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Managing Predation to Increase Production of Wetland Birds

15-17 August 1990
Jamestown, North Dakota

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North Dakota Chapter of the Wildlife Society
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This resource is based on the following source:
National Biological Survey.  1990.  Symposium:  Managing predation to increase
     production of wetland birds.  15-17 August 1990, Jamestown, North Dakota.
     Abstracts.  Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, North Dakota
     Chapter of the Wildlife Society, North Dakota Game and Fish Department,
     U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
     Region 6, Ducks Unlimited.  70pp.
This resource should be cited as:
National Biological Survey.  1990.  Symposium:  Managing predation to increase
     production of wetland birds.  15-17 August 1990, Jamestown, North Dakota.
     Abstracts.  Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, North Dakota
     Chapter of the Wildlife Society, North Dakota Game and Fish Department,
     U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
     Region 6, Ducks Unlimited.  Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 20JAN99).

Oral Presentations

A Review of Predation Management for Wetland Birds in North America
Erik K. Fritzell

Experiments Controlling Nest Predation by Reducing the Density of Nest Predators of Gamebirds in Europe (with Special Reference to Gray Partridge and Mallard)
G. R. Potts

Predator Control in Wildlife Management: A Reexamination
Edward P. Hill

Predation and Habitats: Management by Results
Kenneth F. Higgins

Understanding the Dynamic Nature of Waterfowl Nest Predation: A Novel Approach
Steven M. Byers, Robert L. Crabtree, and Ronald C. Gatti

Effects of Habitat and Predator Manipulations on Breeding Success of Prairie Ducks: A Review of Hypothesis and the Evidence
Robert G. Clark and Thomas D. Nudds

Effects of Habitat and Predator Manipulations on Prairie Ducks: Management by Experimentation
Thomas D. Nudds and Robert G. Clark

Predator Control for Whooping Crane and Sandhill Crane Production at Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Idaho
Roderick C. Drewien and Stephen H. Bouffard

Predator Control to Enhance Sandhill Crane Production at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Gary L. Ivey, David G. Paullin,and Carroll D. Littlefield

Protection of Endangered Species on the California Coast
Michael D. Silbernagle, Richard Zembal, and Esther E. Burkett

New Developments in Humane Traps and Trapping Methods
Gilbert Proulx

The Pathological Responses of Red Foxes to Capture in Foothold Traps and Box Traps
P. J. White, Terry J. Kreeger, Ulysses S. Seal, and John R. Tester

An Integrated Mechanical Trapping Program for Reducing Populations of Nest Predators
Major L. Boddicker

Efficient Predator Management on Waterfowl Production Areas
Jon D. Kauffeld

Predator Management in Western Minnesota
Kevin J. Brennan

Response of Breeding Canvasbacks to Nest-fencing and a Reduction in Mammalian Egg Predation
Michael G. Anderson and Robert Emery

Effects of Skunk Control on Duck Nest Success in Western Montana
Nathan E. Hall and I. J. Ball

Effects of Predator Control on Island-nesting Mallards in the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge
Robert B. Dahlgren and John F. Wetzel

An Evaluation of Seasonal Predator Removal on Duck Nest Success on Waterfowl Production Areas in Minnesota and North Dakota
Alan B. Sargeant and Marsh A. Sovada

Avian Predator Removal and Duck Nest Success in Central Alberta
D. Edward Hofman and Ken J. Lungle

Brown Bear Predation on Dusky Canada Geese and the Results of an Experimental Reduction of Brown Bear Numbers
Bruce H. Campbell

Response of Aleutian Canada Geese and Other Ground-nesting Birds in the Aleutian Islands to the Removal of Introduced Arctic Fox
George V. Byrd and Edgar P. Bailey

Eider Farming and Predator Management in Iceland
Páll Hersteinsson

Arctic Fox Control Improves Productivity of Arctic Nesting Geese
R. Michael Anthony, Paul L. Flint, and James S. Sedinger

Types of Predation on Waterfowl and Their Management on the Coast of Shanghai, China
Shi Ming and Lu Jianjian

Effectiveness of Predator-proof Nest Exclosures to Increase Piping Plover Nesting Success
Irvin W. Ailes

The Red Fox as a Regulating Factor for Breeding Shorebird Populations in South Sweden
Paul E. Jönsson

Electric Fences Reduce Mammalian Predation on Piping Plover Nests and Chicks
Paul M. Mayer and Mark R. Ryan

Use of Exclosures to Protect Small Ground-nesting Birds
Gary N. Corbett

Developing a Strategy of Predator Control for the Protection of the California Least Tern: A Case History
Peter H. Butchko and Maynard A. Small

The Use of Estrogen-treated Eggs to Reduce Egg Predation by Raccoons
Brad Semel and Lowell K. Nicolaus

Reducing Egg Predation with Estrogen-based Conditioned Taste Aversion
Lowell K. Nicolaus José Herrera, and Janis C. Nicolaus

Effectiveness of Ro-Pel in Repelling Predators from Artificial Nests
Daniel R. Spuhler

Reduced Avian Nest Predation Through the Use of the Avicide DRC-1339
Thomas L. Carlsen, Jeffrey T. Herbert, and Robert L. Eng

Registration of Chemical Agents for Managing Predation
Kathleen A. Fagerstone

Reducing Predation on Duck Nests Using Fences and Baskets
Kimbal H. Eskowich and David C. Duncan

Duck Brood Movements Delayed by Predator Exclosures
Gary L. Krapu, Pamela J. Pietz, and Carmen R. Luna

Effects of Predator Exclusion and Removal on Duck Production in Iowa
Ronald D. Andrews, James L. Hansen, Theodore G. LaGrange, and Alan W. Hancock

Using Electric Fences and Moats to Protect Waterfowl Nests on Peninsulas
John T. Lokemoen and Robert O. Woodward

Poster Presentations

Pair Density and Reproductive Performance of Ducks in a Low-predator Environment
I. J. Ball and Robert L. Eng

Does Removal of Skunks and Raccoons Increase Duck Nesting Success: Case Reports for Two Montana National Wildlife Refuges
Stephen J. Martin

Increased Nest Success with Predator Management at Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge
James A. Gallagher and Erwin E. Klaas

Predator Responses to Treatment Locations of Wood Duck Nest Boxes
Jackie L. Henne and Edward P. Hill

Comparison of Historical and Recent Prairie Waterfowl Nesting Data to Determine Trends in Nest Success
Wendy D. Beauchamp and Thomas D. Nudds

Effects of Predator Removal and Gull Control at a Breeding Site for Piping Plover and Common Terns in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota
Stephen J. Maxson and Katherine V. Haws

Current and Potential Chemical Methods for Controlling Predation on Waterfowl
Peter J. Savarie, Guy E. Connally, Kathleen A. Fagerstone, and Stan E. Gaddis

Managing Predators and Increasing Waterfowl Production on Ducks Unlimited Projects
Frank X. Kartch and Rick A. Warhurst

Physical Barriers and Predator Control Activities for Protecting California Least Terns
Esther E. Burkett, Michael D. Silbernagle, and Richard Zembal

Egg Predation, Home Range, and Habitat Selection of American Crows in a Waterfowl Breeding Area
Brian D. Sullivan and James J. Dinsmore

Predation by Ermine and Long-tailed Weasels on Duck Eggs
Joseph P. Fleskes

The Effectiveness of Nos. 120 and 220 Conibear Traps for Small Mammals
Edward P. Hill

Distribution and Abundance of Predators That Affect Duck Production: The Prairie Pothole Region
Alan B. Sargeant, Raymond J. Greenwood, and Marsha A. Sovada

Nesting Ring-necked Ducks in Minnesota: Success and Failure
Robert T. Eberhardt and Mark L. Sperry

Development of an Apparent Conditioned Taste Aversion in Predators Fed Estrogen in Eggs
Lyle E. Nauman, Lowell K. Nicholas, and Leroy R. Petersen

Reproductive Inhibition and Mortality in Penned Skunks Fed Estradiol
Lyle E. Nauman

The Use of Artificial Nests as an Index of Nest Success in Ground Nesting Ducks
Victoria L. Kurnat and I. J. Ball

Strychnine: Field Efficacy Study with Eggs on Franklin's Ground Squirrel
George M. Matschke, Paul L. Hegdal, and Keith J. Andrews

Communicating Wildlife Research and Management Activities: Publications from Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, and the North Dakota Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Ann S. Zimmerman, Debra J. Rova, and Steven P. Donovon

Assessment of Habitat and Predator Management for Upland Nesting Game Birds Near High Desert Marshes in California
M. Robert McLandress and David S. Zezulak

Mutualism, Mice, and Mallards: Relationships of Ground Nesting Birds in the Uplands of California
M. Robert McLandress

Use of Foreshore Acacia nilotica Stands by Migratory Waterfowl in the Tanks of Bangalore, India: A Habitat Manipulation Prospect
S. Subramanya

The Chase Lake Prairie Project in North Dakota
Gregory E. Siekaniec and J. Michael Callow

Island Predator Removal Efforts at J. Clark Salyer National Wildlife Refuge, 1985-89
William J. Berg

Predator Management: Success and Failure in the Devils Lake Area, North Dakota
Gary L. Huschle and Douglas A. Leschisin

Canvasback Duckling Mortality: The Agassiz Story
Carl E. Korschgen, Kevin P. Kenow, and William L. Green

Overwater Nest Structures for Ducks and Geese
Harold A. Doty and Anthony H. Rondeau

Management of Riparian Habitats to Increase Duck Nest Success in Southern Alberta
Tomasz P. Sankowski

Scent Station Surveys in Minnesota with Reference to Predator Management
William E. Berg

An Experimental Fox Snaring/Trapping Program on Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge
Fred G. Giese, John Lalor, and Harris Hoistad

The Use of DRC-1339 Treated Eggs Attached to Elevated Platforms for Raven Control in the Mojave Desert of California
John Maestrelli and Peter H. Butchko

The Application of Chemical Vasectomy Agents to Control Populations of Wildlife
Bob R. Stewart

Note:The enclosed abstracts were reformatted but otherwise printed as provided by authors except for minor editing for style and syntax. Information contained herein should not be cited without first obtaining author approval.
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