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Fish Checklists of the United States

Konza Prairie

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Manhattan, Kansas

Fish Checklist

This list includes the 20 species of fishes known to occur on the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area as of 1 August, 1993. All 20 species have been found along lower Kings Creek. For more information on fishes throughout Kansas, refer to the following publication:

Cross, F.B., and J.T. Collins. 1975. Fishes in Kansas. University of Kansas Museum of Natural History Public Education Series no. 5. 189 pp.


___ Catostomus commersoni (White Sucker)
___ Moxostoma macrolepidotum (Shorthead Redhorse)

CENTRARCHIDAE - temperate basses

___ Lepomis cyanellus (Green Sunfish)
___ Lepomis humilis (Orangespotted Sunfish)
___ Lepomis macrochirus (Bluegill)
___ Lepomis megalotis (Longear Sunfish)
___ Micropterus salmoides (Largemouth Bass)

CYPRINIDAE - minnows

___ Campostoma anomalum (Stoneroller)
___ Cyprinella lutrensis (Red Shiner)
___ Luxilus cornutus (Common Shiner)
___ Lythrurus umbratilis (Redfin Shiner)
___ Notropis ludibundus (Sand Shiner)
___ Phoxinus erythrogaster (Southern Redbelly Dace)
___ Pimephales notatus (Bluntnose Minnow)
___ Pimephales promelas (Fathead Minnow)
___ Semotilus atromaculatus (Creek Chub)

ICTALURIDAE - catfishes

___ Ameiurus melas (Black Bullhead)

PERCIDAE - perches

___ Etheostoma nigrum (Johnny Darter)
___ Etheostoma spectabile (Orangethroat Darter)

POECILIDAE - livebearers

___ Gambusia affinis (Mosquito fish)

The collection or removal of animals from the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area is not allowed. For information on regulations pertaining to the legal collection of fishes in Kansas, contact your nearest state park office in Kansas or:
                   Kansas Dept. Wildlife and Parks
                   Operations Office
                   Rt 2, Box 54A
                   Pratt, KS 67124-9599
                   Telephone: 316/672-5911
If you have questions about the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, contact us at:
                   John Zimmerman
                   Biology Division
                   Kansas State University
                   Manhattan, KS 66506-4901
                   Telephone: 913/532-6620

This list was prepared by Richard Kazmaier.
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