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Location Abbreviations

Abbreviation       Translation

AUDUBON SOC.       National Audubon Society
AGRONOMY JNL       Agronomy Journal
AMERICAN BRD       American Birds
AM JRNL SCI        American Journal of Sciences
AMER GEOL          American Geologist
AM MICRO SOC       American Microscopical Society
AM MID NATR        American Midland Naturalist
AMERICAN SCI       American Scientist
ARGIE SERV         Argie Reporting Service
ASSOC HYDRO        International Association for Hydrological Sciences
AVICULTURAL        Avicultural Magazine

BIOLOGICAL R       Biological Report
BIOLOGY SCI        Biological Sciences
BIRD BANDER        North American Bird Bander
BIRDS AMER         Birds of America
BIRDS PLAINS       Birds of the Great Plains
BLATCHLEY          Blatchley and Associates, Inc.
BOT GAZETTE        Botanical Gazette
BOT MAGAZINE       Botanical Magazine
BOT REVIEW         Botanical Review
BUR NAT AFF        Bureau of Natural Affairs, Inc.
BUR SP, F&W        Bureau of Sports, Fisheries, and Wildlife
BUT OF REC         Bureau of Reclamation

C PLATTE NRD       Central Platte Natural Resource District
CAL F&G            California Fish and Game
CAN JRNL BOT       Canadian Journal of Botany
CAN J FOREST       Canadian Journal of Forestry
CAN JRL ZOO        Canadian Journal of Zoology
CANADA WILDL       Canadian Wildlife Service
CENTR FLYWAY       Central Flyway
CNPPID             Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District
CO AG EX S B       Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin
CO ST. UNIV        Colorado State University
CO-WY AC SCI       Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Sciences
COL.WATRBRD        Colonial Waterbirds
COOP F&WILDL       Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
CONDOR             Condor
CONSERV. BIO       Conservation Biology
CONSERVATION       Conservation Notebook
CORPS OF ENG       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
CRN RESEARCH       Crane Research Around the World
CRANE WORKSH       Crane Workshop

DEPT OF AU         Department Of Agriculture
DEPT EARTH R       Department of Earth Resources
DEPT OF INT        Department of Interior
DEPT OF WILD       University of Wisconsin, Department of Wildlife Ecology
DREDGED MAT        Dredged Material Research Program
DUKE UNIV          Duke University

EA SCI&TECH        EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc.
ECO MODEL          Ecological Modeling
ECO MONOGRPH       Ecological Monographs
ECO SOCIETY        Ecology Society
ENDANG. BIRD       Endangered Birds
ENDANG.SPEC        Endangered Species Tech.
ENTOMOL NEWS       Entomology News
ENV ACT MAG        Environmental Action Magazine
ENV RES TECH       Environmental Research & Technology Inc.
ERTECOLOGY         ERT/Ecology Consultants Inc.
EWDC CONF          Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conference

FED REGISTER       Federal Register
FOREST CLUB        University of Nebraska Forestry Club
FOREST SCI         Forest Science
FORESTRY ABS       Forestry Abstracts

GEN SYSTEMS        General Systems
GREAT PLAINS       Great Plains Research
GEO SOC AMER       Geological Society of America

HYDRAULIC RH       Proceeding of Internat'l Assoc. For Hydraulic Res.

INTER WILDL        International Wildlife
IOWA ST. UNIV      Iowa State University
ISU JRNL SCI       Iowa State University Journal of Science

J. FIELD ORN       Journal of Field Ornithology
J. RANGE MGMT      Journal of Range Management
J. WILDL MAN       Journal of Wildlife Management
JACK-PINE WR       Jack-Pine Warbler
JRL ENV QUAL       Journal of Environmental Quality
JRL FISH MNG       Journal of Fisheries Management
JRNL AG RES        Australian Journal of Agricultural Resources
JRNL AGRIC         Journal of Agricultural Research
JNRL APP ECO       Journal of Applied Ecology
JRNLARBOR          Journal of Arnold Arboretum
JRNL AZ ACAD       Journal of Arizona Academy of Science
JRNL BOTANY        American Journal of Botonay
JRNLECOLOGY        Journal of Ecology
JRNL FOREST        Journal of Forestry
JRNLHYDROLG        Journal of Hydrology
JRNL PARASIT       Journal of Parasitology
JRNL SED PET       Journal of Sedimentary Petrology

MUKAW-HILL         McUraw-Hill Book Go. Inc.
MO BOT GARDN       Bulletin Missouri Botanical Gardens
MO RV BSN CM       Missouri River Basin Commission

NAT RES COMM       Nebraska Natural Resources Commission
NATIONAL ECO       National Ecology Center
NATURAL HIST       Natural History
NATURE CONSR       Nature Conservancy
NAW & NRC          North American Wildlife & Nat. Res. Conference
N.D.W.R.           Nebraska Department of Water Resources
NE ACAD SCI        Proceeding of Nebraska Academy Sciences
NE BIRD REV        Nebraska Bird Review
NE CONS SURV       Nebraska Conservation and Survey Division
NE CONS BULL       Nebraska Conservation Bulletin
NE DEPT ENV        Nebraska Department of Environmental Control
NE FARMER          Nebraska Farmer
NE G&P COMM        Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
NE HIST. SOC       Nebraska State Historical Society
NE HISTORY         Nebraska History
NE ORN UNION       Nebraska Ornithologist Union Inc. Newsletter
NE S&W CN CM       Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Commission
NE SOC IND S       Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey
NE WTR RES         Nebraska Water Resources Association
NEBRASKA MON       Nebraska Monitor
NJ DIV F,G,W       New Jersey Division of Fish, Game, and Wildlife
NM ACAD SCI        New Mexico Academy of Sciences Bulletin
ND G&F DEPT        North Dakota Game and Fish Department
NPPD               Nebraska Public Power District
NSF                National Science Foundation

OK ST. UNIV        Oklahoma State University
OTA                Office of Technology Assessment

PLANT PHYS         Plant Physiology
PLATTE V NE        Central Platte Valley, Nebraska
PR WHP CRN T       Platte River Whooping Crane Trust
PRAIRIE CONF       North American Prairie Conference
PRAIRIE NATR       Prairie Naturalist
PROC CRN WKS       Proceeding of Crane Workshop

RAPTOR RSRCH       Raptor Research
REG RIVERS         Regulated Rivers
RES DEPT F&G       Resources Agency Department of Fish and Game
ROCKY MOUNT        Rocky Mountain News
RUTGERS UNIV       Rutgers University

SCI AMERICA        Scientific America
SCIREPORT          Special Scientific Report
SD DEPT F&G        South Dakota Department of Fish and Game
SD ST UNIV         South Dakota State University
SHORE BIRDS        Shore Birds of North America
SIL GENETICA       Silvae Genetica

SOC AMER FOR       Proceeding of Society of Amencan Foresters
SOIL SCI SOC       Soil Science Society Proceedings
SWTRN NATURL       Southwestern Naturalist

T F END. SPEC      Interstate Task Force on Endangered Species
TEXAS P&W          Texas Parks and Wildlife
TRAN NEB A S       Transaction of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences
TREE-RING BL       Tree-ring Bulletin

U MO-COLUMBI       University of Missouri-Columbia
UNIV IOWA          University of Iowa
UNK                University of Nebraska-Kearney
UNK DEPT BIO       University of Nebraska-Kearney, Dept of Biology
UNL                University of Nebraska-Lincoln
UNL BOOK COL       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Book Collection
UNIL STUDIES       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University Studies
UNL ARCH LIB       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Architecture Lib.
UNL ARCHIVES       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Archives
UNL CHEM LIB       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Chemistry Library
UNL CYT LIB        University of Nebraska-Lincoln, C.Y. Thompson Lib.
UNIL ENGR LIB      University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Engineering Lib.
UNL GEOL LIB       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Geology Library
UNL IANR           University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Inst of Ag & Nat Res
UNL LOVE LIB       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Love Library
UNL SPEC LIB       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Special Library
UNL U.S. DOC       University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Gov't Documents
UNIV N.D.          University of North Dakota
UNIV N. COLO       University of Northern Colorado
UNIV WIS PRS       University of Wisconsin Press
US AG HANDBK       U.S. Agricultural Handbook
US DEPT AGRI       U.S. Department of Agriculture
US F&W SERV        U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
US FOREST          U.S. Forest Service
USDA FOREST        U.S.D.A. Forest Service
U.S.G.S.           U.S. Geological Survey

VALUES & MGT       Wetland Values and Management

WATER RES DV       Proceeding of Water for Resource Development
WILDL SOC.         Wildlife Society
WILSON BULL        Wilson Bulletin
WISC DEPT NR       Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource
WORLD HERALD       Omaha World Herald
WTR RES BULL       Water Resources Bulletin

YALE UNIV          Yale University Bulletin

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