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Bird Checklists of the United States

Fossil Butte National Monument

Kemmerer, Wyoming

The birds on this list have been seen on the Monument or in the surrounding area (including Kemmmerer). This is probably NOT a complete list. If you see a bird not on this list please let us know. Names and sequence according to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-list of North American Birds, 6th edition.(1983)

GREBES ___ Pied-billed Grebe
BITTERNS & HERONS ___ Great Blue Heron
IBISES ___ White-faced Ibis
DUCKS, GEESE & SWANS ___ Canada Goose ___ Green-winged Teal ___ Mallard ___ Northern Pintail ___ Cinnamon Teal ___ Lesser Scaup ___ Ruddy Duck
AMERICAN VULTURES ___ Turkey Vulture
EAGLES & HAWKS ___ Bald Eagle ___ Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk) ___ Northern Goshawk ___ Swainson's Hawk ___ Red-tailed Hawk ___ Ferruginous Hawk ___ Golden Eagle
FALCONS ___ American Kestrel ___ Peregrine Falcon ___ Prairie Falcon
GROUSE ___ Sage Grouse ___ Sharp-tailed Grouse
RAILS ___ American Coot
CRANES ___ Sandhill Crane ___ Whooping Crane
PLOVERS ___ Killdeer
SHOREBIRDS ___ Wilson's Phalarope
GULLS & TERNS ___ Franklin's Gull ___ Herring Gull ___ Common Tern ___ Forster's Tern
DOVES ___ Rock Dove ___ Mourning Dove
OWLS ___ Great Horned Owl
GOATSUCKERS ___ Common Nighthawk ___ Common Poorwill
HUMMINGBIRDS ___ Calliope Hummingbird
KINGFISHERS ___ Belted Kingfisher
WOODPECKERS ___ Hairy Woodpecker ___ Northern Flicker (Common Flicker)
FLYCATCHERS ___ Say's Phoebe ___ Western Kingbird ___ Eastern Kingbird
LARKS ___ Horned Lark
SWALLOWS ___ Tree Swallow ___ Violet-green Swallow ___ Northern Rough-winged Swallow ___ Cliff Swallow ___ Barn Swallow
JAYS & CROWS ___ Steller's Jay ___ Pinyon Jay ___ Clark's Nutcracker ___ Black-billed Magpie ___ American Crow ___ Common Raven
CHICKADEES ___ Black-capped Chickadee ___ Mountain Chickadee
NUTHATCHES ___ Red-breasted Nuthatch
WRENS ___ Rock Wren ___ Marsh Wren
THRUSHES ___ Mountain Bluebird ___ American Robin
THRASHERS ___ Sage Thrasher
WAXWINGS ___ Bohemian Waxwing
STARLINGS ___ European Starling
WOOD-WARBLERS ___ Yellow Warbler ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler ___ Townsend's Warbler ___ MacGillivray's Warbler
SPARROWS, TOWHEES & ALLIES ___ Green-tailed Towhee ___ American Tree Sparrow ___ Chipping Sparrow ___ Brewer's Sparrow ___ Vesper Sparrow ___ White-throated Sparrow ___ Dark-eyed Junco
BLACKBIRDS & ORIOLES ___ Red-winged Blackbird ___ Western Meadowlark ___ Yellow-headed Blackbird ___ Rusty Blackbird ___ Brewer's Blackbird ___ Common Grackle ___ Northern Oriole
FINCHES ___ Rosy Finch ___ Purple Finch ___ Cassin's Finch
WEAVER FINCHES ___ House Sparrow

Fossil Butte National Monument is administered by the National Park Service. For additional information contact:
                 Fossil Butte National Monument
                 PO Box 592
                 Kemmerer, Wyoming 83101
                 Telephone: 307/877-4455
This resource is based on the following source:
National Park Service.  No date.  Birds of the Fossil Butte Area.  
     National Park Service.  1 page.
This resource should be cited as:
National Park Service.  No date.  Birds of the Fossil Butte Area.  
     National Park Service.  1 page.  Jamestown, ND: Northern 
     Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. 
     (Version 22MAY98).

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