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Aquatic and Wetland Vascular Plants of the Northern Great Plains

Veronica L. -- Speedwell

Annuals or perennials with entire to serrate, opposite leaves, or the leaves becoming alternate in the inflorescence. Flowers usually numerous in axillary or terminal racemes; calyx accrescent, deeply 4-parted, the sepals often variable in shape; corolla white, pink, blue or violet, 4-lobed, slightly bilabiate, rotate, the tube much shorter than the limb; stamens 2; styles exsert, persistent in fruit, stigma capitate. Capsule somewhat to strongly flattened, loculicidal, often lobed or notched at the tip.

Pennell, F. W.  1921.  "Veronica" in North and South America.  
     Rhodora 23:1-22, 29-41.

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1 Racemes terminal; pedicels 2 mm or less long. V. peregrina
1 Racemes axillary; pedicels longer than 2 mm. Lead 2
2 Leaves short-petioled. V. americana
2 Leaves sessile, often clasping. Lead 3
3 Capsules turgid, slightly notched at the tip; seeds numerous, 0.5 mm or less long; leaves 1.5-5X longer than wide. Lead 4
3 Capsules strongly flattened, conspicuously notched at the tip; seeds 5-9 per locule, 1.2-1.8 mm long; leaves (3)4-20X longer than wide. V. scutellata
4 Leaves 1.5-3X longer than wide; corolla blue or violet; capsules about as wide as long. V. anagallis-aquatica
4 Leaves (2.5)3-5X longer than wide; corolla white, pink or pale bluish; capsules wider than long. V. catenata

45. Scrophulariaceae, the Figwort Family
9. Veronica L. -- Speedwell
1. Veronica americana (Raf.) Schwein. ex Benth. -- Brooklime
2. Veronica anagallis-aquatica L. -- Water speedwell
3. Veronica catenata Pennell
4. Veronica peregrina L. -- Purslane speedwell
5. Veronica scutellata L. -- Marsh speedwell

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