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Presettlement Wildlife and Habitat of Montana:
An Overview

Presettlement Habitat and Wildlife Literature

Section 4.  A listing of books, papers, and documents pertaining to presettlement habitat and wildlife of Montana and adjacent lands.

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     Villages.  He did not reach Montana but journal has natural history 

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Bailey, B.  1913.  Some winter notes from the Bitterroot Valley, Montana.  
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Bailey, B. 1913.  Some spring notes from the Bitterroot Valley, Montana.  
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Bailey, V.  1926.  A biological survey of North Dakota.  USDA Bur. Biol. 
     Surv. North American Fauna, 49:1-226.  [Despite the late publication 
     date, Bailey has assembled numerous observations of wildlife dating 
     to presettlement times.  He provides considerable detail of the 
     current and past wildlife situation in western North Dakota.]

Bailey, V.,  W.B. Bell, and M.A. Brannon.  1914.  Preliminary report on 
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     series of annual reports of ongoing U.S. explorations, continued in 
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     Beckwourth's travels in the Rocky Mountain west and California from  
     1823-1850.  Although Beckwourth spent a considerable portion of his 
     time with Crow Indians in the Yellowstone drainage basin, there is 
     very little natural history information.   Many of Beckwourth's 
     accounts of events do not agree with other observer's accounts 
     leading most modern historians to view his autobiography with 

Old Fort Benton, Montana: early fur trading post with Blackfoot Indians 
     and head of navigation on the Missouri River.  Ye Galleon Press. 
     1975.  31 pp.  [A general history of Fort Benton with some 
     information on bison hides traded.]

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     reference to their breeding habits and eggs.  Special Bull. No. 1.  
     U.S. National Mus.

Bendire, C.E.  1895.  Life histories of North American birds from the 
     parrots to the grackles with special reference to their breeding 
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     two papers by Bendire contain many references to Montana localities 
     that are not published elsewhere.]

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Blankinship, J.W.  1905.  A century of botanical exploration in Montana.  
     Montana Agricultural College Scientific Studies 1:3-31. [This is a 
     major publication summarizing botanical exploration in Montana.  The 
     paper includes an account of 19th century plant collectors and 
     collections from Montana and bibliography of published accounts of 
     Montana plants.]

Blankinship, J.W.  1905.  Supplement to the flora of Montana.  Montana 
     Agricultural College Scientific Studies 1:33-109.

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Brackenridge, H.N.  1814.  Views of Louisiana. Together with a journal of 
     a voyage up the Missouri River, in 1811.  Quadrangle Books, Inc.  [This
     book contains a historic description of Louisiana and a synthesis of 
     available information on native people, geography, and wildlife of 
     the region.  It also contains Brackenridge's journal of his trip up 
     the Missouri River to the Mandan Villages.  Although he did not enter 
     Montana, the journal has an excellent account of wildlife and habitat 
     along the Missouri River.]

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     some natural history information for Broadwater county and is 
     available at the Townsend museum.]

Brown, M.H.  1969.  The plainsmen of the Yellowstone: A history of the 
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     [An excellent account of exploration of the Yellowstone River.  
     Contains some natural history information.]

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Burpee, Lawrence J. ed. Pathfinders of the great plains; a 	chronicle of 
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     LaVerendrye's trip to the Bighorn Mountains in 1742-43 but does not 
     include natural history information.]

Burpee, Lawrence J. ed.  An adventurer from Hudson bay. Journal of Matthew 
     Cocking, from York Factory to the Blackfeet country, 1772-73.  Royal 
     Soc. of Canada.  [Although Cocking did not enter Montana (closest 
     approach S. Fork Saskatchewan River), his journal is extremely 
     valuable for early natural history information and includes comments 
     from Indians on his natural history observations.]

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     expedition.  Michigan State Univ. Press.  East Lansing.  [A thorough 
     documentation of the natural history aspects of the expedition.]
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     original records for Montana.  Cooke produced 24 similar publications 
     between 1903-1916 dealing with North American birds.  His other major 
     publication is listed below. Saunders (1921) contains a complete 
     listing of Cooke's papers.]

Cooke, W. W.  1910.  Distribution and migration of North American 
     shorebirds.  G.P.O. Bulletin - U.S. Biological Survey #35. 100 pp.  
     [This book gives specific breeding and wintering areas, and migrating 
     and nesting dates.  Many citations pertain to Montana but the sources 
     of the citations are not listed.]

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     things, Coues notes that they scavenged extensively on bison 

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     Missouri River but contains little natural history information.]

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     the fur trade in northwest Montana but contains little natural 
     history information.]

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     northeastern Montana and western Dakotas.]

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