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Bird Checklists of the United States

Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge

Bethel, Alaska

Status Categories:

P - Permanent Resident: some members of the species are present on the refuge all year, but not necessarily the same individuals.

S - Summer Resident: includes all species present only during the breeding season, except those which occur solely as passage migrants.

W - Winter Resident: present only in the non-breeding season.

M - Migrant: includes those species which occur on the YDNWR only as migrants en route to other destinations; does not include migrant species in which some fraction of the population remains on the YDNWR during the breeding season.

C - Casual: includes 1) species reported five or more times, but not to be expected on an annual basis (e.g., red-breasted nuthatch), 2) species which may appear fairly regularly as non-breeders or post-breeding dispersers, but in very small numbers (e.g., Eurasian wigeon, golden-crowned kinglet), and 3) very rare and/or sporadic breeders (e.g., red-throated pipit).

A - Accidental: includes all species which have been reported fewer than five times on YDNWR; several different groups fall within this category: 1) true vagrants (e.g., Common Cuckoo, Hoopoe, Siberian Accentor), and 2) species which owe their accidental status to a lack of ornithological field work at the right time of the year in the appropriate habitat (e.g., White-tailed Ptarmigan, Ivory Gull) and are to be expected in the future.

X - Extinct: no longer occurs on YDNWR.

* - known to have bred in the past and/or currently breeding on YDNWR.

The presence of the following species on YDNWR has been confirmed by either reliable observations or specimen records.

LOONS ___ Red-throated Loon S* ___ Arctic Loon A ___ Pacific Loon S* ___ Common Loon S* ___ Yellow-billed Loon M
GREBES ___ Horned Grebe S* ___ Red-necked Grebe S*
FULMARS, SHEARWATERS ___ Northern Fulmar A ___ Mottled Petrel A ___ Sooty Shearwater A ___ Short-tailed Shearwater M ___ Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel M
CORMORANTS ___ Double-crested Cormorant C* ___ Pelagic Cormorant S* ___ Red-faced Cormorant S*
WATERFOWL ___ Tundra Swan S* ___ Trumpeter Swan S* ___ Greater White-fronted Goose S* ___ Snow Goose M ___ Emperor Goose S* ___ Brant S* ___ Canada Goose S* ___ Green-winged Teal S* ___ Mallard S* ___ Northern Pintail S* ___ Northern Shoveler S* ___ Gadwall C* ___ Blue-winged Teal A ___ Eurasian Wigeon C ___ American Wigeon S* ___ Canvasback S* ___ Redhead S* ___ Ring-necked Duck A ___ Greater Scaup S* ___ Lesser Scaup S ___ Common Eider S* ___ King Eider M* ___ Spectacled Eider S* ___ Steller's Eider S* ___ Harlequin Duck S* ___ Oldsquaw S* ___ Black Scoter S* ___ Surf Scoter S ___ White-winged Scoter S ___ Common Goldeneye S* ___ Barrow's Goldeneye S ___ Bufflehead S* ___ Common Merganser S* ___ Red-breasted Merganser S*
OSPREY, EAGLES AND HAWKS ___ Osprey S* ___ Bald Eagle S* ___ Northern Harrier S* ___ Sharp-shinned Hawk A ___ Northern Goshawk P* ___ Red-tailed Hawk S* ___ Rough-legged Hawk S* ___ Golden Eagle P*
FALCONS ___ American Kestrel C (prob. breeder; has nested on Tulusak [Nyac]) ___ Merlin S* ___ Peregrine Falcon S* ___ Gyrfalcon P*
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS ___ Spruce Grouse P* ___ Willow Ptarmigan P* ___ Rock Ptarmigan P* ___ White-tailed Ptarmigan P* ___ Ruffed Grouse P*
CRANES ___ Sandhill Crane S*
SHOREBIRDS ___ Black-bellied Plover S* ___ American Golden-Plover S* ___ Pacific Golden-Plover S* ___ Mongolian Plover A ___ Semipalmated Plover S* ___ Killdeer A ___ Greater Yellowlegs S* ___ Lesser Yellowlegs S* ___ Solitary Sandpiper S* ___ Terek Sandpiper A ___ Wandering Tattler S* ___ Gray-tailed Tattler A ___ Common Sandpiper A ___ Spotted Sandpiper S* ___ Eskimo Curlew M(X) ___ Whimbrel S* ___ Bristle-thighed Curlew S* ___ Hudsonian Godwit S* ___ Bar-tailed Godwit S* ___ Marbled Godwit A ___ Ruddy Turnstone S* ___ Black Turnstone S* ___ Surfbird S* ___ Red Knot M ___ Sanderling M ___ Semipalmated Sandpiper S* ___ Western Sandpiper S* ___ Rufous-necked Stint A ___ Least Sandpiper S* ___ Baird's Sandpiper S* ___ Pectoral Sandpiper S* ___ Sharp-tailed Sandpiper M ___ Rock Sandpiper S* ___ Dunlin S* ___ Curlew Sandpiper A ___ Buff-breasted Sandpiper A ___ Ruff A ___ Short-billed Dowitcher S* ___ Long-billed Dowitcher S* ___ Common Snipe S* ___ Wilson's Phalarope A ___ Red-necked Phalarope S* ___ Red Phalarope S*
JAEGERS, GULLS AND TERNS ___ Pomarine Jaeger M* (very rare, sporadic breeder) ___ Parasitic Jaeger S* ___ Long-tailed Jaeger S* ___ Bonaparte's Gull S* ___ Black-headed Gull A ___ Little Gull A ___ Mew Gull S* ___ Herring Gull S ___ Slaty-backed Gull C ___ Glaucous-winged Gull S* ___ Glaucous Gull S* ___ Black-legged Kittiwake S* ___ Red-legged Kittiwake A ___ Sabine's Gull S* ___ Ivory Gull A ___ Caspian Tern C* ___ Ross'Gull A ___ Common Tern A ___ Arctic Tern S* ___ Aleutian Tern S*
MURRES, GUILLEMOTS AND PUFFINS ___ Common Murre S* ___ Thick-billed Murre S* ___ Black Guillemot A ___ Pigeon Guillemot S* ___ Marbled Murrelet A ___ Ancient Murrelet A ___ Parakeet Auklet S* ___ Crested Auklet S* ___ Least Auklet A ___ Tufted Puffin S* ___ Horned Puffin S*
CUCKOOS ___ Common Cuckoo A
OWLS ___ Great Horned Owl P* ___ Snowy Owl P* (very rare, sporadic breeder) ___ Northern Hawk-Owl P* ___ Great Gray Owl P* ___ Short-eared Owl S* ___ Boreal Owl P*
HUMMINGBIRDS ___ Rufous Hummingbird A
HOOPOES AND KINGFISHERS ___ Hoopoe A ___ Belted Kingfisher S*
WOODPECKERS ___ Downy Woodpecker P* ___ Hairy Woodpecker P? ___ Three-toed Woodpecker P* ___ Northern Flicker A
FLYCATCHERS ___ Eastern Kingbird A ___ Olive-sided Flycatcher S* ___ Alder Flycatcher S* ___ Willow Flycatcher S* ___ Say's Phoebe S*
LARKS ___ Horned Lark S*
SWALLOWS ___ Tree Swallow S* ___ Violet-green Swallow S* ___ Bank Swallow S* ___ Cliff Swallow S* ___ Barn Swallow C*
JAYS, MAGPIES AND CROWS ___ Gray Jay P* ___ Black-billed Magpie P* ___ Common Raven P*
CHICKADEES AND TITMICE ___ Black-capped Chickadee P* ___ Siberian Tit A ___ Boreal Chickadee P* ___ Red-breasted Nuthatch C ___ Winter Wren A
DIPPERS ___ American Dipper P* (presumed permanent resident)
MUSCICAPIDS ___ Middendorff's Grasshopper Warbler A ___ Arctic Warbler S* ___ Golden-crowned Kinglet C ___ Ruby-crowned Kinglet S* ___ Bluethroat C* ___ Red-flanked Bluetail A ___ Northern Wheatear S* ___ Mountain Bluebird A ___ Gray-cheeked Thrush S* ___ Swainson's Thrush S* ___ Hermit Thrush S* ___ American Robin S* ___ Eyebrowed Thrush A ___ Varied Thrush S*
ACCENTORS, WAGTAILS AND PIPITS ___ Siberian Accentor A ___ Yellow Wagtail S* ___ White Wagtail C ___ Red-throated Pipit C ___ American Pipit S*
WAXWINGS, SHRIKES AND STARLINGS ___ Bohemian Waxwing S* ___ Northern Shrike S* ___ European Starling A
WARBLERS ___ Orange-crowned Warbler S* ___ Yellow Warbler S* ___ Magnolia Warbler A ___ Palm Warbler A ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler S* ___ Blackpoll Warbler S* ___ Northern Waterthrush S* ___ Wilson's Warbler S*
SPARROWS ___ American Tree Sparrow S* ___ Savannah Sparrow S* ___ Fox Sparrow S* ___ Lincoln's Sparrow S* ___ Golden-crowned Sparrow S* ___ White-crowned Sparrow S* ___ Dark-eyed Junco S* ___ Lapland Longspur S* ___ Rustic Bunting A ___ Snow Bunting P* ___ McKay's Bunting W
BLACKBIRDS ___ Rusty Blackbird S* ___ Brown-headed Cowbird A
FINCHES ___ Brambling A ___ Rosy Finch S* ___ Pine Grosbeak P* ___ Purple Finch A ___ White-winged Crossbill P* ___ Common Redpoll P* ___ Hoary Redpoll P* ___ Eurasian Bullfinch A ___ Common Rosefinch A

For further information contact:
                       Refuge Manager
                       Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge
                       P.O. Box 346
                       Bethel, Alaska 99559
                       Telephone: 907/543-3151
This resource is based on the following source:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  No date.  Bird checklist for the Yukon Delta 
     National Wildlife Refuge.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  5 pages.
This resource should be cited as:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  No date.  Bird checklist for the Yukon Delta 
     National Wildlife Refuge.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  5 pages.  
     Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 22MAY98).

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