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Bird Checklists of the United States

Birds of Anchorage, Alaska
Knik River to Turnagain Pass

Anchorage, Alaska


A - abundant - species occur repeatedly in proper habitats, with available habitat heavily utilized, and/or the region regularly hosts great numbers of the species.

C - common - species occurs in all or nearly all proper habitats, but some areas of presumed suitable habitat are occupied sparsely or not at all and/or the region regularly hosts large numbers of the species.

U - uncommon - species occur regularly, but utilizes only some or very little of the suitable habitat, and/or the region regularly hosts relatively small numbers of the species; not obser- ved regularly even in proper habitats.

R - rare - species occurs, or probably occurs, regularly within the region, but in very small numbers.

CA - casual - species has been recorded no more than a few times, but irregular observations are likely over a period of years.

AC - accidental - a species so far from its normal range that further observations are unlikely usually occurs singly.

* - breeder
+ - variable numbers

SP - spring ...... 1 March to 15 June
S - summer ...... 16 June to 15 August
F - fall ...... 16 August to 30 November
W - winter ...... 1 December to 28 February


                                                 SP  S  F  W
___ Red-throated loon *                          R   R  R 
___ Arctic loon *                                C   C  C
___ Common loon *                                U   U  U

SP S F W ___ Pied-billed Grebe AC ___ Horned Grebe * C C C AC ___ Red-necked Grebe * C C C
SP S F W ___ Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel CA ___ Leach's Storm-Petrel AC
SP S F W ___ Great Blue Heron R R CA
SP S F W ___ Tundra Swan C C ___ Trumpeter Swan * U R U ___ Greater White-fronted Goose U U ___ Snow Goose C ___ Brant CA ___ Canada Goose * A C A R ___ Green-winged Teal * C C C AC ___ Mallard * A A A C ___ Northern Pintail * A C A CA ___ Blue-winged Tail * R R R ___ Cinnamon Teal AC ___ Northern Shoveler * C C C ___ Gadwall R R R AC ___ Eurasian Wigeon R ___ American Wigeon * C C C CA ___ Canvasback * U U U ___ Redhead U CA CA ___ Ring-necked Duck * R R R AC ___ Greater Scaup * C C C CA ___ Lesser Scaup U U U AC ___ Common Eider CA ___ Steller's Eider AC AC ___ Harlequin Duck * R R R R ___ Oldsquaw * U R R ___ Black Scoter R R R ___ Surf Scoter R R R ___ White-winged Scoter R R U ___ Common Goldeneye * C U C U ___ Barrow's Goldeneye * U R U R ___ Bufflehead U U ___ Hooded Merganser AC CA ___ Common Merganser U R U U ___ Red-breasted Merganser U R R
SP S F W ___ Osprey * R CA R ___ Bald Eagle * U U U R ___ Northern Harrier * C U C ___ Sharp-shinned Hawk * U U U R ___ Northern Goshawk * U U U U ___ Red-tailed Hawk * U R U ___ Rough-legged Hawk U R ___ Golden Eagle * U U U
SP S F W ___ American Kestrel R CA ___ Merlin * U CA U R ___ Peregrine Falcon R CA ___ Gyrafalcon * R R R R
SP S F W ___ Spruce Goose * + C C C C ___ Willow Ptarmigan * + U U U U ___ Rock Ptarmigan * + R R R R ___ White-tailed Ptarmigan * + U U U R
SP S F W ___ American Coot CA CA CA
SP S F W ___ Sandhill Crane * C R C
SP S F W ___ Black-bellied Plover R R R ___ Lesser Golden-Plover U U ___ Semipalmated Plover * C C C ___ Killdeer * R R R
SP S F W ___ Greater Yellowlegs * C C C ___ Lesser Yellowlegs * C C C ___ Solitary Sandpiper * U U U ___ Wandering Tattler * U U U ___ Spotted Sandpiper * C C C ___ Terek Sandpiper AC CA ___ Upland Sandpiper AC CA ___ Whimbrel U R U ___ Hudsonian Godwit * U U U ___ Bar-tailed Godwit CA ___ Marbled Godwit AC ___ Ruddy Turnstone U R R ___ Black Turnstone U R R ___ Surfbird * U U U ___ Red Knot CA CA ___ Sanderling CA CA ___ Semipalmated Sandpiper R U R ___ Western Sandpiper U A U ___ Rufous-necked Stint AC CA ___ Least Sandpiper * A A C ___ Baird's Sandpiper R R R ___ Pectoral Sandpiper C AC U ___ Dunlin R ___ Short-billed Dowitcher * A A A ___ Long-billed Dowitcher U CA R ___ Common Snipe C C C AC ___ Wilson's Phalarope AC ___ Red-necked Phalarope * C C C
SP S F W ___ Parasitic Jaeger R R ___ Long-tailed Jaeger R ___ Franklin's Gull AC ___ Common Black-headed Gull AC ___ Bonaparte's Gull * C C C ___ Mew Gull * A A A CA ___ California Gull R ___ Herring Gull * A C C R ___ Thayer's Gull R U ___ Slaty-backed Gull R ___ Glaucous-winged Gull * A A A U ___ Glaucous Gull R R U R ___ Black-winged Kittiwake AC ___ Ivory Gull AC ___ Glaucous-winged x Herring (Hybrid) A A A R ___ Artic Tern * C C C
SP S F W ___ Common Murre * AC AC
SP S F W ___ Rock Dove * C C C C ___ Mourning Dove CA
SP S F W ___ Great Horned Owl * U U U U ___ Snowy Owl R R ___ Northern Hawk-Owl * + R R R R ___ Great Gray Owl R R R R ___ Short-eared Owl * U U R AC ___ Boreal Owl * U U U U ___ Northern Saw-whet Owl * U U U U
SP S F W ___ Anna's Hummingbird AC ___ Rufous Hummingbird R CA
SP S F W ___ Belted Kingfisher * U U U R
SP S F W ___ Downy Woodpecker * U U U U ___ Hairy Woodpecker * U U U U ___ Three-toed Woodpecker * U U U U ___ Black-backed Woodpecker * R R R R ___ Northern Flicker * U U U
SP S F W ___ Olive-sided Flycatcher * R U ___ Western Wood-Pewee U U U ___ Alder * C C U ___ Least Flycatcher AC ___ Say's Phoebe * R U R ___ Eastern Kingbird AC
SP S F W ___ Horned Lark * U U U
SP S F W ___ Purple Martin AC ___ Tree Swallow * A A A ___ Violet-green Swallow * C C C ___ Bank Swallow * C C C ___ Cliff Swallow * U U U ___ Barn Swallow R R
SP S F W ___ Gray Jay * U U U U ___ Steller's Jay * R R U R ___ Black-billed Magpie * C C C A ___ Northwestern Crow AC CA ___ Common Raven * C C C A
SP S F W ___ Black-capped Chickadee * C C C C ___ Boreal Chickadee * C C C C
SP S F W ___ Red-breasted Nuthatch * + R R R R
SP S F W ___ Brown Creeper * U U U U
SP S F W ___ American Dipper * U U U C
SP S F W ___ Golden-crowned Kinglet * + U U U U ___ Ruby-crowned Kinglet * A A A CA ___ Northern Wheatear AC R ___ Townsend's Solitaire * R U R CA ___ Gray-cheeked Thrush U U U ___ Swainson's Thrush * C C C ___ Hermit Thrush * U U U ___ American Robin * C C C R ___ Varied Thrush * C C C
SP S F W ___ White Wagtail AC ___ Water Pipit * A C A
SP S F W ___ Bohemian Waxwing * + U U A U
SP S F W ___ Northern Shrike * U U U U ___ Brown Shrike AC
SP S F W ___ European Starling R AC R R
SP S F W ___ Warbling Vireo CA AC ___ Red-eyed Vireo AC
SP S F W ___ Orange-crowned Warbler * A A A ___ Yellow Warbler * U U U ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler * A A A CA ___ Townsend's Warbler * U U U ___ Blackpoll Warbler * U U U ___ Northern Waterthrush * U U U ___ MacGillivray's Warbler AC ___ Wilson's Warbler * C C C ___ American Tree Sparrow * U R U R ___ Chipping Sparrow AC CA ___ Savannah Sparrow * A A A ___ Fox Sparrow * C C C CA ___ Song Sparrow * U U U ___ Lincoln's Sparrow * C C U ___ Swamp Sparrow AC ___ Golden-crowned Sparrow * C C C CA ___ White-crowned Sparrow * A A A R ___ Dark-eyed Junco * A A A U ___ Lapland Longspur * A U ___ Snow Bunting * U U U R ___ Red-winged Blackbird * R R R ___ Yellow-headed Blackbird AC ___ Rusty Blackbird * C C C R ___ Brown-headed Cowbird R R
SP S F W ___ Brambling AC AC ___ Rosy Finch * U CA ___ Pine Grosbeak * + U U U U ___ White-winged Crossbill * + U U U U ___ Common Redpoll * + C C C A ___ Hoary Redpoll + R R ___ Pine Siskin * + U U U U ___ Eurasian Bullfinch AC


Based on a single observer record without photographic and/or specimen documentation.

Double-crested Cormorant Garganey Long-billed Curlew Bristle-thighed Curlew Chestnut-backed Chickadee Winter Wren Indigo Bunting

Phylogenetic sequence and English names of species all follow the American Ornithologists' Union (Thirty-fourth Supplement to the AOU Checklist of North American Birds [Auk 99, (3): 1cc-16cc, 1982]).


The status of each species listed on this checklist should give the observer a reference to the abundance or rarity of each bird in the Anchorage area.

If a bird is listed as "accidental" or "casual", or "unsubstantiated", or if the bird is found breeding when it is not indicated as a breeding species, it should be verified and checked by other competent observers to become an accepted sighting. If a bird that is not mentioned in the checklist is observed it also needs verification.

To document a sighting, take a very careful look at the bird, remembering as much detail as possible. Point out the bird to others without saying what you think it is. Before checking the book, write a brief description and draw a quick picture of the bird showing the pattern of markings as well as labeling the colors. Now check with a field guide or, better yet, with two or three other books.

If the bird is a rarity make every possible effort to obtain a clear photograph of it or tape recording of its vocalizations. Then immediately telephone the Anchorage Audubon Society.

After your sighting has been validated by at least one other competent observer, written details should be submitted as soon as possible to Bird Records, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701.

For information on field trips, educational events, monthly meetings, and recent bird sightings call (907) 274-9152 or write to the society at the above address.

Anchorge Audubon Society, Inc.
(907) 274-9152
(907) 278-3007

This resource is based on the following source:

DeLap, David, Pritcher, John, Scher, R.L. (Buzz), Scott, H. Stacy, Tans, 
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This resource should be cited as:
DeLap, David, Pritcher, John, Scher, R.L. (Buzz), Scott, H. Stacy, Tans, 
     Gordon, Tobish, Thede, Wulkowicz, Stan.  Winter 1983.  "Birds of 
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     Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.  
     (Version 02MAR00).

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