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Bird Checklists of the United States

Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge

Fairbanks, Alaska

Yukon Flats NWR Map

The Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge consists of 9.3 million acres and encompasses the Yukon Flts wetlands basin. This basin is located along the Arctic Circle and is bordered by the Brooks Range to the north and the White Mountains to the south. It includes 300 miles of the Yukon River, North America's fifth largest river; an estimated 40,000 shallow lakes, ponds, and sloughs; and 7,000 miles of rivers and streams. The rich wetlands of the Yukon Flats are some of the most productive waterfowl breeding areas in North America; an estimated 1.5 million ducks breed here annually. The Flats also include a variety of other habitats, such as forests of white spruce, paper birch, and quaking aspen; black spruce bogs; thickets of willow and alder; and grasslands and meadows. These habitats are important to a variety of songbirds, shorebirds, and upland game birds.

The following checklist of 159 species was compiled from refuge observations and published records.

Abundance (seasonal for migrants)

C = Common (certain to be seen or heard in suitable habitat)
U = Uncommon (present but not certain to be seen; or locally distributed)
R = Rare (seen only a few times annually)
O = Occasional (seen only a few times in a five-year period)
X = Accidental (has been seen only once or twice; may not be seen again)


Y = Year-round resident
B = Breeding species (migratory)
* = Breeding has been documented for this species through observation of eggs, nests, or dependent (unfledged or recently fledged) young.
M = Migrant non-breeder traveling between summer and winter range
V = Visitor from outside its normal range

LOONS                                  Ab     St

___ Red-throated Loon                  R      B
___ Pacific Loon                       C      B*
___ Common Loon                        U      B*

GREBES Ab St ___ Horned Grebe C B* ___ Red-necked Grebe C B*
CORMORANTS Ab St ___ Double-crested Cormorant X V
SWANS, GEESE, DUCKS Ab St ___ Tundra Swan R M ___ Trumpeter Swan U B* ___ Greater White-fronted Goose U B* ___ Snow Goose R M ___ Brant X V ___ Canada Goose U B* ___ Green-winged Teal C B* ___ Mallard C B* ___ Northern Pintail C B* ___ Blue-winged Teal R B* ___ Northern Shoveler C B* ___ Gadwall U B* ___ American Wigeon C B* ___ Canvasback U B* ___ Redhead R B* ___ Ring-necked Duck R B* ___ Greater Scaup U B* ___ Lesser Scaup C B* ___ King Eider X V ___ Harlequin Duck R B ___ Oldsquaw R B ___ Black Scoter R B* ___ Surf Scoter U B* ___ White-winged Scoter C B* ___ Common Goldeneye U B* ___ Barrow's Goldeneye U B* ___ Bufflehead U B* ___ Common Merganser R B ___ Red-breasted Merganser U B* ___ Ruddy Duck O B*
EAGLES, HAWKS Ab St ___ Osprey U B* ___ Bald Eagle U B* ___ Northern Harrier U B* ___ Sharp-shinned Hawk U B* ___ Northern Goshawk R B* ___ Swainson's Hawk O B ___ Red-tailed Hawk C B* ___ Rough-legged Hawk U B ___ Golden Eagle U B*
FALCONS Ab St ___ American Kestrel U B* ___ Merlin R B ___ Peregrine Falcon U B* ___ Gyrfalcon O B
GROUSE Ab St ___ Spruce Grouse C Y* ___ Willow Ptarmigan U Y ___ Rock Ptarmigan U Y ___ Ruffed Grouse C Y* ___ Sharp-tailed Grouse R Y*
COOTS Ab St ___ American Coot O V
CRANES Ab St ___ Sandhill Crane C B
PLOVERS Ab St ___ Black-bellied Plover R M ___ American Golden-Plover R B* ___ Semipalmated Plover C B* ___ Killdeer O B*
SANDPIPERS Ab St ___ Greater Yellowlegs O M ___ Lesser Yellowlegs C B* ___ Solitary Sandpiper C B* ___ Spotted Sandpiper C B* ___ Wandering Tattler O B ___ Upland Sandpiper O B* ___ Whimbrel R M ___ Hudsonian Godwit O M ___ Ruddy Turnstone O M ___ Surfbird R B ___ Sanderling O M ___ Semipalmated Sandpiper U M ___ Western Sandpiper U M ___ Least Sandpiper U B ___ Baird's Sandpiper R M ___ Pectoral Sandpiper U M ___ Dunlin O M ___ Stilt Sandpiper O M ___ Buff-breasted Sandpiper O M ___ Long-billed Dowitcher R M ___ Common Snipe C B* ___ Red-necked Phalarope U B* ___ Red Phalarope R M
JAEGERS, GULLS, AND TERNS Ab St ___ Long-tailed Jaeger R B ___ Bonaparte's Gull U B* ___ Mew Gull C B* ___ Herring Gull C B* ___ Glaucous Gull X V ___ Arctic Tern C B*
PIGEONS AND DOVES Ab St ___ Rock Dove O V ___ Mourning Dove X V
OWLS Ab St ___ Great Horned Owl C Y* ___ Snowy Owl O V ___ Northern Hawk Owl U Y* ___ Great Gray Owl U Y* ___ Short-eared Owl U B ___ Boreal Owl U Y*
KINGFISHERS Ab St ___ Belted Kingfisher U B
WOODPECKERS Ab St ___ Downy Woodpecker U Y ___ Hairy Woodpecker U Y ___ Three-toed Woodpecker C Y* ___ Black-backed Woodpecker U Y ___ Northern Flicker U B*
TYRANT FLYCATCHERS Ab St ___ Olive-sided Flycatcher U B ___ Western Wood-Pewee U B* ___ Alder Flycatcher C B ___ Hammond's Flycatcher R B ___ Say's Phoebe R B ___ Eastern Kingbird X V
LARKS Ab St ___ Horned Lark U B
SWALLOWS Ab St ___ Tree Swallow U B* ___ Violet-green Swallow U B* ___ Bank Swallow C B* ___ Cliff Swallow C B*
JAYS, MAGPIES, CROWS Ab St ___ Gray Jay C Y ___ Black-billed Magpie X V ___ Common Raven C Y*
CHICKADEES Ab St ___ Black-capped Chickadee U Y ___ Siberian Tit O Y ___ Boreal Chickadee C Y*
NUTHATCHES Ab St ___ Red-breasted Nuthatch O V
DIPPERS Ab St ___ American Dippers R B
KINGLETS Ab St ___ Ruby-crowned Kinglet U B
THRUSHES Ab St ___ Northern Wheatear R B ___ Townsend's Solitaire O B ___ Gray-cheeked Thrush U B ___ Swainson's Thrush C B* ___ Hermit Thrush U B ___ American Robin C B* ___ Varied Thrush C B
WAGTAILS, PIPITS Ab St ___ White Wagtail X V ___ American Pipit U B
WAXWINGS Ab St ___ Bohemian Waxwing U B*
SHRIKES Ab St ___ Northern Shrike R B
STARLINGS Ab St ___ European Starling O V
WOOD WARBLERS Ab St ___ Orange-crowned Warbler U B* ___ Yellow Warbler C B* ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler C B* ___ Blackpoll Warbler U B ___ Northern Waterthrush C B* ___ Wilson's Warbler R B
SPARROWS, BUNTINGS Ab St ___ American Tree Sparrow U B* ___ Chipping Sparrow R B* ___ Savannah Sparrow C B* ___ Fox Sparrow U B ___ Lincoln's Sparrow U B* ___ Golden-crowned Sparrow O M ___ White-crowned Sparrow C B* ___ Dark-eyed Junco C B* ___ Lapland Longspur R B ___ Smith's Longspur O B ___ Snow Bunting U M
BLACKBIRDS Ab St ___ Red-winged Blackbird U B* ___ Rusty Blackbird C B*
FINCHES Ab St ___ Rosy Finch U B ___ Pine Grosbeak U Y ___ White-winged Crossbill C Y* ___ Common Redpoll C Y* ___ Hoary Redpoll U M

This list was compiled by K.M. Sowl
Revised April 1998

If you visit the refuge and have any field observations that can be used to update or improve this list, please send information (date, location, species, observed, number, and breeding status to:

                    Refuge Manager
                    Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge
                    101 12th Ave., Room 264
                    Fairbanks, AK 99701-6293
                    Phone: (907) 456-0440 or 1-800-531-0676

This resource is based on the following source:
Sowl, K.M.  04/98. Birds of the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge Checklist.
     U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as follows:
Sowl, K.M.  04/98. Birds of the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge Checklist.
     U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Unpaginated.  Jamestown, ND: Northern 
     Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 26OCT98).

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