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Southern Wetland Flora


This Field guide was prepared by Biotic Consultants, Incorporated, of Carbondale, Illinois, under Contract #53-7482-9-65. All descriptions have been written by Robert H. Mohlenbrock. Mark Mohlenbrock prepared all of the illustrations. All maps were prepared by Trent Mohlenbrock. Robert H. Mohlenbrock took all the photos except the following: George Folkerts (Dichromena colorata distant view, Sagittaria lancifolia); L. Glasscock (Schizachyrium scoparium); Carl Hunter, collection of slides for Wildflowers of Arkansas and Trees, Shrubs, and Vines of Arkansas, published by the Ozark Society Foundation (Asimina parviflora flower, Cardiospermum halicacabum, Carya myristiciformis, Cayaponia quinqueloba flowers, Cissus incisa fruits, Clematis crispa, Lindera melissaefolium both, Magnolia tripetala, Rhododendron canescens flowers, Rudbeckia maxima, Smilax smallii fruits, Ulmus crassifolia, Vaccinium elliottii flowers, Vitis rotundifolia fruits); J. I. Jones (Rubus hispidus, Sarracenia rubra flowers); Walter S. Judd (Gaylussacia baccata, Gaylussacia frondosa both, Lythrum lineare, Zenobia pulverulenta); Doug Ladd (Galiurn aparine); Steve Orzell (Drosera intermedia, Leucothoe axillaris, Lyonia lucida flowers, Sabatia gentianoides); George Pyne (Gordonia lasiantha flower, Lyonia mariana, Lysimachia quadrifolia, Magnolia fraseri flowers, Rhododendron viscosum, Sarracenia flava flowers, Sarracenia rubra pitchers, Scutellaria integrifolia flower close-up); Milo Pyne (Arnoglossum plantagineum both, Bacopa rotundifolia flowers, Cayaponia quinqueloba fruit, Cynanchum angustifolium both, Decumaria barbara, Gaylussacia dumosa flowers, Leucothoe racemosa flower, Lyonia ligustrina flower, Murdannia keisak, Persea borbonia fruits, Pinguicula lutea, Rhexia alifanus flowers, Sagittaria platyphylla both, Sparganiurn americanum flower heads); L. Scott Ranger (Krigia virginica, Magnolia fraseri leaves, Spiraea tomentosa); Alfred Schotz (Aletris aurea flowers, Sarracenia alata); Ray Smith (Arisaema dracontium whole plant); Bill Summers (Eryngium yuccifolium whole plant, Myosotis macrosperma, Solidago rugosa, Viola palens, Vitis riparia leaves); anonymous photographers from the Soil Conservation Service (Campsis radicans distant view, Catalpa bignonioides distant view, Itea virginica distant view, Panicum virgaturn distant view, Peltandra virginica whole plant, Rhynochospora corniculata whole plant). Beverly Mohlenbrock typed all the drafts of the manuscript and assisted with the photography. Angus Gholson, Jr. of Chattahoochee, Florida, provided expert assistance in the field. Typesetting was provided by Wendy Mohlenbrock of Aart-werk Graphic Design, Incorporated, of Tempe, Arizona, which also prepared the camera-ready copy for the entire guide. We are grateful to the Cram Map Company of Indianapolis for permission to use their base maps of the United States.

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