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Caterpillars of Eastern Forests

Tiger Moths (Family Arctiidae)

The tiger moths include many of the familiar caterpillars found wandering about gardens and over roads in the fall. These densely hairy caterpillars tend to be conspicuous in both coloration and habit. The hairlike setae typically bear numerous minute barbs (visible with a hand lens) and may be grouped into lashes or fascicles. Dense body hair may be absent in the algae and lichen-feeding species and Utetheisa—the former possess stout barbed spines and an anal comb that is used to flick frass away from the feeding site. Most tiger moth caterpillars have crochets arranged in a linear series with the outermost ones reduced in size (figure 4). The thoracic claws may possess subtending spatulate setae. Most forest species are broadly polyphagous, consuming leaves of a wide range of trees, shrubs, and low growing plants.

Caterpillar Thumbnail
Scarlet-singed Lichen Moth
(Hypoprepia ?miniata)
Caterpillar Thumbnail
Fall Webworm
(Hyphantria cunea)
Caterpillar Thumbnail
Yellow Bear
(Spilosoma virginica)
[Virginian Tiger Moth]
Caterpillar Thumbnail
Woolly Bear
(Pyrrharctica isabella)
[Isabella Tiger Moth]
Caterpillar Thumbnail
Giant Leopard Moth
(Ecpantheria scribonia)
Caterpillar Thumbnail
Pale Tussock Moth
(Halysidota tessellaris)
[Banded Tussock Moth]
Caterpillar Thumbnail
Hickory Tussock Moth
(Lophocampa caryae)
Caterpillar Thumbnail
Spotted Tussock Moth
(Lophocampa maculata)

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