect to spreading; emersed blades sagittate to hastate or earlier ones elliptic-ovate, (1)3-40 cm long, (0.5)2-25 cm wide, the basal lobes much shorter to longer than the terminal lobe. Inflorescence ultimately leaning or procumbent, the scape terete and spongy-thickened; bracts membranous, short and broadly rounded at lower nodes, longer and acute to acuminate upward, 3-10 mm long; pedicels of fruiting heads inflated, 0.5-5 cm long, recurved in fruit, those of upper male flowers slender. Lower flowers female or perfect (with a single whorl of stamens), upper ones perfect or more often male; sepals broad and obtuse, 5-12 mm long, reflexed in flower but soon appressed to the head of developing fruits and remaining so on mature heads; petals white with a yellow base, usually not much exceeding the sepals; filaments roughened with minute hairs. Fruiting heads eventually nodding, to 2 cm across, convex to somewhat flattened apically; achenes 2-3 mm long, about equally winged dorsally and ventrally, usually with a prominent resin duct curving over the faces; beak horizontal or oblique, 0.2-0.6 mm long. Jul--Sep. Mud or shallow water of ponds, marshes and drying pools; sporadic and local in occurrence from the s half of SD through NE; (OH and MI to SD, s to VA, TN, LA, TX, NM, CA and into Mex.). S. montividensis Cham. & Schlect. subsp. calycinus (Engelm.) Bogin.
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