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Checklist of Amphibian Species and Identification Guide

Woodhouse's Toad, Bufo woodhousii

Female Woodhouse's Toad Male Woodhouse's Toad calling
The Woodhouse's Toad is a fairly large toad attaining lengths greater than 4 inches. Above is a female and a calling male from Theodore Roosevelt N.P. in North Dakota. They usually have a light line running middorsally down their back, but Woodhouse's Toad really doesn't have any distinguishing markings. So if you catch a toad that may be a Woodhouse's toad the best way to proceed is to first determine what it can't be.
In the east Woodhouse's Toad could be confused with the American Toad, but the belly of Woodhouse's Toad is usually without dark spots as in the photo to the left. The cranial crests also touch the parotid glands as shown in the diagram. Fowler's Toad is also very similar, but it usually has three or more warts in its largest spots. Males have throats that are darker than the rest of the belly; the individual to the left is a female.
belly of Woodhouse's Toad Like most toads, they are most active at night and will be able to be found in the evenings towards the end of sunset. They will be most active when it is misty or rainy and during the breeding period which is from March - July, depending on locality, and usually during or after rains. Often times you can find them around buildings foraging under lights that attract insects. They frequent a great variety of habitats, but seem to prefer sandy areas. There is much variablity in pattern as the photos below show.
close-up of Woodhouse's Toad Woodhouse's Toad
Woodhouse's Toad Woodhouse's Toad Woodhouse's Toad on rock
There are a few different subspecies of the Woodhouse's Toad; the Southwestern Woodhouse's Toad, B. w. australis; the Rocky Mountain or Western Woodhouse's Toad, B. w. woodhousii; and the East Texas Toad, B. w. velatus. All of the above specimens are of B. w. woodhousii.
Bufo woodhousii range

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