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Bird Checklists of the United States

Birds of Thousand Palms Oasis

Riverside County, California

Thousand Palms Oasis is 100 meters above sea level in Riverside County, California. This California fan palm oasis is situated in the Indio Hills of the Coachella Valley. The California fan palm oasis is a relic of the miocene and pilocene periods, and these isolated oases are restricted to permanent springs, seeps, and moist canyons occurring along and near the San Andreas fault zone in the Coachella Valley.

The presence of the fan palm oasis and its associated vegetation in the arid environment of the Colorado desert enhances and concentrates migratory and resident bird inhabitants. The fan palm groves provide foraging, roosting, and nesting sites for many bird species.

The following list names 170 species of birds recorded at the oasis over the last 15 years. The English name usage and taxonomy used in this list follows the 6th edition of the American Ornithologists' Union "Check-list of the birds of North America" and the Thirty-fifth Supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-list of North American Birds. Auk 102:680-686.

Abundance and Season
C - common: Species observed frequently.
U - uncommon: Species occurs regularly, but observed infrequently
R - rare: Species occurs irregularly, and usually in small numbers.
Mig- Migrant: Passing through in seasonal movement.
Acc- Accidental: Outside of its normal geographic range; only a few records.
Res- Resident: Occurs year-round
*- Nests
Sp - Spring
Su - Summer
Fa - Fall
Wi - Winter


GREBES STATUS ___ Pied-billed Grebe R, Mig, Wi ___ Eared Grebe R, Mig
HERONS STATUS ___ American Bittern R, Mig ___ Great Blue Heron U, Mig, Wi ___ Great Egret R, Mig ___ Cattle Egret R, Mig ___ Green-backed Heron U, Mig, Wi ___ Black-crowned Night-Heron U, Mig
GESSE AND DUCKS STATUS ___ Canada Goose R, Mig ___ Green-winged Teal U, Mig ___ Mallard U, Mig, Wi ___ Northern Pintail R, Mig ___ Cinnamon Teal U, Mig, Wi ___ American Wigeon R, Mig ___ Redhead R, Mig
HAWKS STATUS ___ Northern Harrier U, Mig ___ Cooper's Hawk U, Mig, Su, * ___ Common Black-Hawk Acc ___ Red-shouldered Hawk Acc ___ Swainson's Hawk R, Mig ___ Red-tailed Hawk C, Res, * ___ Golden Eagle R, Res, *
FALCONS STATUS ___ American Kestrel C, Res, * ___ Merlin R, Mig ___ Prairie Falcon U, Res, *
QUAIL ___ Gambel's Quail C, Res, *
RAILS AND GALLINULES STATUS ___ Virginia Rail R, Mig ___ Sora R, Mig ___ American Coot U, Mig, Wi
PLOVERS STATUS ___ Killdeer R, Mig, Sp, *
STILTS AND AVOCETS STATUS ___ Black-necked Stilt R, Mig ___ American Avocet R, Mig
SANDPIPERS STATUS ___ Greater Yellowlegs R, Mig ___ Spotted Sandpiper U, Mig ___ Western Sandpiper U, Mig ___ Least Sandpiper U, Mig ___ Long-billed Dowitcher U, Mig ___ Common Snipe U, Mig
GULLS STATUS ___ Ring-billed Gull R, Mig ___ California Gull R, Mig
PIGEONS STATUS ___ Spotted Dove R, Mig, Fa ___ White-winged Dove U, Mig, Su, * ___ Mourning Dove C, Res, * ___ Common Ground-Dove U, Mig, Su, *
CUCKOOS STATUS ___ Greater Roadrunner C, Res, *
BARN-OWLS STATUS ___ Common Barn-Owl U, Res, *
TYPICAL OWLS STATUS ___ Western Screech-Owl U, Res, * ___ Great Horned Owl C, Res, * ___ Burrowing Owl R, Res, * ___ Long-eared Owl R, Res, *
GOATSUCKERS STATUS ___ Lesser Nighthawk C, Su, *
SWIFTS STATUS ___ Vaux's Swift U, Mig ___ White-throated Swift U, Res, *
HUMMINGBIRDS STATUS ___ Black-chinned Hummingbird U, Mig ___ Anna's Hummingbird C, Mig ___ Costa's Hummingbird C, Res, * ___ Rufous Hummingbird U, Mig
KINGFISHERS STATUS ___ Belted Kingfisher R, Mig
WOODPECKERS STATUS ___ Red-naped Sapsucker U, Mig, Wi ___ Red-breasted Sapsucker R, Mig ___ Ladder-backed Woodpecker C, Res, * ___ Northern Flicker C, Mig, Wi
TYRANT FLYCATCHERS STATUS ___ Olive-sided Flycatcher U, Mig ___ Western Wood-Pewee C, Mig ___ Willow Flycatcher U, Mig ___ Hammond's Flycatcher C, Mig ___ Dusky Flycatcher U, Mig ___ Gray Flycatcher U, Mig ___ Western Flycatcher C, Mig ___ Black Phoebe C, Mig, Su, * ___ Say's Phoebe U, Res, * ___ Ash-throated Flycatcher C, Mig, Su, * ___ Cassin's Kingbird U, Mig ___ Western Kingbird C, Mig, Su, * ___ Eastern Kingbird Acc
LARKS STATUS ___ Horned Lark U, Res, *
SWALLOWS STATUS ___ Tree Swallow C, Mig ___ Violet-green Swallow C, Mig ___ Northern Rough-winged Swallow C, Mig, Su, * ___ Cliff Swallow C, Mig ___ Barn Swallow C, Mig
CROWS STATUS ___ Common Raven C, Res, *
CHICKADEES STATUS ___ Mountain Chickadee Acc
VERDINS STATUS ___ Verdin C, Res, *
BUSHTITS STATUS ___ Bushtits Acc
NUTHATCHES STATUS ___ Red-breasted Nuthatch R, Mig, Wi ___ White-breasted Nuthatch R, Mig, Wi
WRENS STATUS ___ Cactus Wren C, Res, * ___ Rock Wren U, Res, * ___ Bewick's Wren C, Mig, Su, * ___ House Wren C, Mig, Wi ___ Marsh Wren U, Mig
OLD WORLD WARBLERS, STATUS TRUSHES, AND BABBLERS ___ Ruby-crowned Kinglet C, Mig, Wi ___ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher U, Mig, Wi ___ Black-tailed Gnatcatcher C, Res, * ___ Western Bluebird U, Mig, Wi ___ Mountain Bluebird R, Mig ___ Townsend's Solitaire R, Mig ___ Swainson's Thrush U, Mig ___ Hermit Thrush C, Mig ___ American Robin C, Mig, U, Wi
THRASHERS STATUS ___ Northern Mockingbird C, Res, * ___ California Thrasher U, Res, * ___ Crissal Thrasher Acc ___ Le Conte's Thrasher R, Res, *
PIPITS STATUS ___ Water Pipit R, Mig
WAXWINGS STATUS ___ Cedar Waxwing U, Mig, Wi
SILKY FLYCATCHER STATUS ___ Phainopepla C, Res, *
SHRIKES STATUS ___ Loggerhead Shrike C, Res, *
STARLINGS STATUS ___ European Starling C, Res, *
VIREOS STATUS ___ Bell's Vireo R, Mig ___ Solitary Vireo U, Mig ___ Warbling Vireo C, Mig
WOOD WARBLERS, TANAGERS, STATUS AND SPARROWS ___ Golden-winged Warbler Acc ___ Tennessee Warbler Acc ___ Orange-crowned Warbler C, Mig, U, Wi ___ Nashville Warbler C, Mig ___ Lucy's Warbler R, Mig ___ Yellow Warbler C, Mig ___ Magnolia Warbler Acc ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler C, Mig, Wi ___ Black-throated Gray Warbler C, Mig ___ Townsend's Warbler U, Mig ___ Hermit Warbler U, Mig ___ Palm Warbler Acc ___ Blackpoll Warbler Acc ___ Black-and-white Warbler Acc ___ American Redstart Acc ___ MacGillivray's Warbler C, Mig ___ Common Yellowthroat C, Mig, Wi ___ Wilson's Warbler C, Mig ___ Canada Warbler Acc ___ Yellow-breasted Chat U, Mig ___ Western Tanager C, Mig ___ Rose-beaked Grosbeak Acc ___ Black-headed Grosbeak C, Mig ___ Blue Grosbeak U, Mig ___ Lazuli Bunting C, Mig ___ Indigo Bunting Acc ___ Green-tailed Towhee U, Mig ___ Rufous-sided Towhee R, Mig ___ Chipping Sparrow C, Mig, U, Wi ___ Brewer's Sparrow U, Mig, U, Wi ___ Lark Sparrow U, Mig ___ Black-throated Sparrow C, Res ___ Sage Sparrow C, Wi ___ Savannah Sparrow U, Mig, Wi ___ Fox Sparrow U, Mig ___ Song Sparrow U, Mig, Wi ___ Lincoln's Sparrow U, Mig, Wi ___ Swamp Sparrow Acc ___ Golden-crowned Sparrow R, Wi ___ White-crowned Sparrow C, Mig, Wi ___ Dark-eyed Junco C, Mig, Wi ___ Red-winged Blackbird U, Mig ___ Western Meadowlark U, Mig, Wi ___ Yellow-headed Blackbird R, Mig ___ Brewer's Blackbird U, Mig ___ Brown-headed Cowbird C, Mig ___ Hooded Oriole C, Su, * ___ Northern Oriole C, Mig, Su, * ___ Scott's Oriole U, Mig ___ Purple Finch Acc ___ House Finch C, Res, * ___ Pine Siskin R, Mig, Wi ___ Lesser Goldfinch C, Mig, U, Su, * ___ Lawrence's Goldfinch U, Mig ___ American Goldfinch R, Mig, Wi ___ House Sparrow C, Res, *

This resource is based on the following source:
Nature Conservancy.  No date.  Birds of Thousand Palms Oasis.  
     Nature Conservancy.  7 pages.
This resource should be cited as:
Nature Conservancy.  No date.  Birds of Thousand Palms Oasis.  
     Nature Conservancy.  7 pages.  Jamestown, ND: 
     Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.  
     (Version 26MAY98).

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