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Bird Checklists of the United States

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Camp Verde, Arizona


American Kestrel - Narrow tapered wings, russet back and tail, double black stripes on white face, blue-gray wings on male.

American Robin - Grey-brown above, darker head and tail, brick-red below, lower belly white, yellow bill.

Belted Kingfisher - Slate blue above, white below, slate blue breast band, red belly band on male, both sexes have crest.

Common Raven - Large black bird, heavy bill, wedge-shaped tail.

Crissal Thrasher - Brown, darker above, lighter below, chestnut undertail patch, dark whisker streaks, curved bill.

Gambel's Quail - Greyish above, buff below, chestnut sides streaked with white, black tear-shaped plume, male has black face, throat, and belly patch.

Great Blue Heron - Large, slate blue with white head, black stripe above eye towards back of head, foreneck streaked with black.

Ferruginous - Rust back and shoulders, paler head, white tail washed with pale rust, white patches on upperwing in flight.

Red-tailed - Brown above, light cream to brown below, red tail (fan-shaped in flight), dark belly band.

House Finch - Streaked brown, darker above, lighter below, male has brown cap, while head, bib, and rump are usually deep red.

Lesser Goldfinch - Yellow below, greener above, black tail and wings with white wing patches, male with brown crown.

Mourning Dove - Long, tapered tail, grey above, buff below, pinkish wash on underparts, black spots on upperwing.

Northern Cardinal - Conspicuous crest, red bill, male all red with black face, female buff with red on wings, crest, and tail.

Great-horned - Mottled brown, white throat, rust patches on face, yellow eyes, large ear tufts.

Western Screech - Mottled grey, yellow eyes, ear tufts.

Black - Black with white undertail and belly.

Say's - Grey-brown above, darker on head, wings and tail, paler grey-brown below, tawny undertail and belly.

Roadrunner - Large, streaked brown and white, white belly, white crescent on wings, heavy bill, bushy crest, long, strong legs.

Scrub Jay - Blue above, grey-white below, no crest, black bill.

Chipping - Brown streaked above, grey-buff below, light eyebrow, black line through eye, chestnut crown during breeding.

Song - Rounded tail, brown above, grey eye-brow, dark whisker stripes along white throat, streaked breast, central spot.

Abert's - Brown above, paler below, cinnamon undertail, black face.

Brown - Grey-brown above, paler below, buffy throat bordered with dark streaks like a necklace with pendant, rust undertail.

Rufous-sided - Male black above with hood, female brown above with hood, white below, chestnut sides, white wing patches, white tail corners.

Gila - Black and white barred back, rump, and central tail, buff below, male has small red cap.

Ladder-backed - Black and white barred back, white below, spotted side, black stirrups on face, male has red crown.

Bewick's - Unpatterned grey-brown above, light grey below, distinctive white eyebrow, tail edged with white spots.

Canyon - Brown above, white throat and breast, chestnut belly, long bill, song of distinctive descending notes.

Rock - Grey to grey-brown above, pale below with finely streaked breast, buffy tail tip and dark tail band.


Bald Eagle - Large. Dark brown body, white head and tail, yellow bill, legs, and feet. Juveniles all dark with white blotches under wings and tail, dark bill.

Bridled Titmouse - Grey above, paler below, black and white facial pattern, small black bib, black and grey crest.

Canada Goose - Brown back and wings, pale below, white undertail and rump band, black neck and head with white chin strap.

Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco - Black hood and wings, brown back and sides, white below.

American - Breeding male bright yellow with black cap, wings, and tail, white wing bars, upper- and undertail. Duller in winter with no cap. Female olive above.

Lesser - Male black crown, wings, and tail, greenish back, yellow below, white wing patches. Female without black crown.

Hermit Thrush - Grey-brown above, buffy or white below, speckled chest, red-brown tail, white eye ring.

Mallard - Male metallic green head and neck, yellow bill, chestnut breast. Female mottled brown, orange bill marked with black.

Red-shafted Flicker - Brown, darkly barred back, spotted belly, black crescent bib, red whisker stripe on male, red underwing.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet - Tiny. Grey-olive above, white below, dark wings with white bars. Male has small red head patch.

Western Blue Bird - Male blue above, greyish belly and undertail, breast and sides chestnut. Female duller, with grey head.

White-crowned Sparrow - Black and white striped crown, brown striped above, grey below, paler chin.

Yellow-rumped Warbler - Yellow rump, crown, throat, and patch on side, white tail patches, dark to black above, white belly.


Common Black Hawk - Black, tail has a wide white band and narrow white tip, yellow beak and legs.

Black-chinned - Metallic green above, white below, male has black throat above a violet band.

Rufous - Male has red-brown back (can be speckled green), green crown, iridescent orange-red throat. Both sexes have red tail. Female has green back, speckled throat.

KINGBIRDS - Both have grey head and breast, yellow underparts, dark brown or black wings and tail, olive back. Male's red crown patch is usually concealed:
Cassin's - Buffy tail tip, white chin.

Western - White edges on tail, paler grey chin and breast.

Lesser Nighthawk - Mottled black and white, buffy underparts, white throat, forked tail, white bars under wings and on male's tail.

Northern Mockingbird - Grey above, light grey below, black wings and tail, white patches on wings and white outer tail feathers.

Northern (Bullock's) - Male has black hood, upper back, and wings, large white wing patch, orange face and belly, black eye line. Female grey olive above, head and breast pale yellow.

Hooded - Male orange or yellow-orange with black upper back, wings, and tail. Female dull olive above, yellow-green below.

Phainopepla - Male shiny black, female grey, white wing patches that are conspicuous in flight, both have crest and red eyes.

Summer Tanager - Male bright red, female darker olive above, mustard yellow to gold below.

Cliff - Brown above, orange rump and head, buff belly, square tail.

Rough-winged - Pale brown above, white below, grey-brown on chin, throat,and upper breast, notched tail.

Turkey Vulture - Large, black bird, silver grey flight feathers under wing, small, featherless red head. Wings form V in flight.

White-throated Swift - Black, grey, and white above and below, long, notched tail, narrow, tapered wings.

Yellow-breasted Chat - Brown above, yellow to orange below, white undertail, white eye and cheek stripes.

Yellow Warbler - Yellow overall, reddish streaks below on male. Back, wings, and tail yellow-olive, yellow wing bars.

If you have any further questions, contact:
	United States Department of the Interior
	National Park Service
	Montezuma Castle/Tuzigoot National Monuments
	P.O. Box 219
	Camp Verde, Arizona 86322

This resource is based on the following source:

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This resource should be cited as:

United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Montezuma 
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