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Bird Checklists of the United States

Egmont Key State Park and National Wildlife Refuge

small state map showing location

St. Petersburg, Florida

This list has been compiled by park service personnel and volunteers. The information is updated as observers provide new data. If you would like to participate in the program please return a copy of the brochure to the park office. Your observations can make a difference and as time passes you will be able to notice the changes each time you visit the park.
1 - Endangered
2 - Threatened
3 - Special Concern
4 - Park Concern

Sp - Mar 1 - May 31
Su - Jun 1 - Jul 31
F - Aug 1 - Nov 15
W - Nov 16 - Feb 28
Y - Year Round

c - common
u - uncommon
r - rare

(*) Exotic (non-native) species are indicated with an asterisk.



___ Common Loon                               FWSp-c

GREBES ___ Horned Grebe FWSp
GANNETS ___ Northern Gannet 3-W-u
PELICANS ___ American White Pelican Sp ___ Brown Pelican 3-Y-c
CORMORANTS ___ Double-crested Cormorant Y-c
ANHINGAS ___ Anhinga Y
FRIGATEBIRDS ___ Magnificent Frigatebird Y-c
HERONS ___ Great Blue Heron Y-c ___ Great Egret Y-c ___ Snowy Egret 3-Y-c ___ Green-backed Heron Y-u ___ Little Blue Heron 3-Y-u ___ Reddish Egret 3-Y-u ___ Cattle Egret Y-c ___ Black-crowned Night Heron Y-c ___ Yellow-crowned Night Heron Y-u
STORKS ___ Wood Stork 1-Y-r ___ Roseate Spoonbill 3-W-r
IBISES ___ White Ibis Y-c
WATERFOWL ___ Mottled Duck Y-u ___ Blue-winged Teal Y-u ___ Ring-necked Duck FWSp-u ___ Lesser Scaup FWSp ___ Red-breasted Merganser Y-c
AMERICAN VULTURES ___ Turkey Vulture Y-c ___ Black Vulture Y-c
HAWKS & KITES ___ Osprey 3-Y-u ___ American Swallow-tailed Kite Su-u ___ Bald Eagle 1-Y ___ Northern Harrier Y ___ Red-shoulder Hawk Y-u
FALCONS ___ American Kestrel 3-Y-u ___ Merlin FWSp-u ___ Peregrine Falcon FWSp-r
GALLINULES ___ Purple Gallinule Y
PLOVERS ___ Black-bellied Plover Y-c ___ Snowy Plover 2-Y-u ___ Piping Plover 2-W ___ Killdeer Y-u
OYSTERCATCHERS ___ American Oystercatcher 3-Y-c
SANDPIPERS ___ Solitary Sandpiper SpF ___ Willet Y-c ___ Ruddy Turnstone Y-c ___ Red Knot Y-c ___ Sanderling Y-c ___ Semipalmated Sandpiper Y ___ Short-billed Dowitcher Y-c
GULLS, TERNS, & SKIMMERS ___ Laughing Gull Y-c ___ ring-billed Gull Y-c ___ Herring Gull Y-c ___ Great Black-backed Gull FWSp-u ___ Caspian Tern Y-u ___ Royal Tern Y-c ___ Sandwich Tern Y-c ___ Common Tern F-r ___ Forster's Tern Y-c ___ Least Tern 2-SpSuF-c ___ Black Skimmer Y-u
DOVES ___*Rock Dove Y-r ___ Mourning Dove Y-c ___ Common Ground Dove Y-c
PARROTS ___*Parrot, unknown species Y-r
CUCKOOS ___ Mangrove Cuckoo Y ___ Black-billed Cuckoo SpF-r
OWLS ___ Barn Owl Y ___ Eastern Screech-Owl SpF-r
GOATSUCKERS ___ Chuck-will's Widow Y-c
HUMMINGBIRDS ___ Ruby-throated Hummingbird R-u
KINGFISHERS ___ Belted Kingfisher Y-c
WOODPECKERS ___ Red-headed Woodpecker Y-r
FLYCATCHERS ___ Eastern Wood-pewee SpF ___ Acadian Flycatcher F ___ Eastern Phoebe FWSp ___ Gray Kingbird Y
SWALLOWS ___ Purple Martin Y-u ___ Tree Swallow Y-c ___ Barn Swallow SuF-r
JAYS & CROWS ___ American Crow Y ___ Fish Crow Y-c
WRENS ___ Carolina Wren Y
GNATCATCHERS ___ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Y-u
THRUSHES ___ American Robin FWSp-c
MOCKINGBIRDS & THRUSHES ___ Gray Catbird FWSp-c ___ Northern Mockingbird Y-c ___ Brown Thrasher Y-u
STARLINGS ___*European Starling Y-c
WARBLERS ___ Northern Parula Y ___ Magnolia Warbler SpF ___ Black-throated Green Warbler FWSp ___ Blackburnian Warbler SpF ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler Y ___ Palm Warbler FWSp ___ Blackpoll Warbler SpSuF ___ American Redstart Y-u ___ Prothonotary Warbler SpSuF-r ___ Ovenbird Y ___ Common Yellowthroat Y-c ___ Hooded Warbler SpSuF-c
TANAGERS ___ Scarlet Tanager SpF-u
CARDINALS & GROSBEAKS ___ Northern Cardinal Y-u ___ Rose-breasted Grosbeak Sp-r ___ Blue Grosbeak SpF ___ Indigo Bunting FWSp-u
EMBERZINES ___ Rufous-sided Towhee Y-u ___ Bobolink SpSuF-u ___ Red-winged Blackbird Y-c ___ Boat-tailed Grackle Y-u ___ Common Grackle Y-c ___ Brown-headed Cowbird FWSp-u ___*House Sparrow Y
Egmont Key is in various stages of accessibility, and is working to improve access to sevices and facilities. Should you need assistance to enable your full participation, please contact the park office as soon as possible. Sometimes as much as ten business days may be necessary to schedule a particular accommodation. Thanks.
For more information about Egmont Key State Park, contact:
                      Egmont Key State Park
                      Drawer #326
                      4275 34th St. So.
                      St. Petersburg, FL 33711
                      Phone #: 813/893-2627
This resource is based on the following source:
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and
     Parks. No date. Egmont Key State Park and National Wildlife Refuge. 
     U.S. Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service. Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as:
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and
     Parks. No date. Egmont Key State Park and National Wildlife Refuge.  
     U.S. Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service. Unpaginated.
     Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 18JUL00).

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