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Avian Use of Purple Loosestrife Dominated Habitat Relative to Other Vegetation Types in a Lake Huron Wetland Complex

Table 2

   TABLE 2.  Distribution of breeding birds by vegetation type in Saginaw Bay wetlands, 1994 - 1995. Breeding status based on observation of adults on at least two of three visits, or a nest or flightless young on at least one visit.
Species SSa WM/SSa WM/SS/LSa WM/LSa WMa ICa CCa CBa
Pied-billed Grebeb                   X  X
American Bittern          X   X    
 Least Bittern               X X  
Canada Goose               X X  
Wood Duckb X              
      American Black Duck X              
      Mallard X X X X X X    
 Blue-winged Teal      X   X      
  Redheadb               X    
 Northern Harrierb   X            
     Ring-necked Pheasant   X      X      
  Virginia Rail X   X X   X X  
Sora X            X X  
Common Moorhen/ American Cootc               X X X
Forster's Ternb                  X  
Black Ternb               X X  
Northern Flicker X              
      Eastern Wood-pewee X              
      Willow Flycatcher   X            
Great Crested Flycatcher X              
      Eastern Kingbird X         X      
  Tree Swallow X X            
     Sedge Wren   X X   X      
  Marsh Wren               X X  
Gray Catbird X X            
     Yellow Warbler X X X          
    Common Yellowthroat X X X   X X  X   
Rose-breasted Grosbeak X              
      Savannah Sparrow   X      X      
  Song Sparrow X X            
     Swamp Sparrow X X X X X X X  
Bobolink   X            
     Red-winged Blackbird X   X X X X X  
Yellow-headed Blackbird                  X  
Brewer's Blackbird X              
      Brown-headed Cowbird X X            
     Baltimore Oriole X              
      American Goldfinch   X X          
    Total 20 15 9 5 9 13 13 2
a Vegetation types: SS = scrub-shrub, WM/SS = wet meadow/scrub-shrub, WM/SS/LS = wet meadow/scrub-shrub/loosestrife, WM/LS = wet meadow/loosestrife, WM = wet meadow, IC = inland cattail, CC = coastal cattail, CB = coastal bulrush.
b Species observed within the sampled vegetation type but not on plots. c American Coot and Common Moorhen were grouped together because these species were most often observed by call only and their calls are difficult to distinguish.

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