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Fire in North American Wetland Ecosystems and Fire-Wildlife Relations: An Annotated Bibliography

Index to Scientific and Common Names Used in the Text

The span of years covered in the annotated bibliography lead to difficulty in presenting consistent nomenclature for animals and plants addressed in the various texts. This was because of both changes in the accepted scientific nomenclature and the extensive use in earlier writings of locally prevalent English names for many organisms, especially plants. For ease of comparison of the annotations, we have therefore chosen a list of English and scientific names to use in this bibliography irrespective of the nomenclature used in the original text. Thus, in the body of the text, each species is always referred to with a single English and a single scientific name unless an outdated common name appears in a title, in which case a translation is made. Further, to ease scanning of the citations, with few exceptions we have chosen to use only the selected English in the annotations. Easy reference to appropriate scientific names is obtained by use of (Table 1), which contains each scientific and English name used in the titles and texts of the entries in the annotated bibliography.

Although accepted references exist for the scientific nomenclature of all organisms, similar guides are not available for all English names, and some species have no English name. The scientific and English names we have selected were obtained from the standard works listed below. For consistency with current wildlife, but not necessarily accepted botanical literature, plant names in Scott and Wasser (1980) were given precedence throughout except for names of trees which follow Little (1979). A recent summary of all vertebrate names mentioned in the text is RC. Banks, RW. McDiarmid, and A.L. Gardner (1987. Checklist of vertebrates of the United States, the U.S. Territories, and Canada. U.S. Fish Wildl. Serv., Resour. Publ. 166. 79 pp.) of Amphibians and Reptiles.Herp. Circ. 7. 36 pp.

Amphibians and Reptiles
Collins, J.T., J.E. Huheey, J.L. Knight, H.M. Smith. 1978.Standard common and of North American plants for wildlife scientific names for North American biologists. The Wildlife Society, Washington, amphibians and reptiles. Society for Study of Amphibians and Reptiles.Herp. Circ. 7. 36 pp. DC. 58 pp.
American Ornithologists' Union. 1983. Check list of North American Birds. 6th ed. The American Ornithologists' Union, Washington, DC. 877 pp.
Sutherland, D.W.S. 1978. Common names of insects and related organisms (1978 revision). Entomol. Soc. Am. Spec. Publ. 78-1. 132 pp.
Jones, J.K, Jr., D.C. Carter, H.H. Genoways, R.S. Hoffmann, and D.W. Rice. 1982. Revised checklist of North American mammals north of Mexico, 1982. Occas. Pap., Mus. Tex. Tech. Univ. 80. 22 pp.
Correll, D.S., and H.B. Correll. 1975. Aquatic and wetland plants of southwestern United States. 2 vol. Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA. 1777 pp.

Godfrey, R.K., and J.W. Wooten. 1979. Aquatic and wetland plants of southeastem United States. Monocotyledons. University of Georgia Press, Athens. 712 pp.

Godfrey, R.K., and J.W. Wooten. 1981. Aquatic and wetland plants of southeastem United States. Dicotyledons. University of Georgia Press, Athens. 933 pp.

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Little, E.L., Jr. 1979. Checklist of United States trees (native and naturalized). U.S.DepAgric. For. Serv., Agric. Handb. 541.375 pp.

McGregor, RL., T.M. Barkley, RE. Brooks, and E.K Schofield, editors. 1986. Flora of the Great Plains. University Press of Kansas, Lawrence. 1392 pp.

Scott, T.G., and C.H. Wasser. 1980. Checklist of North American plants for wildlife biologist. The Wildlife Society, Washington, DC. 58 pp.

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