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Stoneflies of the United States

Stoneflies of Georgia

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Subfamily Leuctrinae
NoAct NoPic Blackwater Needlefly (Leuctra moha)

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Subfamily Amphinemurinae
NoAct NoPic Appalachian Forestfly (Amphinemura appalachia)

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Subfamily Taeniopteryginae
NoAct NoPic Eastern Willowfly (Taeniopteryx burksi)
NoAct NoPic Honeysuckle Willowfly (Taeniopteryx lonicera)
NoAct NoPic Spinyleg Willowfly (Taeniopteryx maura)
NoAct NoPic Hooked Willowfly (Taeniopteryx parvula)
NoAct NoPic Cumberland Willowfly (Taeniopteryx ugola)

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Subfamily Chloroperlinae
NoAct NoPic Atlantic Sallfly (Alloperla atlantica)
NoAct NoPic Ozark Sallfly (Alloperla caudata)
NoAct NoPic Triangular Sallfly (Alloperla chloris)
NoAct NoPic Vernal Sallfly (Alloperla idei)
NoAct NoPic Appalachian Sallfly (Alloperla usa)
NoAct NoPic Least Sallfly (Haploperla brevis)
NoAct NoPic York Sallfly (Suwallia marginata)
NoAct NoPic Curved Sallfly (Sweltsa lateralis)

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Subfamily Peltoperlinae
NoAct NoPic Southeastern Roachfly (Tallaperla cornelia)
NoAct NoPic Yellow Roachfly (Tallaperla laurie)
NoAct NoPic Common Roachfly (Tallaperla maria)

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Subfamily Acroneuriinae
NoAct NoPic Common Stone (Acroneuria abnormis)
NoAct NoPic Eastern Stone (Acroneuria arenosa)
NoAct NoPic Elegant Stone (Acroneuria arida)
NoAct NoPic Constricted Stone (Acroneuria evoluta)
NoAct NoPic Illinois Stone (Acroneuria filicis)
NoAct NoPic Lobed Stone (Acroneuria internata)
NoAct NoPic Enigmatic Stone (Acroneuria perplexa)
NoAct NoPic Etowah Stone (Acroneuria petersi)
NoAct NoPic Georgia Stone (Beloneuria georgiana)
NoAct NoPic Freckled Stone (Perlesta placida)
NoAct NoPic Striped Stone (Perlinella drymo)
NoAct NoPic Vernal Stone (Perlinella ephyre)
Subfamily Perlinae
NoAct NoPic Coastal Stone (Neoperla clymene)
NoAct NoPic Midwestern Stone (Agnetina flavescens)
NoAct NoPic Beautiful Stone (Paragnetina immarginata)
NoAct NoPic Pallid Stone (Paragnetina kansensis)

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Subfamily Isoperlinae
NoAct NoPic Clio Stripetail (Clioperla clio)
NoAct NoPic Smokies Stripetail (Isoperla bellona)
Subfamily Perlodinae
NoAct NoPic Southern Springfly (Cultus decisus isolatus)
NoAct NoPic Two-lobed Springfly (Diploperla duplicata)
NoAct NoPic Georgia Springfly (Remenus duffieldi)
NoAct NoPic Masked Springfly (Helopicus bogaloosa)
NoAct NoPic Brownwater Springfly (Hydroperla phormidia)

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Subfamily Pteronarcyinae
NoAct NoPic Carolina Salmonfly (Pteronarcys scotti)

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