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Stoneflies of the United States

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Subfamily Brachypteryinae
NoAct NoPic Smoky Willowfly (Bolotoperla rossi)
NoAct NoPic Western Willowfly (Doddsia occidentalis)
NoAct NoPic Dark Willowfly (Oemopteryx contorta)
NoAct NoPic Saskatoon Willowfly (Oemopteryx fosketti)
NoAct NoPic Canadian Willowfly (Oemopteryx glacialis)
NoAct NoPic Alpine Willowfly (Oemopteryx vanduzeea)
NoAct NoPic Appalachian Willowfly (Strophopteryx appalachia)
NoAct NoPic Arkansas Willowfly (Strophopteryx arkansae)
NoAct NoPic Kiamichi Willowfly (Strophopteryx cucullata)
NoAct NoPic Mottled Willowfly (Strophopteryx fasciata)
NoAct NoPic Newfound Willowfly (Strophopteryx limata)
NoAct NoPic Atlantic Willowfly (Taenionema atlanticum)
NoAct NoPic California Willowfly (Taenionema californicum)
NoAct NoPic Angeles Willowfly (Taenionema grinnelli)
NoAct NoPic Southwest Willowfly (Taenionema jacobii)
NoAct NoPic Columbia Willowfly (Taenionema jewetti)
NoAct NoPic Pale Willowfly (Taenionema kincaidi)
NoAct NoPic Oregon Willowfly (Taenionema oregonense)
NoAct NoPic Pacific Willowfly (Taenionema pacificum)
NoAct NoPic Common Willowfly (Taenionema pallidum)
NoAct NoPic Yosemite Willowfly (Taenionema raynorium)
NoAct NoPic Unita Willowfly (Taenionema uinta)
NoAct NoPic Umatilla Willowfly (Taenionema umatilla)
Subfamily Taeniopteryginae
NoAct NoPic Eastern Willowfly (Taeniopteryx burksi)
NoAct NoPic Small Willowfly (Taeniopteryx lita)
NoAct NoPic Honeysuckle Willowfly (Taeniopteryx lonicera)
NoAct NoPic Spinyleg Willowfly (Taeniopteryx maura)
NoAct NoPic Shortwing Willowfly (Taeniopteryx metequi)
NoAct NoPic Cryptic Willowfly (Taeniopteryx nelsoni)
NoAct NoPic Boreal Willowfly (Taeniopteryx nivalis)
NoAct NoPic Hooked Willowfly (Taeniopteryx parvula)
NoAct NoPic Savannah Willowfly (Taeniopteryx robinae)
NoAct NoPic Texas Willowfly (Taeniopteryx starki)
NoAct NoPic Cumberland Willowfly (Taeniopteryx ugola)

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