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Swift Fox Symposium

Ecology and Conservation of Swift Foxes in a Changing World

GIF -- A Fox.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
February 18-19, 1998


This resource is based on the following source:
U.S. Geological Survey.  1998.  Swift fox symposium:  Ecology and conservation
     of swift foxes in a changing world.  18-19 February 1998, Saskatoon,
     Saskatchewan.  Abstracts.  U.S. Geological Survey, Canadian Wildlife
     Service, The Wildlife Society, and the Swift Fox Conservation Society.
This resource should be cited as:
U.S. Geological Survey.  1998.  Swift fox symposium:  Ecology and conservation
     of swift foxes in a changing world.  18-19 February 1998, Saskatoon,
     Saskatchewan.  Abstracts.  U.S. Geological Survey, Canadian Wildlife
     Service, The Wildlife Society, and the Swift Fox Conservation Society.
     Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 31JUL98).

Table of Contents

Sponsors and Co-conveners

Winter Abundance and Distribution of Small Mammals in the Canadian Mixed-Grass Prairies and Implications for the Swift Fox
Erika E. Almási-Klausz and Ludwig N. Carbyn.

Ecology of Swift Fox in Southeastern Colorado
David E. Andersen, Thomas R. Laurion, John R. Cary, Robert S. Sikes, and Eric M. Gese.

An Overview of Reproductive Processes in Small Canids
Cheryl Asa and Carolina Valdespino

An Investigation into the Causes of Mortality in a Reintroduced Free Ranging Swift Fox (Vulpes velox) Population 1997.
Sandra R. Black, Axel Moehrenschlager, and Ludwig N. Carbyn.

Diet and Hunting Behaviour of Captive-bred Swift Fox (Vulpes velox) Intended for Release.
Samantha Bremner.

Patterns of Range Collapse in Swift Fox and Other Canids
Rob Channell, and Mark V. Lomolino.

Hematology and Serum Chemistry of Wild Caught Swift Foxes (Vulpes velox)
R. M. Cooper, Sandra R. Black, V. L. Honeyman, and H. J. Spratt.

Distribution and Population Status of the Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis zinseri) in Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Mauricio Cotera Correa.

Experience in Hand-raising Swift Foxes for Zoo Display and Public Education
John Creviston and David Leeb.

Factors Influencing Populations of San Joaquin Kit Foxes: Implications for Conservation and Recovery
Brian L. Cypher, Gregory D. Warrick, Patrick A. Kelly, and Daniel F. Williams.

A Conservation Design -- Conservation Assessment and Conservation Strategy for Swift Fox in the United States
Eileen Dowd Stukel, Christiane Roy, Brian Giddings, and Lloyd Fox.

Landscape Changes and Swift Fox Conservation
David A. Gauthier.

Swift Fox Habitat Protection Guidelines: Do We Have Enough Knowledge?
Wayne C. Harris and John R. Taggert.

Current Swift Fox (Vulpes velox) Distribution and Habitat Selection Within Areas of Historical Occurrence in New Mexico
Robert L. Harrison and C. Gregory Schmitt.

Canada's Swift Fox Reintroduction: An Experiment in Ecological Restoration
Stephen Herrero.

Dens and Den Sites of the Swift Fox, Vulpes velox, in western Kansas
Victoria L. Jackson and Jerry R. Choate.

A Review of the U.S. Wild Captures Within the Context of the Canadian Reintroduction Program
Jeff Johnson and Ludwig N. Carbyn.

Endangered Species Recovery in An Agricultural Landscape: The Case of The San Joaquin Kit Fox
Patrick A. Kelly and Daniel F. Williams.

A Den-centered Analysis of Swift Fox (Vulpes velox) Habitat Characteristics on the Kiowa National Grasslands, New Mexico.
Keith M. Kintigh and Mark C. Andersen.

Resource Partitioning Between Swift Foxes and Coyotes: Space, Time, And Diet
Ann M. Kitchen, Eric M. Gese, and Edward R. Schauster.

Historical and Recent Status of the Swift Fox in Montana
Craig J. Knowles, Pamela R. Knowles, Brian Giddings, and Arnold R. Dood.

The Status of the Swift Fox in Zoos and How Both Can Benefit from Each Other.
Thomas J. Krejczyk.

Monitoring Swift Fox Presence to Detect Declines
Frederick G. Lindzey, J. Scott Dieni, Travis Olson, and Stanley Anderson.

Can the Wily Coyote be Outfoxed?: Lessons from Swift Foxes in Canada and Mexico
Axel Moehrenschlager, Rurik List, and David Macdonald.

A Trapping and Handling Protocol to Limit Stress and Injury to Swift Foxes
Axel Moehrenschlager, David Macdonald, and Cynthia Moehrenschlager.

The Application of The Endangered Species Act to The Swift Fox
John Copeland Nagle.

A Review of Tooth Anomalies Observed in Swift Foxes in the Canadian Program.
Shawn Olsen and Ludwig N. Carbyn.

A Noninvasive Method for Distinguishing Among Canid Species: Amplification and Enzyme Restriction of Mitochondrial DNA From Scats
Eleni Paxinos, Carl McIntosh, Katherine Ralls, and Robert Fleischer.

A Rancher's Perspective on Prairie Conservation and the Swift Fox Project: Five Generations of Land Stewardship.
Mary Jane Pietrowski and Ludwig N. Carbyn.

Parasites and Diseases of Wild Swift Fox
Margo J. Pybus and Elizabeth S. Williams.

Using Microsatellites to Determine Parentage in Kit Foxes
Katherine Ralls, Robert C. Fleischer, and Patrick J. White.

Ageing of Swift Foxes Using Tooth Sectioning Techniques
Melissa Richholt, Ludwig N. Carbyn, and Elaine Street.

Genetic and Morphological Characteristics of The Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis) In South Central New Mexico
Penny J. Rodrick and Nancy E. Mathews.

An Improved Method for Determining the Distribution of Swift Foxes in Kansas
Christiane C. Roy, Marsha A. Sovada, and Glen A. Sargeant.

Scent-station Survey Methods for Swift and Kit Foxes
Glen A. Sargeant, Patrick J. White, Marsha A. Sovada, and Brian L. Cypher.

Population Ecology and Evaluation of Survey Methods for Swift Fox
Edward R. Schauster, Eric M. Gese, and Ann M. Kitchen.

Reproductive Biology of Swift Foxes (Vulpes velox) in Captivity
Curt Schroeder and Roy Dyke.

Swift Fox Detection Methods and Distribution in the Oklahoma Panhandle
Michael J. Shaughnessy Jr. and Mark V. Lomolino.

Captive Breeding of Swift Fox at the Cochrane Wildlife Reserve
Clio Smeeton and Ken Weagle.

The Reintroduction of Swift Fox to the West Block of Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Using Captive Bred Animals
Clio Smeeton and Ken Weagle.

Swift Fox Mortality in Grassland and Cropland Landscapes of Western Kansas
Marsha A. Sovada, Christiane C. Roy, and Robert O. Woodward.

A Review of the Swift Fox Conservation Society's Activities in Canada: Role of a Non-Government Organization
George Stuetz, Laurie McGivern, and Lori Wilson.

What Do These Swift Fox Really Do? Captive Swift Fox Behaviour During The Summer Months
Emma C. Teeling.

Zoo-based Conservation Initiatives for The Swift Fox
Tarren Wagener and Michael Fouraker.

Molecular Systematics of Kit and Swift Foxes
Robert Wayne.

Population Dynamics of Kit Foxes
Patrick J. White, Robert A. Garrott, and Katherine Ralls.

The Status of Swift Fox in North Central Montana
Amy L. Zimmerman, Lynn Irby, and Brian Giddings.

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