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Sago Pondweed (Potamogeton pectinatus L.):
A Literature Review

Appendix B

Appendix B.-- Origins of Nutrient Enrichment in Wetlands Where Sago Pondweed Occurred

                                General            Agricultural runoff     Feedlot     Sewage    Industrial
Reference                  (source undetermined)  (fertilizer and silt)    runoff     effluent    effluent
Boye Petersen 1917, cited by Olsen 1950 x x Pirnie 1935 x Van Donselarr et al. 1961 x Westlake 1961 x Hunt 1963 x Spence 1964 x Volker and Smith 1965 x x Kaul and Zutshi 1967 x Lind and Cottam 1969 x Peltier and Welch 1969 x Kohler et al. 1971 x Stuckey 1971 x x Perkins and Abbott 1972 x Neel et al. 1973 x Jupp et al. 1974 x Haslam et al. 1975 x Pieczyuska et al. 1975 x x Wilson et al. 1975 x Andersen 1976 x Krausch 1976 x Pieczynska and Ozimek 1976 x x Sahai and Sinha 1976 x Schiemer and Prosser 1976 x Holmes and Whitton 1977 x x Wiegleb 1978 x Ho 1979 x x Jupp and Spence 1977a x x x Fetter et al. 1978 x x x Haslam 1978 x Hejny and Husak 1978 x Leah et al. 1978 x Peterka and Hanson 1978 x Pip 1978 x Ozimek 1978 x Carpenter 1979 x Dunst and Nichols 1979 x Lachavanne 1979 x Vass 1980 x Janauer 1981 x Merry et al. 1981 x Vermsak et al. 1981 x Shubert 1982 x Vander Zouwen 1982 x x Ozimek and Kowalczewski 1984 x Filbin and Barko 1985 x Madsen and Adams 1985 x x Peverly 1985 x Blake et al. 1986 x Madsen 1986 x x Stewart and Davies 1986 x x x Penuelas and Sabater 1987 x x Madsen et al. 1988 x
Reference General Agricultural runoff Feedlot Sewage Industrial (source undetermined) (fertilizer and silt) runoff effluent effluent

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