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Mammal Checklists of the United States

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

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Office in Lakeview, Oregon


All mammals listed are considered resident species with the exception of the bats which migrate on a seasonal basis much like some of the birds. Other mammal populations fluctuate on a cyclical basis due to hibernation or seasonal movements between summer and winter ranges. Big Springs Table for example, provides a wintering area for up to 3500 antelope which migrate to the area from as far away as Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, some 40 miles north of Sheldon. The rest of the year, these animals are scattered throughout the area. Deer which normally summer on Bald Mountain (on the far western edge of Sheldon) will migrate to Virgin Valley on the eastern side of Sheldon to spend the winter.

The following is a listing of mammals by family that occur or are suspected (*) of being present on the refuge. Families follow that of "A Field Guide to the Mammals" by Burt and Grossenheider.

SHREWS ___ Preble's Shrew* ___ Merriam's Shrew ___ Trowbridge's Shrew* ___ Vagrant Shrew
PLAINNOSE BATS ___ Little Brown Myotis ___ Yuma Myotis ___ Long-eared Myotis ___ Fringed Myotis* ___ Long-legged Myotis* ___ California Myotis* ___ Small-footed Myotis ___ Silver-haired Bat ___ Western Pipistrel ___ Big Brown Bat* ___ Hoary Bat ___ Western Big-eared Bat* ___ Pallid Bat
FREETAIL BATS ___ Big Freetail Bat
RACCOONS ___ Raccoon
WEASELS, SKUNKS, AND BADGERS ___ Short-tailed Weasel ___ Long-tailed Weasel ___ Spotted Skunk ___ Striped Skunk ___ Badger
DOGS ___ Kit Fox ___ Coyote
CATS ___ Mountain Lion ___ Bobcat
SQUIRRELS, CHIPMUNKS, AND MARMOTS ___ Yellow-bellied Marmot ___ Townsend's Ground Squirrel ___ Belding's Ground Squirrel ___ Golden-mantled Squirrel ___ Whitetail Antelope Squirrel ___ Least Chipmunk
POCKET GOPHERS ___ Townsend's Pocket Gopher* ___ Northern Pocket Gopher*
POCKET MICE, KANGAROO MICE, AND KANGAROO RATS ___ Little Pocket Mouse* ___ Great Basin Pocket Mouse ___ Dark Kangaroo Rat ___ Ord's Kangaroo Rat ___ Great Basin Kangaroo Rat ___ Merriam's Kangaroo Rat*
BEAVER ___ Beaver
HARVEST MICE ___ Western Harvest Mouse*
WHITE-FOOTED MICE ___ Canyon Mouse* ___ Deer Mouse ___ Pinon Mouse
GRASSHOPPER MICE ___ Northern Grasshopper Mouse
WOODRATS ___ Desert Woodrat ___ Bushy-tailed Woodrat
VOLES AND MUSKRATS ___ Mountain Vole ___ Long-tailed Vole* ___ Sagebrush Vole
JUMPING MICE ___ Western Jumping Mouse*
PORCUPINES ___ Porcupine
PIKAS, HARES, AND RABBITS ___ Pika ___ White-tailed Jackrabbit ___ Black-tailed Jackrabbit ___ Mountain Cottontail ___ Pygmy Rabbit
DEER ___ Mule Deer
ANTELOPE ___ Pronghorn Antelope
SHEEP ___ California Bighorn Sheep

For additional information please contact:
                       Refuge Manager
                       Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge
                       P.O. Box 111
                       Lakeview, OR 97630
                       Telephone: 503/947-3315

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