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Bird Checklists of the United States

Great Sand Dunes National Monument

Mosca, Colorado



c - Common. Several may be seen in one day.
o - Occasional. Small number may be seen in one day. r - Rare. Sightings are unusual, only a few expected in any one year.


P - Permanent, year round resident.
S - Summer resident (usually including spring & fall migration W - Winter resident. * - Seen only in occasional years; isolated sightings.

VULTURES                               ABUNDANCE     STATUS

___ Turkey Vulture                         o           S

EAGLES AND HAWKS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Osprey * r S ___ Bald Eagle r W ___ Northern Harrier o P ___ Sharp-shinned Hawk r P ___ Cooper's Hawk o P ___ Northern Goshawk r P ___ Swainson's Hawk o S ___ Red-tailed Hawk c P ___ Ferruginous Hawk r P ___ Rough-legged Hawk o W ___ Golden Eagle o P
FALCONS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ American Kestrel c P ___ Merlin * r W ___ Peregrine Falcon * r S ___ Prairie Falcon o P
GROUSE AND TURKEYS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Blue Grouse o P ___ Wild Turkey r P
PLOVERS AND SANDPIPERS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Killdeer o S ___ Spotted Sandpiper o S ___ Common Snipe * r P ___ Mountain Plover * r S
PIGEONS AND DOVES ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Band-tailed Pigeon o S ___ Mourning Dove c P
CUCKOOS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Yellow-billed Cuckoo * r S
OWLS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Flammulated Owl r S ___ Great Horned Owl o P ___ Northern Pygmy Owl r P ___ Burrowing Owl o S ___ Long-eared Owl o P ___ Northern Saw-whet Owl r P
GOATSUCKERS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Common Nighthawk c S ___ Common Poorwill o S
SWIFTS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ White-throated Swift c S
HUMMINGBIRDS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Black-chinned Hummingbird o S ___ Broad-tailed Hummingbird c S ___ Rufous Hummingbird o S
WOODPECKERS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Lewis' Woodpecker c S ___ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker o S ___ Williamson's Sapsucker o S ___ Downy Woodpecker c P ___ Hairy Woodpecker r P ___ Three-toed Woodpecker * r S ___ Northern Flicker c P
TYRANT FLYCATCHERS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Olive-sided Flycatcher r S ___ Western Wood Pewee o S ___ Dusky Flycatcher * r S ___ Gray Flycatcher * r S ___ Western Flycatcher o S ___ Say's Phoebe c S ___ Ash-throated Flycatcher * r S ___ Cassin's Kingbird * r S ___ Western Kingbird r S ___ Eastern Kingbird * r S
SWALLOWS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Tree Swallow o S ___ Violet-green Swallow c S ___ Northern Rough-winged Swallow * r S ___ Bank Swallow r S ___ Cliff Swallow o S ___ Barn Swallow o S
JAYS, MAGPIES, CROWS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Gray Jay r P ___ Steller's Jay c P ___ Scrub Jay o P ___ Pinyon Jay c P ___ Clark's Nutcracker c P ___ Black-billed Magpie c P ___ American Crow o P ___ Common Raven c P
TITMICE ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Black-capped Chickadee o P ___ Mountain Chickadee c P ___ Plain Titmouse o P
NUTHATCHES ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Red-breasted Nuthatch r P ___ White-breasted Nuthatch o P ___ Pygmy Nuthatch r P
WRENS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Rock Wren o S ___ Canyon Wren r S ___ House Wren o S
KINGLETS AND GNATCATCHERS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Golden-crowned Kinglet r P ___ Ruby-crowned Kinglet o S ___ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher r S
SOLITAIRES AND THRUSHES ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Western Bluebird r S ___ Mountain Bluebird c P ___ Townsend's Solitaire c P ___ Swainson's Thrush o S ___ Hermit Thrush r S ___ American Robin c P
MOCKINGBIRDS AND THRASHERS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Gray Catbird r S ___ Northern Mockingbird r S ___ Sage Thrasher o S ___ Brown Thrasher r S
PIPITS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ American Pipit * r S
WAXWINGS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Bohemian Waxwing r W ___ Cedar Waxwing r W
SHRIKES ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Northern Shrike r W ___ Loggerhead Shrike o P
VIREOS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Solitary Vireo r S ___ Warbling Vireo o S
WOOD WARBLERS ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Orange-crowned Warbler r S ___ Virginia's Warbler r S ___ Yellow Warbler o S ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler c S ___ Black-throated Gray Warbler r S ___ Townsend's Warbler * r S ___ Grace's Warbler * r S ___ Ovenbird * r S ___ McGillvray's Warbler o S ___ Common Yellowthroat r S ___ Wilson's Warbler o S
BLACKBIRDS AND ORIOLES ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Red-winged Blackbird c P ___ Western Meadowlark o P ___ Yellow-headed Blackbird * r S ___ Brewer's Blackbird o P ___ Brown-headed Cowbird o S ___ Northern Oriole r S
FINCHES ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ Rosy Finch r W ___ Pine Grosbeak r P ___ Cassin's Finch o P ___ House Finch o P ___ Red Crossbill r P ___ Common Redpoll * r S ___ Pine Siskin c P ___ Lesser Goldfinch o S ___ American Goldfinch r P ___ Evening Grosbeak r P ___ Rose-breasted Grosbeak o S ___ Black-headed Grosbeak c S ___ Blue Grosbeak r S ___ Lazuli Bunting o S ___ Indigo Bunting * r S ___ Green-tailed Towhee c S ___ Rufous-sided Towhee o P ___ Brown Towhee r P ___ American Tree Sparrow o W ___ Chipping Sparrow c S ___ Brewer's Sparrow o S ___ Vesper Sparrow o S ___ Lark Sparrow o S ___ Sage Sparrow o S ___ Lark Bunting r S ___ Savannah Sparrow r S ___ Fox Sparrow o S ___ Song Sparrow o P ___ Lincoln's Sparrow r S ___ White-throated Sparrow r S ___ White-crowned Sparrow o P ___ Harris' Sparrow * r W ___ Dark-eyed Junco c P
INTRODUCED SPECIES ABUNDANCE STATUS ___ House Sparrow * r P ___ European Starling o P

For additional information contact:

        Great Sand Dunes National Monument
        11500 Highway 150
        Mosca, Colorado 81146-9798

Published by Southwest Parks and Monuments Association. Southwest Parks and Monuments Association was founded in 1938 to aid and promote the educational and scientific activities of the National Park Service. As a nonprofit organization authorized by Congress, it makes interpretive material available to park visitors by sale or free distribution. All net proceeds support the interpretive and research programs of the National Park Service.
This resource is based on the following source:
Southwest Parks and Monuments Association.  1989.  A checklist of the birds 
     of Great Sand Dunes National Monument.  Southwest Parks and Monuments 
     Association.  Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as:
Southwest Parks and Monuments Association.  1989.  A checklist of the birds 
     of Great Sand Dunes National Monument.  Southwest Parks and Monuments 
     Association.  Unpaginated.  Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife 
     Research Center Online.
     (Version 22MAY98).

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