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Mammal Checklists of the United States

Pine Island, Matlacha Pass, Island Bay,
Caloosahatchee National Wildlife Refuges

small state map showing location


___ Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphin        Tursiops truncatus
___ West Indian Manatee                  Trichechus manatus
___ Virginia Opossum                     Dilelphis virginiana
___ Southern Short-tailed Shrew          Blarina brevicauda peninsulae
___ Least Shrew                          Cryptotis parva floridana
___ Southeastern Shrew                   Sorex longirostris
___ Eastern Mole                         Scalopus aquaticus
___ Eastern Yellow Bat                   Lasiurus intermedius
___ Big Brown Bat                        Eptesicus fuscus
___ Seminole Bat                         Nycteris seminolus
___ Evening Bat                          Nycticeius humeralis
___ Brazilian Free-tailed Bat            Tadarida brasiliensis
___ Nine-banded Armadillos               Dasypus novemcinctus
___ Eastern Cottontail Rabbit            Sylvilagus floridanus floridanus
___ Marsh Rabbits                        Sylvilagus palustris
___ Southeastern Pocket Gopher           Geomys pinetis
___ Gray Squirrel                        Sciurus carolinensis
___ Big Cypress Fox Squirrel             Sciurus niger avicennia
___ Sherman's Fox Squirrel               Sciurus niger shermani
___ Southern Flying Squirrel             Glaucomys volans
___ Marsh Rice Rat                       Oryzomys palustris coloratus
___ Eastern Harvest Mouse                Reithrodontomys humilis
___ Eastern Woodrat                      Neotoma floridana
___ Golden Mouse                         Ochrotmys nuttalli
___ Florida Cotton Mouse                 Peromyscus gossypinus palmarinus
___ Collier Cotton Mouse                 Peromyscus gossypinus temaphilus
___ Oldfield Mouse                       Peromyscus polionotus
___ Florida Mouse                        Podomys floridanus
___ Florida Hispid Cotton Rat            Signodon hispidus floridanus
___ Round-tailed Muskrat                 Neofiber alleni
___ House Mouse                          Mus musculus
___ Gray Fox                             Urocyon cinereoargenteus floridanus
___ Red Fox                              Vulpes vulpes fulva
___ Florida raccoon                      Procyon lotor elucus
___ Long-tailed Weasel                   Mustela frenata peninsulae
___ Spotted Skunk                        Spilogale putorius ambarvalus
___ Striped Skunk                        Mephitis mephitis elongata
___ River Otter                          Lutra canadensis
___ Bobcat                               Lynx rufus
___ White-tailed Deer                    Odocoileus virginianus seminola
___ Wild Hog                             Sus scrofa

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