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Bird Checklists of the United States

Birds of the Yuma District

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Yuma, Arizona

Welcome to the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) Yuma District. The District encompasses over 2.5 million acres of land, of which almost 1.25 million acres are public lands. These are your lands to enjoy and protect. They are managed and administered by the BLM to maintain the multiple use values of all resources, for you, and for future generations.

The Yuma District encompasses the entire 280-mile length of the lower Colorado River, from Davis Dam along the Nevada border on the north, to the border with Mexico on the south. It includes portions of Arizona and California and contains a wide diversity of wildlife habitat. It varies from an aquatic big river, lake, and marsh environment to terrestrial areas such as broad sandy plains, rocky foothills, high mountain peaks and agricultural fields. Vegetation ranges from riparian cattail, willow, and cottonwood to desert creosote bush, palo verde, and giant saguaro cactus. Annual rainfall averages as much as 10 inches at 5,000 feet in the mountains to less than 3 inches at 150 feet above sea level near Yuma.


This checklist contains the names of 381 bird species that have been documented within the Yuma District. After each species is an abundance code and a residency code, which are very general and should only be used as a guide. Species abundance may vary from year to year or season to season. Habitats also determine where a species will be found and how numerous it will be. No abundance is given for a species will be found and how numerous it will be. No abundance is given for a species whose residency status is accidental. Definitions of the codes are given below.

C - Common or Abundant - Generally to be seen in the appropriate habitat, occasionally in large numbers. Includes the terms "fairly common" or "not common."
U - Uncommon - Seldom or infrequently seen, although not unusual.
R - Rare - Very low probability of bird being seen but not out of its usual range.

Residency Status
y - Yearlong - The species can be found within the Yuma District throughout the year.
s - Summer - The species resides within the district during the summer. Because birds must migrate to and from the district, this category implies that a species is transient during those times.
w - Winter - The species resides within the district during the winter. As above, this category implies that a species is transient during its migration into and out of the district.
t - Transient - This species migrates through the district in the spring and/or fall. This category also includes summer and winter visitor and post-nesting wanderer.
Acc - Accidental - Although the species has been observed within the district, it is out of its ordinary range and is not expected to return.

The numbered columns before each species correspond to each trip or observation period. Space is provided elsewhere for summarizing information about each trip. This allows the checklist to be used more than once.

Observations of birds not contained in this checklist or that are categorized as Accidental should be documented by photographs or complete details and every effort should be made to get other observers to substantiate the sighting. Details of such birds should be reported to:

Bureau of Land Management
Yuma District Office
3150 Winsor Avenue
Yuma, AZ 85365

LOONS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Common Loon U, w _|_|_ Pacific Loon R, w _|_|_ Red-throated Loon Acc _|_|_ Yellow-billed Loon Acc
GREBES 1|2|3 _|_|_ Pied-billed Grebe C, y _|_|_ Horned Grebe R, w _|_|_ Eared Grebe U, w _|_|_ Western Grebe C, y _|_|_ Clark's Grebe C, y _|_|_ Least Grebe Acc _|_|_ Red-necked Grebe Acc
ALBATROSSES 1|2|3 _|_|_ Laysan Albatross Acc
PELICANS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Brown Pelican R, t _|_|_ American White Pelican U, y _|_|_ Blue-footed Booby Acc _|_|_ Brown Booby Acc
CORMORANTS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Double-crested Cormorant C, y _|_|_ Olivaceous Cormorant Acc
FRIGATEBIRDS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Magnificent Frigatebird Acc
HERONS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Great Blue Heron C, y _|_|_ Green-backed Heron U, y _|_|_ Black-crowned Night Heron C, y _|_|_ Yellow-crowned Night Heron Acc _|_|_ Tricolored Heron Acc _|_|_ Little Blue Heron Acc _|_|_ American Bittern R, w _|_|_ Least Bittern U, y _|_|_ Great Egret C, y _|_|_ Snowy Egret C, y _|_|_ Cattle Egret U, y _|_|_ Reddish Egret Acc
IBISES & SPOONBILLS 1|2|3 _|_|_ White-faced Ibis U, y _|_|_ White Ibis Acc _|_|_ Roseate Spoonbill Acc
STORKS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Wood Stork R, s
WATERFOWL 1|2|3 _|_|_ Tundra Swan R, w _|_|_ Snow Goose U, w _|_|_ Greater White-fronted Goose R, w _|_|_ Ross' Goose R, w _|_|_ Canada Goose C, w _|_|_ Brant Acc _|_|_ Wood Duck R, w _|_|_ Fulvous Whistling Duck R, s _|_|_ Ring-necked Duck C, w _|_|_ Ruddy Duck C, w _|_|_ Mallard C, w _|_|_ Northern Pintail C, w _|_|_ Gadwall C, w _|_|_ Cinnamon Teal C, y _|_|_ Green-winged Teal C, w _|_|_ Blue-winged Teal U, t _|_|_ Northern Shoveler C, w _|_|_ American Wigeon C, w _|_|_ Eurasian Wigeon Acc _|_|_ Canvasback U, w _|_|_ Redhead C, w _|_|_ Greater Scaup R, w _|_|_ Lesser Scaup C, w _|_|_ Common Goldeneye C, w _|_|_ Barrow's Goldeneye R, w _|_|_ Bufflehead C, w _|_|_ Hooded Merganser R, w _|_|_ Common Merganser C, w _|_|_ Red-breasted Merganser U, w _|_|_ Oldsquaw Acc _|_|_ Surf Scooter Acc _|_|_ White-winged Scooter Acc
RAPTORS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Turkey Vulture C, y _|_|_ Osprey U, y _|_|_ Bald Eagle R, w _|_|_ Golden Eagle R, w _|_|_ Northern Harrier U, y _|_|_ Goshawk, Northern Acc _|_|_ Cooper's Hawk U, y _|_|_ Sharp-shinned Hawk U, w _|_|_ Common Black Hawk R, s _|_|_ Harris' Hawk U, y _|_|_ Swainson's Hawk U, t _|_|_ Zone-tailed Hawk R, t _|_|_ Red-tailed Hawk C, y _|_|_ Ferruginous Hawk U, w _|_|_ Rough-legged Hawk R, w _|_|_ Red-shouldered Hawk Acc _|_|_ Black-shouldered Kite Acc _|_|_ Mississippi Kite Acc _|_|_ American Kestrel C, y _|_|_ Merlin U, w _|_|_ Peregrine Falcon R, t _|_|_ Prairie Falcon U, y
PHEASANTS & QUAIL 1|2|3 _|_|_ Ring-necked Pheasant R, y _|_|_ Gambel's Quail C, y
RAILS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Black Rail R, y _|_|_ Clapper Rail R, y _|_|_ Virginia Rail U, y _|_|_ Sora U, y _|_|_ Common Moorhen U, y _|_|_ American Coot C, y
CRANES 1|2|3 _|_|_ Sandhill Crane U, w
PLOVERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Black-bellied Plover U, t _|_|_ Lesser Golden Plover Acc _|_|_ Snowy Plover R, t _|_|_ Semipalmated Plover U, t _|_|_ Mountain Plover R, w _|_|_ Killdeer C, y
SANDPIPERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Greater Yellowlegs U, y _|_|_ Lesser Yellowlegs U, t _|_|_ Solitary Sandpiper U, t _|_|_ Spotted Sandpiper C, y _|_|_ Western Sandpiper C, t _|_|_ Upland Sandpiper Acc _|_|_ Least Sandpiper C, w _|_|_ Baird's Sandpiper U, t _|_|_ Pectoral Sandpiper U, t _|_|_ Willet U, t _|_|_ Whimbrel R, t _|_|_ Long-billed Curlew U, t _|_|_ Marbled Godwit U, t _|_|_ Sanderling R, t _|_|_ Dunlin U, t _|_|_ Short-billed Dowitcher R, t _|_|_ Long-billed Dowitcher C, t _|_|_ Common Snipe C, w _|_|_ Wilson's Phalarope C, t _|_|_ Red-necked Phalarope R, t _|_|_ Red Phalarope Acc _|_|_ Red Knot R, t _|_|_ Ruddy Turnstone Acc _|_|_ Black Turnstone Acc _|_|_ Black-necked Stilt U, y _|_|_ American Avocet U, w
JAEGERS & GULLS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Parasitic Jaeger Acc _|_|_ Pomarine Jaeger Acc _|_|_ Long-tailed Jaeger Acc _|_|_ Franklin's Gull R, t _|_|_ Bonaparte's Gull R, w _|_|_ Ring-billed Gull C, y _|_|_ California Gull U, w _|_|_ Herring Gull R, w _|_|_ Sabine's Gull Acc _|_|_ Yellow-footed Gull Acc _|_|_ Glaucous-winged Gull Acc _|_|_ Western Gull Acc _|_|_ Thayer's Gull Acc _|_|_ Mew Gull Acc _|_|_ Laughing Gull Acc _|_|_ Heerman's Gull Acc _|_|_ Black-legged Kittiwake Acc
TERNS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Caspian Tern U, y _|_|_ Common Tern U, t _|_|_ Forster's Tern U, y _|_|_ Black Tern U, t _|_|_ Least Tern R, t _|_|_ Gull-billed Tern Acc _|_|_ Black Skimmer Acc
DOVES 1|2|3 _|_|_ Rock Dove C, y _|_|_ White-winged Dove C, s _|_|_ Mourning Dove C, y _|_|_ Inca Dove U, y _|_|_ Common Ground Dove U, y _|_|_ Ruddy Ground Dove Acc _|_|_ Band-tailed Pigeon Acc
CUCKOOS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Yellow-billed Cuckoo R, s _|_|_ Greater Roadrunner C, y
OWLS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Barn Owl U, y _|_|_ Western Screech Owl U, y _|_|_ Great Horned Owl U, y _|_|_ Elf Owl R, s _|_|_ Burrowing Owl U, y _|_|_ Long-eared Owl R, w _|_|_ Short-eared Owl R, w _|_|_ Flammulated Owl Acc
NIGHTJARS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Lesser Nighthawk C, s _|_|_ Common Nighthawk Acc _|_|_ Common Poorwill R, s
SWIFTS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Vaux's Swift U, t _|_|_ White-throated Swift C, y
HUMMINGBIRDS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Anna's Hummingbird C, y _|_|_ Black-chinned Hummingbird C, s _|_|_ Costa's Hummingbird C, y _|_|_ Calliope Hummingbird R, t _|_|_ Rufous Hummingbird U, t _|_|_ Allen's Hummingbird R, t _|_|_ Broad-billed Hummingbird Acc _|_|_ Broad-tailed Hummingbird Acc
KINGFISHERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Belted Kingfisher C, w
WOODPECKERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Gila Woodpecker C, y _|_|_ Ladder-backed Woodpecker C, y _|_|_ Lewis' Woodpecker R, t _|_|_ Acorn Woodpecker Acc _|_|_ Northern Flicker C, y _|_|_ Red-naped Sapsucker U, w _|_|_ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Acc _|_|_ Red-breasted Sapsucker Acc _|_|_ Williamson's Sapsucker Acc
FLYCATCHERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Gray Flycatcher U, t _|_|_ Olive-sided Flycatcher U, t _|_|_ Willow Flycatcher U, s _|_|_ Hammond's Flycatcher U, t _|_|_ Dusky Flycatcher R, t _|_|_ Cordilleran Flycatcher U, t _|_|_ Pacific-slope Flycatcher U, t _|_|_ Vermilion Flycatcher U, y _|_|_ Ash-throated Flycatcher C, s _|_|_ Brown-crested Flycatcher R, s _|_|_ Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Acc _|_|_ Dusky-capped Flycatcher Acc _|_|_ Greater Pewee Acc _|_|_ Western Wood Pewee U, t _|_|_ Black Phoebe C, y _|_|_ Say's Phoebe C, y _|_|_ Eastern Phoebe Acc _|_|_ Cassin's Kingbird R, t _|_|_ Western Kingbird C, s _|_|_ Thick-billed Kingbird Acc _|_|_ Tropical Kingbird Acc
LARKS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Horned Lark C, y
SWALLOWS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Purple Martin R, t _|_|_ Tree Swallow C, w _|_|_ Violet-green Swallow U, t _|_|_ Northern Rough-winged Swallow C, s _|_|_ Bank Swallow U, t _|_|_ Cliff Swallow C, s _|_|_ Barn Swallow C, t
JAYS & CROWS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Scrub Jay R, w _|_|_ Steller's Jay Acc _|_|_ Pinyon Jay Acc _|_|_ American Crow C, w _|_|_ Common Raven C, y _|_|_ Clark's Nutcracker Acc
VERDINS & BUSHTITS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Verdin C, y _|_|_ Bushtit R, w
CHICKADEES 1|2|3 _|_|_ Mountain Chickadee Acc _|_|_ Bridled Titmouse Acc
NUTHATCHES & CREEPERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Pygmy Nuthatch Acc _|_|_ Red-breasted Nuthatch R, t _|_|_ White-breasted Nuthatch Acc _|_|_ Brown Creeper R, w
DIPPERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ American Dipper Acc
WRENS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Cactus Wren C, y _|_|_ Rock Wren C, y _|_|_ Canyon Wren U, y _|_|_ Bewick's Wren U, y _|_|_ House Wren C, w _|_|_ Winter Wren R, w _|_|_ Marsh Wren C, y
KINGLETS & GNATCATCHERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Golden-crowned Kinglet R, w _|_|_ Ruby-crowned Kinglet C, w _|_|_ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher U, y _|_|_ Black-tailed Gnatcatcher C, y
THRUSHES 1|2|3 _|_|_ Western Bluebird U, w _|_|_ Mountain Bluebird U, w _|_|_ Townsend's Solitaire R, w _|_|_ Swainson's Thrush U, t _|_|_ Hermit Thrush U, w _|_|_ Varied Thrush Acc _|_|_ American Robin C, w _|_|_ Rufous-backed Robin Acc
MOCKINGBIRDS & THRASHERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Northern Mockingbird C, y _|_|_ Sage Thrasher U, t _|_|_ Bendire's Thrasher R, y _|_|_ Curve-billed Thrasher U, y _|_|_ Crissal Thrasher U, y _|_|_ Le Conte's Thrasher R, y _|_|_ Gray Catbird Acc
PIPITS 1|2|3 _|_|_ American Pipit C, w _|_|_ Sprague's Pipit Acc
WAXWINGS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Cedar Waxwing U, w _|_|_ Bohemian Waxwing Acc
SILKY FLYCATCHERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Phainopepla C, y
SHRIKES 1|2|3 _|_|_ Loggerhead Shrike C, y _|_|_ Northern Shrike Acc
STARLINGS 1|2|3 _|_|_ European Starling C, y
VIREOS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Bell's Vireo U, s _|_|_ Gray Vireo R, t _|_|_ Solitary Vireo R, w _|_|_ Hutton's Vireo Acc _|_|_ Warbling Vireo U, t _|_|_ Yellow-throated Vireo Acc _|_|_ Red-eyed Acc
WARBLERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Lucy's Warbler U, s _|_|_ Orange-crowned Warbler C, w _|_|_ Nashville Warbler C, t _|_|_ Virginia's Warbler R, t _|_|_ Yellow Warbler U, s _|_|_ Yellow-rumped Warbler C, w _|_|_ Black-throated Gray Warbler C, t _|_|_ Townsend's Warbler C, t _|_|_ Hermit Warbler C, t _|_|_ MacGillivray's Warbler C, t _|_|_ Wilson's Warbler C, t _|_|_ Magnolia Warbler Acc _|_|_ Prothonotary Warbler Acc _|_|_ Worm-eating Warbler Acc _|_|_ Golden-winged Warbler Acc _|_|_ Palm Warbler Acc _|_|_ Black-and-white Warbler R, t _|_|_ Blackpoll Warbler Acc _|_|_ Bay-breasted Warbler Acc _|_|_ Black-throated Blue Warbler Acc _|_|_ Cape May Warbler Acc _|_|_ Chestnut-sided Warbler Acc _|_|_ Blue-winged Warbler Acc _|_|_ Kentucky Warbler Acc _|_|_ Hooded Warbler Acc _|_|_ Tennessee Warbler Acc _|_|_ Black-throated Green Warbler Acc _|_|_ Northern Parula Acc _|_|_ Ovenbird Acc _|_|_ Northern Waterthrush R, t _|_|_ Louisiana Waterthrush Acc _|_|_ American Redstart R, t _|_|_ Painted Redstart Acc _|_|_ Common Yellowthroat C, y _|_|_ Yellow-breasted Chat C, s
TANAGERS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Summer Tanager U, s _|_|_ Western Tanager C, t _|_|_ Hepatic Tanager Acc _|_|_ Scarlet Tanager Acc
GROSBEAKS & BUNTINGS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Northern Cardinal R, y _|_|_ Blue Grosbeak C, s _|_|_ Rose-breasted Grosbeak R, t _|_|_ Black-headed Grosbeak C, t _|_|_ Lazuli Bunting C, t _|_|_ Indigo Bunting R, s _|_|_ Painted Bunting Acc _|_|_ Varied Bunting Acc _|_|_ Pyrrhuloxia Acc
SPARROWS 1|2|3 _|_|_ Abert's Towhee C, y _|_|_ Green-tailed Towhee U, t _|_|_ Rufous-sided Towhee U, w _|_|_ Canyon Towhee U, y _|_|_ Chipping Sparrow U, w _|_|_ Brewer's Sparrow U, w _|_|_ Vesper Sparrow C, w _|_|_ Lark Sparrow U, y _|_|_ Black-throated Sparrow U, y _|_|_ Sage Sparrow U, w _|_|_ Savannah Sparrow C, w _|_|_ Grasshopper Sparrow R, w _|_|_ Fox Sparrow R, w _|_|_ Song Sparrow C, y _|_|_ Lincoln's Sparrow U, w _|_|_ Golden-crowned Sparrow R, w _|_|_ White-crowned Sparrow C, w _|_|_ Black-chinned Sparrow R, w _|_|_ Harris' Sparrow Acc _|_|_ Swamp Sparrow Acc _|_|_ Sharp-tailed Sparrow Acc _|_|_ White-throated Sparrow Acc _|_|_ Tree Sparrow Acc _|_|_ Lark Bunting R, t _|_|_ Dark-eyed Junco U, w _|_|_ Lapland Longspur R, w _|_|_ Chestnut-collared Longspur R, w _|_|_ McCown's Longspur Acc
BLACKBIRDS & ORIOLES 1|2|3 _|_|_ Brewer's Blackbird C, w _|_|_ Red-winged Blackbird C, y _|_|_ Yellow-headed Blackbird C, s _|_|_ Rusty Blackbird Acc _|_|_ Western Meadowlark C, w _|_|_ Eastern Meadowlark Acc _|_|_ Great-tailed Grackle C, y _|_|_ Common Grackle Acc _|_|_ Bronzed Cowbird R, s _|_|_ Brown-headed Cowbird C, y _|_|_ Hooded Oriole U, s _|_|_ Northern Oriole U, s _|_|_ Scott's Oriole R, t _|_|_ Orchard Oriole Acc _|_|_ Bobolink Acc
FINCHES 1|2|3 _|_|_ House Finch C, y _|_|_ Purple Finch Acc _|_|_ Cassin's Finch Acc _|_|_ Pine Siskin R, w _|_|_ Lesser Goldfinch U, y _|_|_ Lawrence's Goldfinch R, t _|_|_ American Goldfinch U, w _|_|_ Evening Grosbeak Acc _|_|_ Red Crossbill Acc _|_|_ House Sparrow C, y

  1.   Locality_____________________________________ _____________________________________________ Observer(s)__________________________________ Time_________________________________________ Weather______________________________________ Totals: Species_________Individuals_________ Remarks______________________________________
  2.   Locality_____________________________________ _____________________________________________ Observer(s)__________________________________ Time_________________________________________ Weather______________________________________ Totals: Species_________Individuals_________ Remarks______________________________________
  3.   Locality_____________________________________ _____________________________________________ Observer(s)__________________________________ Time_________________________________________ Weather______________________________________ Totals: Species_________Individuals_________ Remarks______________________________________

This resource is based on the following source:
United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management.  No Date.
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This resource should be cited as:
United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management.  No Date.
     Birds of the Yuma District, A Checklist.  United States Department of the 
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     Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 23FEB2001).

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