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Butterflies of Yosemite National Park

Submitted by: Paul A. Opler
Modified from Garth and Tilden (1963)


Parnassians: Subfamily Parnassinae

____ Clodius Parnassian Parnassius clodius (Menetries)
____*Sierra Nevada Parnassian Parnassius behrii (W.H. Edwards) 
      Type locality is Mt. Lyell in the park.
Swallowtails: Subfamily Papilioninae

____ Anise Swallowtail Papilio zelicaon (Lucas)
____ Indra Swallowtail Papilio indra (Reakirt)
____ Western Tiger Swallowtail Papilio rutulus (Lucas)
____ Two-tailed Swallowtail Papilio mutlicaudatus (W.F. Kirby)
____ Pale Swallowtail Papilio eurymedon (Lucas)


Whites: Subfamily Pierinae

____ Pine White Neophasia menapia (C. and R. Felder) 
____ Spring White Pontia sisymbrii (Boisduval)
____ Checkered White Pontia protodice (Boisduval and Leconte)
____ Western White Pontia occidentalis (Reakirt)
____ Margined White Pieris marginalis (Scudder)
____ Cabbage White Pieris rapae (Linnaeus)
____ Large Marble Euchloe ausonides (Lucas)
____ California Marble Euchloe hyantis (W.H. Edwards)
____ Stella Orangetip Anthocharis stella (W.H. Edwards)
____ Gray Marble Anthocharis lanceolata (Lucas)

Sulphurs and Yellows: Subfamily Coliadinae

____ Orange Sulphur Colias eurytheme (Boisduval)
____*Sierra Sulphur Colias behrii (W.H. Edwards) 
      Type locality is within the park.
____ California Dogface Zerene eurydice (Boisduval)


Coppers: Subfamily Lycaeninae

____ Tailed Copper Lycaena arota (Boisduval)
____ American Copper Lycaena phlaeas (Linnaeus)
____ Lustrous Copper Lycaena cupreus (W.H. Edwards)
____ Great Copper Lycaena xanthoides (Boisduval)
____ Edith's Copper Lycaena editha (Mead)
____ Ruddy Copper Lycaena rubidus (Behr)
____ Blue Copper Lycaena heteronea (Boisduval)
____ Lilac-bordered Copper Lycaena nivalis (Boisduval)
____ Mariposa Copper Lycaena mariposa (Reakirt)

Hairstreaks: Subfamily Theclinae

____ Golden Hairstreak Habrodais grunus (Boisduval)
____ Great Purple Hairstreak Atlides halesus (Cramer)
____ California Hairstreak Satyrium californica (W.H. Edwards)
____ Sylvan Hairstreak Satyrium sylvinus (Boisduval)
____ Hedgerow Hairstreak Satyrium saepium (Boisduval)
____*Sheridan's Hairstreak Callophrys sheridanii (W.H. Edwards). 
      Type locality of subspecies lemberti Tilden is crest of Tioga Pass.
____ Thicket Hairstreak Callophrys spinetorum (Hewitson)
____ Nelson's Hairstreak Callophrys nelsoni (Boisduval)
____ Brown Elfin Callophrys augustinus (W. Kirby)
____ Western Pine Elfin Callophrys eryphon (Boisduval)
____ Gray Hairstreak Strymon melinus (Hubner)

Blues: Subfamily Polyommatinae

____ Western Pygmy-Blue Brephidium exile (Scudder)
____ Reakirt's Blue Hemiargus isola (Reakirt)
____ Marine Blue Leptotes marina (Reakirt)
____ Eastern Tailed-Blue Everes comyntas (Godart)
____ Western Tailed-Blue Everes amyntula (Boisduval)
____ Spring Azure Celastrina ladon (Cramer)
____ Western Square-dotted Blue Euphilotes battoides (Behr)
____ Pacific Dotted-Blue Euphilotes enoptes (Boisduval)
____ Arrowhead Blue Glaucopsyche piasus (Boisduval)
____ Silvery Blue Glaucopsyche lygdamus (Doubleday)
____ Northern Blue Lycaeides idas (Linnaeus)
____ Melissa Blue Lycaeides melissa (W.H. Edwards)
____ Greenish Blue Plebejus saepiolus (Boisduval)
____ Boisduval's Blue Icaricia icarioides (Boisduval)
____ Shasta Blue Icaricia shasta (W.H. Edwards)
____ Acmon Blue Icaricia acmon (Westwood and Hewitson)
____ Lupine Blue Icaricia lupini (Boisduval)
____*Sierra Nevada Blue Agriades podarce (C. Felder and R. Felder). 
      Type locality is headwaters of the Tuolumne River within the park.
____ Cassiope Blue Agriades cassiope (Emmel and Emmel)

____*Mormon Metalmark Apodemia mormo (C. Felder & R. Felder). 
      Type locality of subspecies tuolumnensis Opler and Powell is Grand 
      Canyon of the Tuolumne.


Longwings and fritillaries: Subfamily Heliconiinae

____ Great Spangled Fritillary Speyeria cybele (Fabricius)
____ Zerene Fritillary Speyeria zerene (Boisduval)
____ Great Basin Fritillary Speyeria egleis (Behr)
____ Northwestern Fritillary Speyeria hesperis (W.H. Edwards)
____ Hydaspe Fritillary Speyeria hydaspe (Boisduval)
____ Mormon Fritillary Speyeria mormonia (Boisduval)
____ Pacific Fritillary Boloria epithore (W.H. Edwards)

Brushfoots: Subfamily Nymphalinae

____ Leanira Checkerspot Thessalia leanira (C. and R. Felder)
____ Northern Checkerspot Chlosyne palla (Boisduval)
____ Rockslide Checkerspot Chlosyne whitneyi (Behr)
____ Hoffmann's Checkerspot Chlosyne hoffmannii (Behr)
____ Field Crescent Phyciodes pratensis (Behr)
____ California Crescent Phyciodes orseis (W.H. Edwards)
____ Mylitta Crescent Phyciodes mylitta (W.H. Edwards)
____ Variable Checkerspot Euphydryas chalcedona (Doubleday)
____*Edith's Checkerspot Euphydryas editha (Boisduval). 
      Type locality of subspecies nubigena (Behr) is within the park.
____ Satyr Comma Polygonia satyrus (W.H. Edwards)
____ Green Comma Polygonia faunus (W.H. Edwards)
____ Hoary Comma Polygonia gracilis (Grote and Robinson)
____ California Tortoiseshell Nymphalis californica (Boisduval)
____ Mourning Cloak Nymphalis antiopa (Linnaeus)
____ Milbert's Tortoiseshell Nymphalis milberti (Godart)
____ Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta (Linnaeus)
____ American Lady Vanessa virginiensis (Drury)
____ Painted Lady Vanessa cardui (Linnaeus)
____ West Coast Lady Vanessa annabella (Field)
____ Common Buckeye Junonia coenia (Hubner)

Admirals and relatives: Subfamily Limenitidinae

____ Lorquin's Admiral Limenitis lorquini (Boisduval)
____ California Sister Adelpha bredowii (Geyer)

Satyrs and Woodnymphs: Subfamily Satyrinae

____ Great Basin Wood-Nymph Cercyonis sthenele (Boisduval)
____ Small Wood-Nymph Cercyonis oetus (Boisduval)
____ Chryxus Arctic Oeneis chryxus (Doubleday and Hewitson)

Royalty: Subfamily Danainae

____ Monarch Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus)

THE SKIPPERS: Superfamily Hesperioidea, Family Hesperiidae

Spread-wing Skippers, Pyrgines: Subfamily Pyrginae
____ Silver-spotted Skipper Epargyreus clarus (Cramer) 
____ Western Cloudywing Thorybes diversus (Bell)
____ Mexican Cloudywing Thorybes mexicanus (Herrich-Schaffer)
____ Propertius Duskywing Erynnis propertius (Scudder and Burgess)
____ Pacuvius Duskywing Erynnis pacuvius (Lintner)
____ Persius Duskywing Erynnis persius (Scudder)
____ Two-banded Checkered-Skipper Pyrgus ruralis (Boisduval)
____ Common Checkered-Skipper Pyrgus communis (Grote)

Grass Skippers: Subfamily Hesperiinae

____ Juba Skipper Hesperia juba (Scudder)
____ Western Branded Skipper Hesperia colorado (Scudder)
____ Sierra Skipper Hesperia miriamae (MacNeill)
____ Sandhill Skipper Polites sabuleti (Boisduval)
____ Sonoran Skipper Polites sonora (Scudder)
____ Woodland Skipper Ochlodes sylvanoides (Boisduval)
____ Rural Skipper Ochlodes agricola (Boisduval)
____ Common Roadside-Skipper Amblyscirtes vialis (W.H. Edwards)

Indefinite or questionable records

____ Western Sulphur Colias occidentalis (Scudder)
____ Dainty Sulphur Nathalis iole (Boisduval)

Garth, John S. and J.W. Tilden. 1963. Yosemite butterflies. An ecological survey 
	of the butterflies of the Yosemite sector of the Sierra Nevada, 
	California. Journal of the Research on the Lepidoptera 2: 1-95.

Opler, Paul A. 1999. Peterson field guide to western butterflies. Houghton-Mifflin 
	Co., Boston, 540 pp. 

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