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Colonial and Non-colonial Waterbird Bibliography

Bibliographic Database developed for the Northern Prairie and Parkland Waterbird Conservation Plan

This database was created as a means of providing a bibliographic resource on many aspects of colonial and non-colonial waterbird ecology. It was compiled by a number of partner agencies working collaboratively on the Northern Prairie and Parkland Waterbird Conservation Plan, including the Canadian Wildlife Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, and many others. Geographical emphasis was placed on the northern prairie and parkland region of North America, composing Bird Conservation Region 11 of the North American Waterbird Conservation Plan. The database consists of about 2250 entries from the 1880's through 2001. The database was created using references from a number of sources. References include both published and unpublished papers and documents, and from web resources. This database will be updated periodically.

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Species included are:

Common LoonGavia immer
Pied-billed GrebePodilymbus podiceps
Horned GrebePodiceps auritus
Red-necked GrebePodiceps grisagena
Eared GrebePodiceps nigricollis
Western GrebeAechmophorus occidentalis
Clark's GrebeAechmophorus clarkii
American White PelicanPelecanus erythrorynchos
Double-crested CormorantPhalacrocorax auritus
American BitternBotaurus lentiginosis
Least BitternIxobrychus exilis
Great Blue HeronArdea herodias
Great EgretArdea alba
Snowy EgretEgretta thula
Little Blue HeronEgretta caerulea
Tricolored HeronEgretta tricolor
Cattle EgretBubulcus ibis
Green HeronButorides virescens
Black-crowned Night-heronNycticorax nycticorax
Yellow-crowned Night-heronNyctanassa violacea
White-faced IbisPlegadis chihi
Common MoorhenGallinula chloropus
American CootFulica americana
King RailRallus elegans
Virginia RailRallus limicola
SoraPorzana carolina
Yellow RailCoturnicops noveboracensis
Black RailLaterallus jamaicensis
Sandhill CraneGrus canadensis
Whooping CraneGrus americana
Franklin's GullLarus pipixcan
Bonaparte's GullLarus philadelphia
Ring-billed GullLarus delawarensis
California GullLarus californicus
Herring GullLarus argentatus
Caspian TernSterna caspia
Common TernSterna hirundo
Forster's TernSterna forsteri
Least TernSterna antillarum
Black TernChlidonias niger

The database can be searched using any term that is relevant to waterbirds or waterbird ecology. Alternatively, appropriate keywords were manually added to all records in the database to better facilitate specific searches by subjects. The following keywords were used to categorize all records within the database.

BehaviorMonitoring Techniques
Breeding BiologyMorphology
Capture TechniquesNatural History
DemographyPopulation Biology Techniques
DietPopulation Genetics
DiseasePopulation Models
EndocrinologySite Surveys
General BiologyThreats
Habitat ManagementToxicology
Habitat RequirementsWinter Ecology

This resource should be cited as:

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center and Parkland Waterbird Conservation Plan.  2004.  Colonial and Non-colonial Waterbird Bibliography.  Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. (Version 14OCT2004).

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