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U.S. Prairie Pothole Joint Venture
Implementation Plan

Appendix A:
PPJV Organization and Responsibilities

The PPJV is one of the original six priority joint ventures of the NAWMP. Success of the PPJV requires the coordinated commitment of both personnel and funds from participating private organizations and State and Federal agencies.

The PPJV is composed of a multi-agency/organization Management Board, five multi-agency/organizations State Action Groups/Steering Committees, a Joint Venture Coordinator and farmers, ranchers, communities, businesses, wildlife organizations and clubs, colleges and universities, school and youth groups, and many concerned citizen conservationists throughout the PPR. Additional agencies, organizations, and individuals are invited to join the PPJV as partners in on-the-ground waterfowl and habitat conservation efforts.


The PPJV Board consists of the following agencies and organizations:

  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
  • North Dakota Game and Fish Department
  • South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Dakota Wildlife Trust
  • Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Wildlife Management Institute
  • Audubon Society
  • Delta Waterfowl Foundation
  • Pheasants Forever

The BOARD provides general oversight and guidance for the joint venture. It is a broad policy making group, interpreting the NAWMP's international goals and objectives into direction and instruction for the PPJV. Specific responsibilities include:

Right Arrow Bullet        Review and take action on committee recommendations
Right Arrow Bullet        Ensure communication and problem resolution among Federal, State, and private PPJV partners
Right Arrow Bullet        Prioritize PPJV and North American Wetlands Conservation Act projects
Right Arrow Bullet        Determine policy and guide implementation of PPJV activities
Right Arrow Bullet        Influence and take action on national and international policy and legislative issues

The CHAIRPERSON of the Board is responsible for organizing regular meetings of the Board, assigning tasks and providing agendas for meetings, facilitating group decision making, and evaluating progress of committees and projects. The Chairperson instructs, coordinates, and participates in the decision-making process of the Board. The Chairperson functions as spokesperson for the PPJV in public relations efforts, particularly at high-level meetings, banquets, and other public gatherings where PPJV efforts will be promoted.

BOARD members are responsible for participating on working committees, participating in State Steering Committees or Action Groups, and for providing up-to-date information and review on PPJV projects. Members assist in bringing new initiatives to the Board, ensure good internal communications on PPJV matters in their respective agencies or organizations, provide assistance on external communications and fund raising, and provide regular feedback and evaluation to their agencies or organizations and to the Board on PPJV activities.


A brief list of responsibilities and strategies for meeting PPJV objectives include, but are not limited to, the following:

The JOINT VENTURE COORDINATOR is responsible for coordinating and directing activities in support of the goals and objectives of the NAWMP and PPJV. The Coordinator ensures the integration of needs, agendas, and activities of all member agencies and organizations of the Board, and provides staff support to the Chairman and other Board members. The Coordinator facilitates the development and implementation of PPJV partnerships at all levels, provides direction and technical assistance, and evaluates, reviews, and approves for Board consideration, planning recommendations and reports. The Coordinator guides, encourages, and stimulates positive action at all levels of the PPJV, and serves as a communication link to NAWMP and other joint ventures.

PPJV STANDING COMMITTEES and AD HOC COMMITTEES are constituted and approved by the Board, and their charges are determined with the assistance of the Coordinator. Standing and Ad Hoc Committees have specific goals and assignments. Additional committees may be formed as the need arises. Current PPJV Standing and Ad Hoc committees include:




The STATE COORDINATOR is responsible for coordinating and directing the activities of the State Action Group or Steering Committee in support of the goals and objectives set forth in the PPJV Implementation Plan and individual State plans. The State Coordinator assists with the organization and implementation of the Action Group or Steering Committee, and provides technical assistance and direction to all partner agencies, organizations and individuals.

The State Coordinator serves as a liaison between the Action Group or Steering Committee and the PPJV Coordinator. The State Coordinator, may, in some cases, be a member of the PPJV Management Board.

The STATE ACTION GROUP/STEERING COMMITTEE is a broad-based entity whose members support the purpose of the NAWMP and the PPJV. Membership includes Federal and state agencies, private conservation organizations, and interested individuals. Members contribute resources (funds and staff) and/or expertise in support of PPJV activities.

The purpose of the State Action Group/Steering Committee is to form a coalition of private, state, and Federal organizations within each state to develop and implement a cooperative effort directed to protect, restore, create, and enhance wetland and associated grassland habitat. Basic strategies will integrate wildlife, agriculture, water development and other land uses into a plan of action on public and private land that will provide long-term benefits to wildlife.

The State Action Group/Steering Committee will:

Right Arrow Bullet        Coordinate wildlife and other resource-based programs to avoid duplication and determine how each specific program can complement others to the benefit of all.
Right Arrow Bullet        Develop, review and submit NAWCA projects to the North American Waterfowl and Wetlands Office.
Right Arrow Bullet        Define, prioritize and quantify, (e.g., numbers of acres, numbers of structures) specific strategies necessary to implement the State Action Plan. Review and update State Action Plans on a 5-year basis.
Right Arrow Bullet        Develop and implement specific habitat protection, restoration, management, and enhancement projects.
Right Arrow Bullet        Facilitate communications on PPJV activities and needs between partners, the media, legislators, Governor and other local and regional officials.
Right Arrow Bullet        Provide the PPJV Board with priority needs including funding and communication products.

All State Action Groups/Steering Committees are encouraged to use their own initiative to identify priorities that they deem most appropriate to the achievement of PPJV goals and objectives.

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