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Managing Habitat for Grassland Birds
A Guide for Wisconsin

Table 3.  Management priority of grassland birds in Wisconsin, ranked in order from highest management concern to lowest. Species of management concern are in bold.

Scorea Speciesb Wisconsin Status Partners in Flight Watch List Speciesc USFWS Region 3 Species of Management Concernd Adequately

81 Henslow's sparrow state-threatened GIF-Star GIF-Star no
78.5 Bobolink special concern f GIF-Star GIF-Star yes
71 Nelson's sharp-tailed sparrow special concern GIF-Star   no
71 Yellow rail state-threatened   GIF-Star no
71 Loggerhead shrike state-endangered GIF-Star GIF-Star no
70 Lark sparrow special concern GIF-Star GIF-Star no
69.5 Grasshopper sparrow special concern GIF-Star GIF-Star yes
69.5 Red-headed sparrow special concern GIF-Star GIF-Star yes
69 Field sparrow special concern GIF-Star GIF-Star yes
68 Eastern meadowlark special concern   GIF-Star yes
67.5 Savannah sparrow       yes
67 Sedge wren     GIF-Star no
67 Vesper sparrow special concern     yes
66.5 Western meadowlark special concern     yes
66 Upland sandpiper special concern   GIF-Star yes
66 Wilson's phalarope special concern     no
65.5 Bell's vireo state-threatened GIF-Star GIF-Star no
64.5 Dickcissel special concern GIF-Star GIF-Star no
64 Greater prairie-chicken state-threatened     yes
64 Short-eared owl special concern GIF-Star GIF-Star no
64 Orchard oriole special concern GIF-Star   yes
63 Blue-winged teal special concern     yes
62.5 Le Conte's sparrow special concern     no
61.5 Clay-colored sparrow   GIF-Star   no
61 Sharp-tailed grouse special concern     no
60.5 Common nighthawk       no
60 Northern harrier special concern   GIF-Star yes
59.5 Swamp sparrow       no
59.5 Willow flycatcher       yes
57.5 Ring-necked pheasant       yes
57.5 Eastern kingbird       yes
57 Gray partridge       yes
56 Northern bobwhite       yes
55 Brown-headed cowbird       yes
54 Brewer's blackbird       yes
54 Barn owl state-endangered   GIF-Star no
53 Green-winged teal       no
52 Northern pintail       no
52 Common grackle       yes
51.5 Common yellowthroat       yes
51 American goldfinch       yes
50.5 Eastern bluebird       no
50.5 Red-winged blackbird       yes
49.5 American wigeon special concern     no
49 Alder flycatcher       yes
48.5 Horned lark       yes
48.5 Northern shoveler       no
47 Killdeer       yes
47 Song sparrow       yes
46.5 Gadwall       no
45.5 American kestrel       yes
45.5 Cattle egret special concern     no
45.5 Barn swallow       yes
37 Red-tailed hawk       yes
33 Mourning dove       yes
32 Mallard       yes

a Scores are based on these criteria; the maximum score possible is 102.5. See Sample (1995) for a description of how scores were calculated.
b Same species as in Table 1.
c See Carter et al. (1996).
d See Office of Migratory Bird Management (1995).
e i.e., is species currently adequately monitored by existing programs such as BBS, Wisconsin Checklist Project, and DNR surveys. See Robbins et al. (1996) for a discussion of adquate monitoring.
f Special concern status denotes species about which some problem with abundance or distribution is suspected. This category is intended to focus attention on certain species before they become threatened or endangered.
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