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Stoneflies of the United States

Stoneflies of New Mexico

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Subfamily Capniinae
NoAct NoPic California Snowfly (Capnia californica)
NoAct NoPic Widespread Snowfly (Capnia confusa)
NoAct NoPic Shortbeak Snowfly (Capnia decepta)
NoAct NoPic Slender Snowfly (Capnia gracilaria)
NoAct NoPic Belly Snowfly (Capnia vernalis)
NoAct NoPic Southwest Snowfly (Capnura fibula)
NoAct NoPic Rare Snowfly (Capnura wanica)
NoAct NoPic Shorttailed Snowfly (Eucapnopsis brevicauda)
NoAct NoPic Vedder Snowfly (Isocapnia vedderensis)
NoAct NoPic Arizona Snowfly (Mesocapnia arizonensis)
NoAct NoPic Plains Snowfly (Mesocapnia frisoni)
NoAct NoPic Sabino Snowfly (Mesocapnia werneri)
NoAct NoPic Logan Snowfly (Utacapnia logana)
NoAct NoPic Gunnison Snowfly (Utacapnia poda)

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Subfamily Leuctrinae
NoAct NoPic Western Needlefly (Paraleuctra occidentalis)
NoAct NoPic Spruce Needlefly (Paraleuctra rickeri)
NoAct NoPic Summit Needlefly (Paraleuctra vershina)
NoAct NoPic Utah Needlefly (Perlomyia utahensis)

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Subfamily Amphinemurinae
NoAct NoPic Mogollon Forestfly (Amphinemura mogollonica)
NoAct NoPic Colorado Forestfly (Malenka coloradensis)
NoAct NoPic Twisted Forestfly (Malenka flexura)
Subfamily Nemourinae
NoAct NoPic Delicate Forestfly (Podmosta delicatula)
NoAct NoPic Banded Forestfly (Prostoia besametsa)
NoAct NoPic Common Forestfly (Zapada cinctipes)
NoAct NoPic Frigid Forestfly (Zapada frigida)
NoAct NoPic Intermountain Forestfly (Zapada haysi)

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Subfamily Brachypteryinae
NoAct NoPic Western Willowfly (Doddsia occidentalis)
NoAct NoPic Southwest Willowfly (Taenionema jacobii)
NoAct NoPic Pacific Willowfly (Taenionema pacificum)
NoAct NoPic Common Willowfly (Taenionema pallidum)
Subfamily Taeniopteryginae
NoAct NoPic Boreal Willowfly (Taeniopteryx nivalis)
NoAct NoPic Hooked Willowfly (Taeniopteryx parvula)

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Subfamily Chloroperlinae
NoAct NoPic Margined Sallfly (Plumiperla diversa)
NoAct NoPic Yellow Sallfly (Suwallia pallidula)
NoAct NoPic Boreal Sallfly (Sweltsa borealis)
NoAct NoPic Colorado Sallfly (Sweltsa coloradensis)
NoAct NoPic Taos Sallfly (Sweltsa hondo)
NoAct NoPic Rheocrene Sallfly (Sweltsa lamba)
NoAct NoPic Rough Sallfly (Triznaka pintada)
Subfamily Paraperlinae
NoAct NoPic Striped Sallfly (Triznaka signata)
NoAct NoPic Hyporheic Sallfly (Paraperla frontalis)

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Subfamily Acroneuriinae
NoAct NoPic Golden Stone (Hesperoperla pacifica)
Subfamily Perlinae
NoAct NoPic Coastal Stone (Neoperla clymene)
NoAct NoPic Shortwing Stone (Claassenia sabulosa)

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Subfamily Isoperlinae
NoAct NoPic Western Stripetail (Isoperla fulva)
NoAct NoPic Plains Stripetail (Isoperla longiseta)
NoAct NoPic Mormon Stripetail (Isoperla mormona)
NoAct NoPic Rockies Stripetail (Isoperla phalerata)
NoAct NoPic Fivespot Stripetail (Isoperla quinquepunctata)
NoAct NoPic Colorado Stripetail (Isoperla sobria)
Subfamily Perlodinae
NoAct NoPic Larimide Springfly (Megarcys signata)
NoAct NoPic American Springfly (Skwala americana)
NoAct NoPic Summer Springfly (Cultus aestivalis)
NoAct NoPic Sickle Springfly (Kogotus modestus)
NoAct NoPic Nearctic Springfly (Diura knowltoni)
NoAct NoPic Elongate Springfly (Isogenoides elongatus)
NoAct NoPic Zion Springfly (Isogenoides zionensis)

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Subfamily Pteronarcyinae
NoAct NoPic Least Salmonfly (Pteronarcella badia)
NoAct NoPic Giant Salmonfly (Pteronarcys californica)

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