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Bird Checklists of the United States

Big Thicket National Preserve

small state map showing location

Beaumont, Texas


COM - Common
UNCOM - Uncommon
POSS - Possible
MIG - Migrant
RARE - Rare
EXT - Exterminated


NEW WORLD OPOSSUM FAMILY (Didelphidae)                   ABUNDANCE

___ Virginia opossum--Didelphis virginiana               COM

ORDER INSECTIVORA - INSECTIVORES SHREW FAMILY (Soricidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Southern Shorttailed Shrew--Blarina carolinensis COM ___ Least Shrew--Cryptotis parva UNCOM MOLE FAMILY (Talpidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Eastern Mole--Scalopus aquaticus COM
ORDER CHIROPTERA - BATS INSECTIVOROUS BAT FAMILY (Vespertilionidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Southeastern myotis--Myotis austroriparius UNCOM ___ Silver-haired Bat--Lasionycteris noctivagans MIG ___ Eastern Pipistrelle--Pipistrellus subflavus UNCOM ___ Big Brown Bat--Eptesicus fuscus UNCOM ___ Red Bat--Lasiurus borealis COM ___ Seminole Bat--L. seminolus COM ___ Hoary Bat--L. cinereus MIG ___ Northern Yellow Bat--L. intermedius POS ___ Evening Bat--Nycticeius humeralis COM ___ Rafinesqui's Big Eared Bat--Plecotus Rafinesquii POS FREE-TAILED BAT FAMILY (Molossidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Brazilian Free-tailed Bat--Tadarida brasiliensis POS
ORDER XENARTHRA - EDENTATES ARMADILLO FAMILY (Dasypodidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Nine-banded Armadillo--Dasypus novemcinctus COM
ORDER LAGOMORPHAR - LAGOMORPHS HARE AND RABBIT FAMILY (Leporidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Eastern Cottontail--Sylvilagus floridanus COM ___ Swamp Rabbit--S. aquaticus COM ___ Blacktailed Jack Rabbit--Lepus californicus POS
ORDER RODENTIA - RODENTS SQUIRREL FAMILY (Sciuridae) ABUNDANCE ___ Gray Squirrel--Sciurus carolinensis COM ___ Fox Squirrel--S. niger COM ___ Southern Flying Squirrel--Glaucomys volans COM POCKET GOPHER FAMILY (Geomyidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Plains Pocket Gopher--Geomys bursarius COM POCKET MOUSE FAMILY (Heteromyidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Hispid Pocket Mouse--Perognathus hispidus POS BEAVER FAMILY (Castoridae) ABUNDANCE ___ Beaver--Castor canadensis UNCOM NEW WORLD RAT AND MOUSE FAMILY (Cricetidae) ABUNDANCE ___ March Rice Rat--Oryzomys palustris COM ___ Eastern Harvest Mouse--Reithrodontomys humulis RARE ___ Fulvous Harvest Mouse--R. fulvescens COM ___ White Footed Mouse--Peromyscus leucopus POS ___ Cotton Mouse--P. gossypinus COM ___ Golden Mouse--Ochrotomys nuttalli COM ___ Northern Pygmy Mouse--Baiomys taylori POS ___ Deer Mouse--Peromyscus maniculatus POS ___ Cotton Rat--Sigmodon hispidus COM ___ Eastern Woodrat--Neotoma floridana COM ___ Florida Packrat--N. floridana rubrida POS ___ Prairie Vole--Microtus ochrogaster EXT ___ Pine Vole--M. pinetorum POS ___ Muskrat--Ondatra zibethicus RARE OLD WORLD RAT AND MOUSE FAMILY (Muridae) ABUNDANCE ___ Black Rat--Rattus rattus POS ___ Norway Rat--R. norvegicus POS ___ House Mouse--Mus musculus COM NUTRIA FAMILY (Capromyidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Nutria--Moyocastor coypus UNCOM
ORDER CARNIVORA - CARNIVORES CANINE FAMILY (Canidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Coyote--Canis latrans UNCOM ___ Red Wolf--C. rufus EXT ___ Red Fox--Vulpes vulpes UNCOM ___ Gray Fox--Urocyon cinereoargenteus COM BEAR FAMILY (Ursidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Black Bear--Ursus americanus EXT RACCOON FAMILY (Procyonidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Ringtail--Bassariscus astutus RARE ___ Common Raccoon--Procyon lotor COM WEASEL AND RELATIVE FAMILY (Mustelidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Long-tail Weasel--Mustela frenata RARE ___ Mink--M. vison UNCOM ___ Eastern Spotted Skunk--Spilogale putorius POS ___ Striped Skunk--Mephitis mephitis COM ___ River Otter--Lutra canadensis UNCOM CAT FAMILY (Felidae) ABUNDANCE ___ Jaguar--Felis onca EXT ___ Mountain Lion--F. concolor EXT ___ Ocelot--F. pardalis EXT ___ Bobcat--F. rufus UNCOM
This resource is based on the following source:
National Park Service.  1997.  Big Thicket official map and guide.  
     National Park Service.  Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as:
National Park Service.  1997.  Big Thicket official map and guide.  
     National Park Service.  Unpaginated.  Jamestown, ND: Northern
     Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.  
     (Version 22MAY98).

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