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Bird Checklists of the United States

Walnut Canyon National Monument

small state map showing location

Flagstaff, Arizona

( ) - Questionable Observation Record
* - Known to breed in the Monument
A - Abundant. Chances of being seen are greater than 50%.
C - Common. Chances of being seen are between 10 and 50%.
FC - Fairly Common. Chances of being seen, between 5 and 10%.
UC - Uncommon. Chances of being seen are between 1 and 5%.
R - Rare. Chances of being seen are less than 1%.
CA - Casual. Out of normal geographic or elevational range for time period listed.
OY - Seen only in occasional years.
YR - Year-round resident.
SR - Summer resident.
WR - Winter resident.

Each entry is followed by information on the relative abundance, residence status, and first and last dates of occurrence in the Monument for that particular bird. Statements of abundance do not reflect actual numbers of a bird species in the area, but indicate the number of times other bird species have been seen here. Thus, it is an indication-based on 31 years of observations-of your chances of seeing that bird within the time period delimited by its first and last occurrence dates.



___*Turkey Vulture March 19-Oct. 12                                  A, SR

ACCIPITRIDAE ___ Merlin R, WR ___*Goshawk UC, YR ___ Sharp-shinned Hawk spring-summer UC, YR ___*Cooper's Hawk FC, YR ___*Red-tailed Hawk C, YR ___ Ferruginous Hawk July 25-Nov. UC, OY ___ Golden Eagle R, YR ___ Bald Eagle R, YR ___*Prairie Falcon spring-summer UC, SR ___ Peregrine Falcon spring-summer UC, SR ___*American Kestrel April 6-Nov. 16 C, SR
SCOLOPACIDAE ___ Spotted Sandpiper August R
COLUMBIDAE ___ Band-tailed Pigeon August-Oct. 9 UC ___*Mourning Dove April 5-Oct. 21 C, SR
CUCULIDAE ___ Roadrunner July-Sept. 29 UC, OY
STRIGIDAE ___ Flammulated Owl July-Nov. R ___*Great Horned Owl UC, YR ___*Northern Pygmy Owl R, YR ___*Spotted Owl R, YR
CAPRIMULGIDAE ___ Poor-will April 5-Oct. 8 UC, SR ___*Common Nighthawk May 10-Sept. 9 C, SR
APODIDAE ___*White-throated Swift May 10-Sept. 16 FC, SR
TROCHILIDAE ___*Black-chinned Hummingbird May 3-Sept. 1 FC, SR ___*Broad-tailed Hummingbird May 3-Oct. 4 C, SR ___ Rufous Hummingbird July 25-Sept. 1 UC
PICIDAE ___*Northern Flicker C, YR ___*Acorn Woodpecker C, YR ___ Lewis' Woodpecker UC, WR ___ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sept. 15-April 29 (CA. in July) UC, WR ___ Williamson's Sapsucker Sept. 3-April 25 C, WR ___*Hairy Woodpecker C, YR ___ Downy Woodpecker July-Sept. UC ___ Three-toed Woodpecker November R
TYRANNIDAE ___ Western Kingbird R, SR ___*Ash-throated Flycatcher May 11-Aug. 15 FC, SR ___ Black Phoebe July R ___ Say's Phoebe March-April; Sept.-Oct. UC ___ Willow Flycatcher August R ___ Gray Flycatcher June-July R, SR ___ Western Flycatcher June-Sept. 8 R, SR ___*Western Wood Pewee June 9-Sept. 1 UC, SR ___ Olive-sided Flycatcher July R
ALAUDIDAE ___ Horned Lark December R
HIRUNDINIDAE ___*Violet-green Swallow May 14-Sept. 19 C, SR ___ (Rough-winged Swallow) June R, CA ___ (Cliff Swallow) August R ___*Purple Martin April 12-Aug. 23 FC, SR
CORVIDAE ___*Steller's Jay A, YR ___ Scrub Jay UC, OY ___*Common Raven C, YR ___ Common Crow (UC in summer) C, YR ___ Pinyon Jay (UC in summer) C, YR ___ Clark's Nutcracker FC, YR
PARIDAE ___ Black-capped Chickadee November R, CA ___*Mountain Chickadee C, YR ___*Plain Titmouse A, YR
AEGITHALIDAE ___*Common Bushtit C, YR
SITTIDAE ___*White-breasted Nuthatch C, YR ___ Red-breasted Nuthatch March-June, Sept.-Dec. UC ___*Pygmy Nuthatch C, YR
CERTHIIDAE ___*Brown Creeper UC, YR
TROGLODYTIDAE ___ House Wren UC, YR ___*Canyon Wren C, YR ___*Rock Wren April-Oct. C, SR
MIMIDAE ___ Mockingbird June-August UC, OY
TURDIDAE ___*American Robin A, YR ___ Hermit Thrust September R ___*Western Bluebird C, YR ___*Mountain Bluebird C, YR ___ Townsend's Solitaire (R in summer) C, WR
SYLVIIDAE ___ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher October R ___ Ruby-crowned Kinglet (R in summer) UC, YR
BOMBYCILLIDAE ___ Cedar Waxwing Nov. 11-April R, OY ___ Bohemian Waxwing Nov. 11-April R, OY
LANIIDAE ___ Loggerhead Shrike August UC, OY, CA
VIREONIDAE ___*Solitary Vireo June 14-Oct. 9 UC, SR ___ Warbling Vireo May-June, Sept. UC
EMBERIZIDAE ___ Orange-crowned Warbler September R ___*Virginia's Warbler May UC, SR ___ Yellow Warbler May FC ___*Yellow-rumped Warbler April 26-Oct. 8 UC, SR ___*Black-throated Gray Warbler April 5-Oct. 2 C, SR ___ Townsend's Warbler Sept. 22-Oct. 4 UC ___ Hermit Warbler August R ___*Grace's Warbler May-Aug. 28 UC, SR ___ MacGillivray's Warbler June-Sept. 18 R, SR ___ Yellow-breasted Chat September R ___ Red-faced Warbler May 11-July UC, SR ___ Wilson's Warbler May 14-Sept. 5 R, SR ___ (Western Meadowlark) November R ___ Scott's Oriole summer R ___ Northern Oriole May 10-July 21 UC ___ Brewer's Blackbird May R ___*Western Tanager May 5-Sept. 22 C, SR ___*Hepatic Tanager June-August 26 UC, SR ___ (Summer Tanager) June R ___ (Cardinal) Sept. R, CA ___*Black-headed Grosbeak May 6-Oct. 6 C, SR ___ Lazuli Bunting June UC ___ Green-tailed Towhee May FC ___*Rufous-sided Towhee C, YR ___ (Brown Towhee) June R, CA ___ Dark-eyed Junco Oct.-May 30 C, WR ___ Chipping Sparrow March 29-Oct. 31 C, SR ___ Brewer's Sparrow Sept. 13-Oct. R ___ Black-chinned Sparrow R, SR ___ White-crowned Sparrow Sept.-June 14 FC, WR ___ (Lincoln's Sparrow) August R
FRINGILLIDAE ___ Evening Grosbeak FC, WR ___ (Purple Finch) Oct. 10-May 17 UC, WR ___ Cassin's Finch Oct. 5-May 20 UC, WR ___ House Finch July-Nov. UC ___ Pine Siskin UC, YR ___*Lesser Goldfinch May 20-Nov. 5 C, SR ___ Red Crossbill (invasion spp) FC, OY

For more information about Walnut Canyon National Monument, contact:
                      Southwest Parks and Monuments Association
                      6400 N. Hwy 89
                      Flagstaff, AZ  86004
This resource is based on the following source:
______.  1992. A Checklist of the Birds of Walnut Canyon National Monument.  
     Southwest Parks and Monuments Association. Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as:
______.  1992. A Checklist of the Birds of Walnut Canyon National Monument.  
     Southwest Parks and Monuments Association. Unpaginated.  Jamestown, 
     ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 30DEC2002).

Southwest Parks and Monuments Association was founded in 1938 to aid and promote the educational and scientific activities of the National Park Service. As a nonprofit organization authorized by Congress, it makes interpretive material available to park visitors by sale or free distribution. All net proceeds support the interpretive and research programs of the National Park Service.
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