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Bird Checklists of the United States

Birds of Magee Marsh Wildlife Area

small state map showing location

Oak Harbor, Ohio

Suitable habitat is essential to the survival of all creatures. Wetlands are cradles for wildlife. By raising and lowering water levels in the 2,000-acre Magee Marsh at certain times of the year, the Division of Wildlife maintains a variety of plant associations to attract wetland wildlife. The association of marsh, meadow, and swamp forest supports an abundant and varied community of wildlife, both game and nongame species. Large flocks of migrating waterfowl can be seen in March and April, and again in October and November. The spring migration of songbirds is an outstanding attraction.

This list of 307 birds that have been seen on the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area has been compiled for your information and use. The names of an additional 21 species that have been seen in the vicinity, but not on the wildlife area, are appended.


S - Spring = March-May
Su - Summer = June-August
F - Fall = September-November
W - Winter = December-February


a - Abundant = common species, very numerous
c - Common = certain to be seen in suitable habitat
u - Uncommon = present but not certain to be seen
o - Occasional = seen only a few times during a season
r - Rare = seen at intervals of 2 to 5 years
x - Accidental = strays and escapees
• - Nest locally

Common Loon o - o r
Red-necked Grebe r - r - Horned Grebe o - u r Eared Grebe r - r - •Pied-billed Grebe c c c r
American White Pelican r r r -
•Double-crested Cormorant c c c r
•Great Blue Heron c a c u •Green Heron c c c •Little Blue Heron o o o •Cattle Egret u u u •Great Egret c a c x •Snowy Egret u u u Tricolored Heron r o r •Black-crowned Night-Heron c a c o Yellow-crowned Night-Heron r r - - •Least Bittern u u u x •American Bittern u u u r
Glossy Ibis r r r - White-faced Ibis x - - -
•Mute Swan u u u u •Tundra Swan a x c o •Trumpeter Swan o o o o •Canada Goose a a a a Brant x - r - Barnacle Goose - x x x Bar-headed Goose x - - x Gr. White-fronted Goose x - r x Snow Goose o - c u Snow Goose (blue form) o - c u Ross' Goose x - r - Fulvous Whistling Duck - - x - •Mallard a a a a •American Black Duck a c a a •Gadwall c u a r •Northern Pintail a u a o •Green-winged Teal c u a o •Blue-winged Teal a c a x Cinnamon Teal x - x - Eurasian Wigeon r - r x •American Wigeon a u a o •Northern Shoveler c u c r •Wood Duck c c a r •Redhead c u c o Ring-necked Duck c x c r •Canvasback a r c c Greater Scaup u - u u •Lesser Scaup a r c u Common Goldeneye c - c c Bufflehead c - c u Oldsquaw r - o r King Eider - - x - White-winged Scoter o - o o Surf Scoter o - o o Black Scoter - - o r •Ruddy Duck c u c u •Hooded Merganser c u c u Common Merganser a r a a Red-breasted Merganser c - c r
•Turkey Vulture c o u
Northern Goshawk r - r r Sharp-shinned Hawk c - u r •Cooper's Hawk c u u u •Red-tailed Hawk c c c c •Red-shouldered Hawk c u u o Broad-winged Hawk c - c - Rough-legged Hawk u - u c Golden Eagle r - r r •Bald Eagle c c c c •Northern Harrier c u u c Osprey u r u -
Gyrfalcon x - x x Peregrine Falcon o - o r Merlin o - o r •American Kestrel c c c c
Northern Bobwhite r r r r •Ring-necked Pheasant c c c c
Sandhill Crane o - r -
•King Rail o o o r •Virginia Rail u o u r •Sora c u c r Yellow Rail x - o - Black Rail x - x - •Common Moorhen u u u x •American Coot a c a o
American Avocet r - o - Black-necked Stilt x x - -
Semipalmated Plover c u c - Piping Plover r r r - Wilson's Plover - x - - •Killdeer a a c r American Golden-Plover c u u - Black-bellied Plover c u u -
Ruddy Turnstone c u c - •American Woodcock c u u - •Common Snipe c u c r Whimbrel r r r - •Upland Sandpiper u u u - •Spotted Sandpiper c c c - Solitary Sandpiper c u c - Willet o o o - Greater Yellowlegs c u c - Lesser Yellowlegs c c c - Red Knot o o o - Ruff r r r - Pectoral Sandpiper c c c - White-rumped Sandpiper o o o - Baird's Sandpiper o o o x Least Sandpiper c c c - Dunlin a c a r Short-billed Dowitcher c c c - Long-billed Dowitcher u c c - Stilt Sandpiper u u u - Semipalmated Sandpiper a c c - Western Sandpiper o o o - Buff-breasted Sandpiper r r r - Marbled Godwit o o o - Hudsonian Godwit x r r - Sanderling u c c x Red Phalarope - - r x •Wilson's Phalarope u u u - Red-necked Phalarope o o o -
Parasitic Jaeger - x r - Great Skua - - x - Glaucous Gull r x r r Iceland Gull - - r r Great Black-backed Gull c u c c •Herring Gull a a a a •Ring-billed Gull a a a c Black-legged Kittiwake x - - - Franklin's Gull x r r x Laughing Gull - r r - Bonaparte's Gull c o a a Little Gull - - x - Forster's Tern u o c - •Common Tern u u u x Least Tern - x x - •Caspian Tern u c c - •Black Tern u u u -
•Mourning Dove c c c c •Rock Dove u u u u
•Yellow-billed Cuckoo u u u - •Black-billed Cuckoo u u u - Groove-billed Ani - - x -
•Barn Owl r r r r
•Eastern Screech Owl c c c c •Great Horned Owl c c c c Snowy Owl o - o o Barred Owl r r r r •Long-eared Owl o o o o Short-eared Owl u - u u Northern Saw-whet Owl o x o r
Whip-poor-will u - r - •Common Nighthawk c c c -
•Chimney Swift c u c -
•Ruby-throated Hummingbird u u u -
•Belted Kingfisher c c c o
•Northern Flicker c c c u Pileated Woodpecker x - - - Red-bellied Woodpecker o o o o •Red-headed Woodpecker u u u u Yellow-bellied Sapsucker c - c r •Hairy Woodpecker u u u u •Downy Woodpecker c c c c
•Eastern Kingbird c c c - Western Kingbird - x x - Scissor-tailed Flycatcher x - - - •Great Crested Flycatcher c c c - •Eastern Phoebe c u u - Yellow-bellied Flycatcher c o u - •Acadian Flycatcher u r u - Adler Flycatcher u o u - •Willow Flycatcher c c c - •Least Flycatcher c c c - •Wood-Pewee c c c - Olive-sided Flycatcher u o u -
•Horned Lark c u c c
•Tree Swallow c a a x •Bank Swallow c c c - •N. Rough-winged Swallow c c c - •Barn Swallow c a c - •Cliff Swallow u o u - •Purple Martin c a c -
•Blue Jay a u c u Black-billed Magpie x - - x •American Crow c o u o
Black-capped Chickadee u - u u •Tufted Titmouse u u u u
•White-breasted Nuthatch o o o u Red-breasted Nuthatch u - u o
Brown Creeper c - c u
•House Wren c c c x Winter Wren c - u u Bewick's Wren x x x x •Carolina Wren u u u u •Marsh Wren c c c r •Sedge Wren u u u x
•Northern Mockingbird r u r r •Gray Catbird c c c r •Brown Thrasher c c c r
•American Robin a a c u •Wood Thrush c u u - Hermit Thrush c - c r Swainson's Thrush a o a - Gray-cheeked Thrush u - c - •Veery c o u - •Eastern Bluebird o o o r •Blue-gray Gnatcatcher c u c - Golden-crowned Kinglet c - c u Ruby-crowned Kinglet a - c r
Water Pipit u - u r
Bohemian Waxwing - - - x •Cedar Waxwing c c c u
Northern Shrike r - r r •Loggerhead Shrike o o o r
•European Starling a a a a
•White-eyed Vireo o o o - •Yellow-throated Vireo u u u - Solitary Vireo u - u - •Red-eyed Vireo c c c - Philadelphia Vireo u - u - •Warbling Vireo c c c -
•Black-and-white Warbler c u c - •Prothonotary Warbler u u u - Worm-eating Warbler o r x - Golden-winged Warbler u - o - •Blue-winged Warbler u r u - Tennessee Warbler c - c - Orange-crowned Warbler o - o x Nashville Warbler c - c - Northern Parula u - o - •Yellow Warbler a a c - Magnolia Warbler a x c - Cape May Warbler c - c - Black-throated Blue Warbler c x c - Yellow-rumped Warbler a - a o Black-throated Green Warbler c x c - •Cerulean Warbler u x o - Blackburnian Warbler c - c - Yellow-throated Warbler o - - - •Chestnut-sided Warbler c o c - Bay-breasted Warbler a - c - Blackpoll Warbler c - a - Pine Warbler o - o x Kirtland's Warbler o - - - Prairie Warbler o - r - Palm Warbler c - c - •Ovenbird c u c - Northern Waterthrush c - c - Louisiana Waterthrush o x x - •Kentucky Warbler o r r - Connecticut Warbler u - o - Mourning Warbler u - u - •Common Yellowthroat c c c r •Yellow-breasted Chat u u u - •Hooded Warbler o r r - •Wilson's Warbler c - c - Canada Warbler c - c - •American Redstart c u c - •Bobolink u u u - •Eastern Meadowlark c u c u •Western Meadowlark u u u - •Yellow-headed Blackbird o r r - •Red-winged Blackbird a a a a •Orchard Oriole u o r - •Baltimore Oriole u c u x Rusty Blackbird c - c u Brewer's Blackbird o - o r •Common Grackle a a a u •Brown-headed Cowbird c c c u •Scarlet Tanager c u c - Summer Tanager o x x - •Northern Cardinal c c c c •Rose-breasted Grosbeak c o c - •Indigo Bunting c a c - •Dickcissel o o o - •Eastern Towhee c u c u •Savannah Sparrow c c c x •Grasshopper Sparrow o o o - Le Conte's Sparrow x - r - Henslow's Sparrow r x - - Sharp-tailed Sparrow r - r - •Vesper Sparrow u u u x Lark Sparrow x - - - Dark-eyed Junco c - c u American Tree Sparrow c - c c •Chipping Sparrow u u u - Clay-colored Sparrow r - - - •Field Sparrow u u u r Harris' Sparrow x - x - White-crowned Sparrow c x c u White-throated Sparrow a x a u Fox Sparrow c - c r Lincoln's Sparrow u - u x •Swamp Sparrow c r c o •Song Sparrow c c c u Lapland Longspur u - u u Snow Bunting c - c c
Evening Grosbeak o - o o Purple Finch u x u u •House Finch c c c c Pine Grosbeak - - - x Hoary Redpoll x - x - Common Redpoll o - o o Pine Siskin u - u o •American Goldfinch a c c c
•House Sparrow a a a a
Nests locally
The following 21 species have been seen in the vicinity of Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, but not on it.

 Red-throated Loon                  Townsend's Solitaire
 Sooty Shearwater                   Townsend's Warbler
 Northern Gannet                    Black-headed Grosbeak
 Wood Stork                         Bachman's Sparrow
 Greater Flamingo                   Red Crossbill
 Barrow's Goldeneye                 White-winged Crossbill
 Harlequin Duck                     Northern Wheatear
 Common Eider                       Western Grebe
 Purple Sandpiper                   Brown Pelican
 Long-tailed Jaeger                 Swainson's Hawk
 Boreal Chickadee









For further information, contact:
                  Area Manager
                  Magee Marsh Wildlife Area
                  13229 West State Route 2
                  Oak Harbor, OH 43449

                  George V. Voinovich, Governor
                  Donald C. Anderson, Director
                  Michael J. Budzil, Chief

This resource is based on the following source:
Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  April 1998.  Birds of Magee Marsh
     Wildlife Area.  Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as:
Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  April 1998.  Birds of Magee Marsh
     Wildlife Area.  Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  Unpaginated.
     Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 30DEC2002).

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