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Fort Ransom State Park

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Fort Ransom, North Dakota

Fort Ransom State Park is located in the drift prairie region of southeast North Dakota. The park's 891 acres contain a variety of natural communities which include oak woodland, lowland woodland and mixed grass prairie. Natural communities associated with the intermittent streams, springs and the Sheyenne River are composed of wet meadow, emergent and aquatic species.

Because of the many habitats, birds are abundant in Fort Ransom State Park. This checklist is designed to help you identify the many bird species in the park.

Fifteen of the over 140 species of birds that may be observed at the park are on the Natural Heritage Program's state rare species list. These include species such as Cooper's hawk, pileated woodpecker, osprey, bald eagle, turkey vulture, black tern, long-eared owl, red-breasted nuthatch, eastern bluebird, northern waterthrush, scarlet tanager, northern cardinal and white-throated sparrow.

Remember that all plants and animals are protected in state parks, and they should not be disturbed.

If you would like to share your sightings or observations, especially new or rare species, drop the information by the park office or mail it to the park manager at:

                                          Fort Ransom State Park
                                          5981 Walt Hjelle Parkway
                                          Fort Ransom, North Dakota  58033-9712

Abundance Status (AS)
c - common: numerous, widespread. Easily observed sometime during the year. Observed by most people each year.
u - uncommon, Not as numerous. May not be found
r - rare: very seldom seen
* - included on the rare species list of North Dakota's Natural Heritage Program
(n) - indicates species that have nested at the park

Capitalized letters indicate bird status as Fort Ransom State Park. Small case letters indicate bird status in North Dakota.

LOONS AND GREBES                                     (AS)

___ Pied-billed Grebe                             U        c

PELICANS (AS) ___ American White Pelican U c
BITTERNS AND HERONS (AS) ___ Great Blue Heron C c ___ Blue-crowned Night Heron U c ___ Great Egret R r ___ American Bittern U u ___ Green Heron U u
WATERFOWL (AS) ___ Canada Goose (n) C c ___ Snow Goose C c ___ Mallard (n) C c ___ Northern Pintail U c ___ American Wigeon U c ___ Northern Shoveler U c ___ Blue-winged Teal (n) C c ___ Green-winged Teal U c ___ Gadwall U c ___ Ring-necked Duck U u ___ Lesser Scaup U c ___ Wood Duck (n) C c ___ Redhead U c ___ Canvasback U c ___ Ruddy Duck U c
VULTURES AND HAWKS (AS) ___ Turkey Vulture* U u ___ Osprey* R r ___ Bald Eagle* R u ___ Cooper's Hawk* (n) C r ___ Sharp-shinned Hawk U u ___ Northern Harrier U c ___ Red-tailed Hawk (n) C c ___ Swainson's Hawk* (n) C c ___ Rough-legged Hawk U u ___ American Kestrel (n) C c
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS (AS) ___ Wild Turkey (n) U u ___ Gray Partridge U c ___ Ring-necked pheasant (n) U c
RAILS (AS) ___ American Coot U c ___ Sora U u
SANDPIPERS, SNIPES, AND PHALAROPES (AS) ___ Killdeer (n) c c ___ Spotted Sandpiper o o ___ Solitary Sandpiper U c ___ Greater Yellowlegs U c ___ Lesser Yellowlegs U c ___ Upland Sandpiper* U u
GULLS AND TERNS (AS) ___ Herring Gull U c ___ Ring-billed Gull U c ___ Franklin's Gull U c ___ Black Tern* U c
PIGEONS AND CUCKOOS (AS) ___ Mourning Dove (n) C c ___ Rock Dove U c
OWLS AND GOATSUCKERS (AS) ___ Great Horned Owl (n) C c ___ Eastern Screech Owl U u ___ Barred Owl C c ___ Snowy Owl R u ___ Long-eared owl* U u ___ Northern Saw-whet Owl R r ___ Common Nighthawk C c
SWIFTS (AS) ___ Chimney Swift U u
HUMMINGBIRDS (AS) ___ Ruby-throated Hummingbird C c
KINGFISHERS (AS) ___ Belted Kingfisher C c
WOODPECKERS (AS) ___ Northern Flicker u u ___ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker u u ___ Red-headed Woodpecker (n) o o ___ Hairy Woodpecker (n) u u ___ Downy Woodpecker (n) c c ___ Red-bellied Woodpecker R r ___ Pileated Woodpecker* (n) C r
FLYCATCHERS (AS) ___ Eastern Kingbird (n) C c ___ Western Kingbird U c ___ Eastern Phoebe U u ___ E. Wood-pewee (n) C u ___ Great-crestd Flycatcher R r ___ Willow Flycatcher U u ___ Least Flycatcher U u
LARKS AND SWALLOWS (AS) ___ Barn Swallow (n) C c ___ Tree Swallow (n) C c ___ Bank Swallow (n) C c ___ Cliff Swallow U c ___ N Rough-winged Swallow U u ___ Purple Martin U c ___ Horned Lark C c
JAYS, CROWS AND MAGPIES (AS) ___ Blue Jay C c ___ American Crow (n) C c ___ Black-billed Magpie U u
CHICKADEES, NUTHATCHES, AND WRENS (AS) ___ Black-capped Chickadees (n) C c ___ White-breasted Nuthatch C c ___ Red-breasted Nuthatch* R r ___ Brown Creeper U u ___ House Wren (n) C c ___ Short-billed Marsh Wren U u ___ Long-billed Marsh Wren (n) C c
KINGLETS, THRUSHES, AND THRASHERS (AS) ___ Golden-crowned Kinglet U u ___ Ruby-crowned Kinglet U u ___ Gray Catbird (n) C c ___ Brown Thrasher (n) C c ___ American Robin (n) C c ___ Eastern Bluebird* (n) C c ___ Mountain Bluebird U u ___ Veery U u ___ Wood Thrush U r ___ Swainson's Thrush U u ___ Hermit Thrush U u ___ European Starling C c
PIPITS, WAXWINGS, AND SHRIKES (AS) ___ Cedar Waxwing U c ___ Bohemian Waxwing U c
VIREOS (AS) ___ Red-eyed vireo U u ___ Warbling vireo U u
WOOD WARBLERS (AS) ___ Tennessee Warbler U u ___ Yellow Warbler (n) C c ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler U c ___ Black and White Warbler U u ___ Common Yellowthroat (n) C c ___ American Redstart U u ___ Ovenbird U u ___ Northern Waterthrush* U u
TANAGERS, GROSBEAKS, BUNTINGS, AND SPARROWS (AS) ___ Scarlet Tanager* R r ___ Northern Cardinal* R r ___ Rose-breasted Grosbeak U u ___ Indigo Bunting U u ___ Lazuli Bunting U u ___ Snow Bunting U c ___ Grasshopper Sparrow (n) C c ___ Vesper Sparrow (n) C c ___ Chipping Sparrow (n) C c ___ Field Sparrow R r ___ American Tree Sparrow U u ___ Savannah Sparrow U u ___ White-throated Sparrow* U u ___ Song Sparrow (n) C c ___ Clay-colored Sparrow (n) C c ___ Lark Sparrow U u ___ Dark-eyed Junco (n) C c
MEADOWLARKS, BLACKBIRDS, AND ORIOLES (AS) ___ Bobolink (n) C u ___ Western Meadowlark (n) C c ___ Eastern Meadowlark (n) C c ___ Yellow-headed Blackbird U c ___ Red-winged Blackbird U c ___ Brewer's Blackbird (n) C u ___ Common Grackle (n) C c ___ Brown-headed Cowbird (n) C c ___ Baltimore Oriole U c
FINCHES (AS) ___ Purple Finch U u ___ American Goldfinch (n) C c ___ Pine Siskin U c ___ Common Redpoll U c ___ House Finch U c
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The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department's facilities, programs and employment procedures are open to all, regardless of age, sex, race, color, disability, religion, national origin, or political affiliation. Contact us prior to your visit if you need an accommodation for a disability. For an alternate format of this publication (Braille, large print, audio tape, etc.), contact:
                                  North Dakota Parks and Recreation Dept.
                                  1835 Bismarck Expressway
                                  Bismarck, ND  58504
                                  (701) 328-5357

This resource is based on the following source:
Moore, William L., Bob Krueger, and Thomas Wickens. No date. Fort Ransom
     State Park Preliminary Bird Checklist. North Dakota Parks and 
     Recreation Department. Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as:
Moore, William L., Bob Krueger, and Thomas Wickens. No date. Fort Ransom
     State Park Preliminary Bird Checklist. North Dakota Parks and 
     Recreation Department. Unpaginated.  Jamestown, ND: Northern 
     Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 18JUL00).

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