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Bird Checklists of the United States

Minot Area Birds

Minot, North Dakota

This checklist covers the area within a 100 kilometer (62 mile) radius of Minot, North Dakota. While the majority of the area is cropland, a wide variety of habitats yield a great diversity of bird species. Of the total of 355 species on the list, 172 are believed to nest currently or have nested within the checklist area.

SEASONS: Bird migration seasons cannot be clearly delineated because of drastically different migration windows for different species. Adult shorebirds begin to migrate southward in numbers by early July, warbler migration runs from mid-August through early October, and some species, such as Bald Eagle and Golden-crowned Kinglet, may still be migrating southward in late December. Spring migration for Horned Larks often peaks in late February, when most species have not begun to leave their wintering grounds. The seasons adopted for this checklist are:

     Spring:  Mar-May             Fall:  Aug-Nov
     Summer:  June-July	          Winter:  Dec-Feb
ABUNDANCES: The abundances given below are the peak numbers likely to be seen at some time within each season in a full day of birding. The assumption is made that the observer will get out at least 10 hours per week and will bird in all types of habitat.

a - abundant		125 or more		600 or more
c - common		25 - 125	        125 - 600	
f - fairly common 	5 - 25		        25 - 125
u - uncommon		1 - 5		        5 - 25
r - rare		1 - 5		        1 - 5
o - occasional - not every year, small numbers
x - accidental - seen infrequently, not to be expected
i - irregular -  the abundance varies; in some years the species may be absent, in
                 others it may reach the level indicated
N - nests - indicates confirmed or strongly inferred nesting in the area.

Nomenclature and species order follows that of the AOU Checklist of N. American Birds, Seventh Edition; 1998.

LOONS S S F W __ Red-throated Loon x x __ Pacific Loon x x __ Common Loon N r o r x
GREBES S S F W __ Pied-billed Grebe N f f c x __ Horned Grebe N f u u x __ Red-necked Grebe N r r r x __ Eared Grebe N c c a __ Western Grebe N c c c o __ Clark's Grebe N r r r x
PELICANS S S F W __ American White Pelican c c c x __ Brown Pelican x
CORMORANTS S S F W __ Double-crested Cormorant N a a a o
BITTERNS, HERONS & EGRETS S S F W __ American Bittern N u u u __ Least Bittern o o o __ Great Blue Heron N u u f o __ Great Egret o o o __ Snowy Egret N o o o __ Little Blue Heron N o o o __ Tricolored Heron x __ Cattle Egret N u u u __ Green Heron x __ Black-crowned Night-Heron N f f f __ Yellow-crowned Night-Heron x x
IBISES S S F W __ White Ibis x __ White-faced Ibis N o o o
AMERICAN VULTURES S S F W __ Turkey Vulture N u u f
SWANS, GEESE & DUCKS S S F W __ Fulvous Whistling-Duck x __ Greater White-fronted Goose c f x __ Snow Goose a o a o __ Ross's Goose f f x __ Canada Goose N a a a f __ Brant x __ Trumpeter Swan x __ Tundra Swan c a x __ Wood Duck N f f f __ Gadwall N a c a o __ Eurasian Wigeon x x x __ American Wigeon N c f c o __ American Black Duck N o r r o __ Mallard N a a a c __ Blue-winged Teal N a a a __ Cinnamon Teal N o o o __ Northern Shoveler N a c a o __ Northern Pintail N a c c o __ Green-winged Teal N c u c o __ Canvasback N c f c o __ Redhead N a f c o __ Ring-necked Duck N c u f o __ Greater Scaup f u o __ Lesser Scaup N a f a o __ Common Eider x __ Harlequin Duck x x x __ Surf Scoter r x __ White-winged Scoter x r x __ Black Scoter o x __ Long-tailed Duck r r r __ Bufflehead N c u c r __ Common Goldeneye c c c __ Barrow's Goldeneye x x __ Hooded Merganser N f f f o __ Common Merganser c x c f __ Red-breasted Merganser r r o __ Ruddy Duck N a c a x
OSPREY, HAWKS & EAGLES S S F W __ Osprey r o r __ Bald Eagle N f r f f __ Northern Harrier N f f f o __ Sharp-shinned Hawk N u r u r __ Cooper's Hawk N u u u o __ Northern Goshawk r r r __ Red-shouldered Hawk x x __ Broad-winged Hawk N r o r __ Swainson's Hawk N f f f __ Red-tailed Hawk N c f c r __ Ferruginous Hawk N u u u __ Rough-legged Hawk u x u r __ Golden Eagle r o r r
FALCONS S S F W __ American Kestrel N f u f o __ Merlin N u o u u __ Gyrfalcon r r r __ Peregrine Falcon r o r o __ Prairie Falcon r r r r
GROUSE & PTARMIGANS S S F W __ Gray Partridge N u u u u __ Ring-necked Pheasant N f f f f __ Ruffed Grouse N u u u u __ Willow Ptarmigan x __ Sharp-tailed Grouse N f f f f __ Wild Turkey N f f f f
RAILS S S F W __ Yellow Rail N r r r __ Virginia Rail N u u u x __ Sora N c c c __ American Coot N a a a o
CRANES S S F W __ Sandhill Crane N a r a o __ Whooping Crane o x o
PLOVERS S S F W __ Black-bellied Plover f u f __ American Golden-Plover f o f __ Snowy Plover x __ Semipalmated Plover f f f __ Piping Plover N u u u __ Killdeer N c c c
STILTS & AVOCETS S S F W __ Black-necked Stilt x x __ American Avocet N f f c
SANDPIPERS S S F W __ Greater Yellowlegs f f f __ Lesser Yellowlegs c c c __ Solitary Sandpiper u u u __ Willet N f f f __ Spotted Sandpiper N u u f __ Upland Sandpiper N f f u __ Whimbrel o __ Long-billed Curlew x __ Hudsonian Godwit f r r __ Marbled Godwit N f f f __ Ruddy Turnstone r r r __ Red Knot o o __ Sanderling f f f __ Semipalmated Sandpiper a a a __ Western Sandpiper o o o __ Least Sandpiper c c c __ White-rumped Sandpiper a c o __ Baird's Sandpiper c c c __ Pectoral Sandpiper c f c __ Sharp-tailed Sandpiper x __ Dunlin u o o __ Stilt Sandpiper c c c __ Buff-breasted Sandpiper o r r __ Short-billed Dowitcher u u u __ Long-billed Dowitcher c c a __ Common Snipe N f f f o __ American Woodcock x x x __ Wilson's Phalarope N a a a __ Red-necked Phalarope a a a __ Red Phalarope x
JAEGERS S S F W __ Pomarine Jaeger x __ Long-tailed Jaeger x
GULLS S S F W __ Laughing Gull x x __ Franklin's Gull N a a a x __ Little Gull x x x __ Bonaparte's Gull f o f o __ Mew Gull x __ Ring-billed Gull N a a a u __ California Gull N f f f r __ Herring Gull f o a a __ Thayer's Gull o u u __ Iceland Gull o o __ Lesser Black-backed Gull x x __ Glaucous-winged Gull x __ Glaucous Gull o r r __ Great Black-backed Gull x __ Sabine's Gull x o __ Black-legged Kittiwake o o
TERNS S S F W __ Caspian Tern N r r r __ Common Tern N f f f __ Arctic Tern x x __ Forster's Tern N f f f __ Least Tern o o o __ Black Tern N a c a
DOVES S S F W __ Rock Dove N c c c c __ Eurasian Collared-Dove x x __ Mourning Dove N c c a o
CUCKOOS S S F W __ Black-billed Cuckoo N iu iu r __ Yellow-billed Cuckoo o
BARN OWLS S S F W __ Barn Owl x
OWLS S S F W __ Eastern Screech-Owl N r r r r __ Great Horned Owl N u u u u __ Snowy Owl if if if __ Burrowing Owl N r r r __ Long-eared Owl N r r r o __ Short-eared Owl N u iu u r __ Boreal Owl o __ Northern Saw-whet Owl r o r r
NIGHTJARS S S F W __ Common Nighthawk N u u f __ Common Poorwill N x o __ Whip-poor-will x
SWIFTS S S F W __ Chimney Swift N u u u
HUMMINGBIRDS S S F W __ Ruby-throated Hummingbird N r r r
KINGFISHERS S S F W __ Belted Kingfisher N u u u
WOODPECKERS S S F W __ Lewis's Woodpecker x x x __ Red-headed Woodpecker N u u u __ Acorn Woodpecker x __ Red-bellied Woodpecker o o __ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker N u u u __ Downy Woodpecker N f f f f __ Hairy Woodpecker N f f f f __ Black-backed Woodpecker x __ Northern Flicker N f f f r
TYRANT FLYCATCHERS S S F W __ Olive-sided Flycatcher r r r __ Western Wood-Pewee o o o __ Eastern Wood-Pewee N u f f __ Yellow-bellied Flycatcher o o o __ Alder Flycatcher N f u r __ Willow Flycatcher N u f r __ Least Flycatcher N c c c __ Eastern Phoebe N u u u __ Say's Phoebe N u u u __ Great Crested Flycatcher N u u u __ Western Kingbird N c c c __ Eastern Kingbird N c c c __ Scissor-tailed Flycatcher x
SHRIKES S S F W __ Loggerhead Shrike N u u u __ Northern Shrike u u u
VIREOS S S F W __ Bell's Vireo x __ Yellow-throated Vireo N u u u __ Plumbeous Vireo x __ Blue-headed Vireo u u __ Warbling Vireo N c c c __ Philadelphia Vireo u o u __ Red-eyed Vireo N c c c
JAYS & CROWS S S F W __ Gray Jay x __ Blue Jay N f f f f __ Clark's Nutcracker x x __ Black-billed Magpie N f f f f __ American Crow N a c a u __ Common Raven N o o o o
LARKS S S F W __ Horned Lark N a a a ic
SWALLOWS S S F W __ Purple Martin N f f f __ Tree Swallow N f f c __ Violet-green Swallow x x __ Northern Rough-winged Swallow N u u r __ Bank Swallow N a c a __ Cliff Swallow N a a a __ Barn Swallow N a c a
CHICKADEES S S F W __ Black-capped Chickadee N f f f f __ Boreal Chickadee x x x
NUTHATCHES S S F W __ Red-breasted Nuthatch N u r u u __ White-breasted Nuthatch N f f f f __ Pygmy Nuthatch x
CREEPERS S S F W __ Brown Creeper u u r
WRENS S S F W __ Rock Wren N r r r __ House Wren N c c c __ Winter Wren o o __ Sedge Wren N f f f __ Marsh Wren N c c c
KINGLETS S S F W __ Golden-crowned Kinglet N f x f u __ Ruby-crowned Kinglet f f
OLD WORLD WARBLERS S S F W __ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher x
THRUSHES S S F W __ Northern Wheatear x __ Eastern Bluebird N f f f __ Mountain Bluebird N f u u __ Townsend's Solitaire o o o __ Veery N f f u __ Gray-cheeked Thrush f o o __ Swainson's Thrush c r f __ Hermit Thrush u u __ Wood Thrush o x __ American Robin N a c a u __ Varied Thrush o o o
MIMIC THRUSHES S S F W __ Gray Catbird N f f f x __ Northern Mockingbird o __ Sage Thrasher x __ Brown Thrasher N f f f x
STARLINGS S S F W __ European Starling N a c a f
PIPITS S S F W __ American Pipit u f __ Sprague's Pipit N f f u
WAXWINGS S S F W __ Bohemian Waxwing ic ia ia __ Cedar Waxwing N f f c ic
WOOD WARBLERS S S F W __ Blue-winged Warbler o o __ Golden-winged Warbler o x __ Tennessee Warbler c r f __ Orange-crowned Warbler N c r c __ Nashville Warbler u u __ Northern Parula o o __ Yellow Warbler N c c c __ Chestnut-sided Warbler r u __ Magnolia Warbler u u __ Cape May Warbler o o __ Black-throated Blue Warbler o o __ Yellow-rumped Warbler a o a __ Black-throated Green Warbler o o __ Townsend's Warbler x __ Blackburnian Warbler o r __ Pine Warbler x x __ Palm Warbler u u __ Bay-breasted Warbler o u __ Blackpoll Warbler c r f __ Cerulean Warbler x x __ Black-and-White Warbler N f u f __ American Redstart N f u f __ Prothonotary Warbler x __ Worm-eating Warbler x __ Ovenbird N f u f __ Northern Waterthrush N c r u __ Louisiana Waterthrush x __ Kentucky Warbler x __ Connecticut Warbler r o o __ Mourning Warbler u r u __ MacGillivray's Warbler x x __ Common Yellowthroat N c c c __ Hooded Warbler x __ Wilson's Warbler u f __ Canada Warbler r u __ Yellow-breasted Chat N u u r
TANAGERS S S F W __ Summer Tanager x x __ Scarlet Tanager N o o __ Western Tanager x x x
SPARROWS & TOWHEES S S F W __ Spotted Towhee N f f f o __ Eastern Towhee o o __ American Tree Sparrow a a u __ Chipping Sparrow N c f f __ Clay-colored Sparrow N a a c __ Brewer's Sparrow x __ Field Sparrow N f f f __ Vesper Sparrow N c c c x __ Lark Sparrow N f f u __ Lark Bunting N ic ic ic __ Savannah Sparrow N a c a __ Grasshopper Sparrow N c c f __ Baird's Sparrow N f f f __ Henslow's Sparrow x __ LeConte's Sparrow N f f f __ Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow N u u u __ Fox Sparrow u u x __ Song Sparrow N c c c x __ Lincoln's Sparrow f f __ Swamp Sparrow N f r f x __ White-throated Sparrow c x c o __ Harris's Sparrow c x c o __ White-crowned Sparrow f f x __ Golden-crowned Sparrow x x x __ Dark-eyed Junco a x a u __ McCown's Longspur x x x __ Lapland Longspur a a c __ Smith's Longspur u u __ Chestnut-collared Longspur N c c c __ Snow Bunting f c ia
CARDINALS, GROSBEAKS & ALLIES S S F W __ Northern Cardinal x __ Rose-breasted Grosbeak N f f f __ Black-headed Grosbeak N f f f __ Blue Grosbeak x x __ Lazuli Bunting N f f f __ Indigo Bunting N u u u __ Dickcissel N o o o
BLACKBIRDS & ORIOLES S S F W __ Bobolink N c c c __ Red-winged Blackbird N a a a u __ Eastern Meadowlark x __ Western Meadowlark N a a a o __ Yellow-headed Blackbird N a a a o __ Rusty Blackbird r c r __ Brewer's Blackbird N c f a o __ Common Grackle N a a a r __ Brown-headed Cowbird N a a u x __ Orchard Oriole N f f r __ Baltimore Oriole N f f f __ Bullock's Oriole x
FINCHES S S F W __ Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch x x x __ Pine Grosbeak if if if __ Purple Finch u u f __ House Finch N c c c f __ Red Crossbill N ic iu ic ic __ White-winged Crossbill N if iu if if __ Common Redpoll ia ia ia __ Hoary Redpoll iu iu iu __ Pine Siskin N c f c c __ Lesser Goldfinch x __ American Goldfinch N c c c if __ Evening Grosbeak o r r
OLD WORLD SPARROWS S S F W __ House Sparrow N a a a a
This resource is based on the following source:
Martin, Ron and Gordon Berkey.  June 2000.  Minot Area Birds. Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as:
Ron Martin and Gordon Berkey.  June 2000.  Minot Area Birds. Unpaginated.
     Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 10JUL2001).

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